Very Interesting Blog: The Cool Cat Teacher: Teaching Content with New Tools, Enthusiasm and the Belief that Teaching is a Noble Calling

This is just a portion of the blog entry entitled "Message to Educators: I Believe in You, Be An Angel of Kindness" - this post made me stop and reflect on teaching as this new academic year begins:

I can teach my students so many things...

digital citizenship,
information literacy,
virtual worlds,

and yet,
if I do not teach them the reality of:

loving yourself,
your ability to accomplish great things,
the need for each of us to be an angel of kindness, and
to follow their dreams

then I'm wasting my time.

These are things which transcend learning and yet are enmeshed in the process of learning. But being this kind of teacher is not in the things that you think.

Read the entire post and then, check out the other entries on The Cool Cat Teacher.

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