Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons Licenses

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Mike Linksvayer notes on the Creative Commons News blog that there are two new online resources from Creative Commons. From the post:

First, there's an education landing page prominently linked from our home page. Its goal is to quickly introduce our site visitors to the vast number and range of Open Educational Resources (OER) available for use as well as the role of Creative Commons licenses in enabling OER to reach its potential. We'll be testing various iterations of this page in the coming months as well as add further assets (e.g., video) to make it an effective introduction to OER for the general public.

The landing page also features a number of links for anyone who wants to learn more about OER & CC and/or wants to contribute their own knowledge. Most of those links point to the OER Portal/Project on our wiki. Our goal for this section is for our community to add useful information about OER as well as help curate this information...

P.S.: Creative Commons has released a video in which one of the co-founders of Flat World Knowledge explains the company's business model, i.e., "basically offering free digital textbooks via [the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license], but charging for the prints and supplementary materials."

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