A Synopsis of the Conference "Shaping Our Future: Toward a Pan-Canadian E-learning Research Agenda"

Executive Summary (the complete document is available on Terry Anderson's blog Virtual Canuck: Teaching and Learning in a Net-Centric World):

This online conference (which took place over a period of three weeks in May 2008) brought together two hundred thirty-five educators, researchers, and government staff with an interest in educational research, e-learning, and the advance of technology into the academic environment. It brought Canadians, North Americans and others from far across the world together to discuss the absence of a plan and strategy for e-learning research in Canada. Some had specific ideas and suggestions, others had examples from their own academic environments, and all brought an interest and concern for the topic at hand.

In the end, suggestions were made, ideas were offered, and the commitment for continued ongoing planning and collaborative work was elicited from many who attended.

Major foci of the conference were the current state of Canadian e-learning research, the definition of an need for e-learning, appropriate methodologies to address both theoretical and basic research questions, appropriate participants and funding of this research and most pressing questions needing to be answered. T

he intent of conference organizers was to use the event as a catalyst for conversation around the value of a national research agenda and to identify stakeholders in the process as well as potential steps forward.

This document is a compilation of the materials created, discussed, and critiqued during that conference.

The material belongs to those who contributed, shared, and participated. The ideas, comments, and opinions are those of the conference participants and the writer has attempted to put order into the vast amounts of material collected and to summarize the points made and decisions promoted.

In many cases references were made to previous materials and those are listed in the last section of this document in the hope that some reading it may find them useful in their personal and professional search for and development of an effective e-learning agenda for Canada.

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