Educational Leadership Theme Issue: Literacy 2.0

The March 2009 issue of Educational Leadership (Volume 66, Number 6) is a theme issue focusing on Literacy 2.0.

All of the articles are interesting:

Orchestrating the Media Collage: New Forms of Expression Emerge When Sound, Moving Images, and Text Coalesce.

Mastering Multitasking: Does Multitasking Overtask the brain? How Should Teachers Respond?

Let's Talk 2.0: What Exactly does Literacy 2.0 mean, and how are 2.0 Media Altering Our Learning?

Becoming Network-Wise: Using Social Media Wisely and Collaborating Well Online are Worthy Goals for Students and Adults

The Importance of Deep Reading: The Expert Brain Needs Nurturance and Guidance

The Best of Both Literacies: Three Ways to Bolster Students' Literacy Levels in an Online Environment

Are Digital Media Changing Language: Our Shifting Attitudes about Language May Signal Lasting Change

Welcome to Our Virtual Worlds: The Right Games Put the Real World at Students' Fingertips

Stepping Beyond Wikipedia: Student Need to Know that Research Might Begin But Not End, with a Wikipedia Search

Rethinking Online Reading Assessment: Having New Skills to Learn Means Having News Skills to Evaluate

Plagiarism in the Internet Age: Beyond the Logistics of Citation, Students must Learn How to Think about the Information They Find

Special Topic: Going Graphic: Suggestions for Incorporating Graphic Novels in the Classroom and Advice on Judging Which Books Work When

My Favourite: The Joy of Blogging: A Weekly Blogging Class Enhances Students' Communication Skills

R U Safe?: Eight Graders Mentor 6th Graders in Web Safety


Perspectives...The World at Our Fingertips
What The Research Says About...Teaching Media Literacy
The Learning Leader...Three Challenges with Web 2.0
All about Assessment...Diagnosing the Diagnostic Test
The Principal Connection...Teaching Two Literacies
Special Report...Video Games and Civic Engagement
Educators' Guide to Slang...Are you 404 or just lol?

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