Statistics Canada: Study: Beverage consumption by children and adults

An article from "The Daily" on the Statistics Canada web site:

Beverages constitute an important component of nutrition for Canadians. Children and teenagers aged 4 to 18 get about 20% of their daily intake of calories from beverages. For youngsters aged 1 to 3, they account for an even higher 30%.

Among adults, calories derived from beverages decline steadily with age. Men and women aged 19 to 30 obtain around 20% of their daily calories from beverages. For people aged 71 and older, beverages account for about 12% of calories.

At all ages, water is the beverage consumed by the highest percentage of people and in the greatest quantities.

The articles, "Beverage consumption of children and teens" and "Beverage consumption of Canadian adults," are now available in the online edition of Health Reports, Vol. 19, no. 4 (82-003-XWE, free), from the Publications module of theStatistics Canada website.

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