Blogging Before They Can Read

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When you think about blogs in the classroom, you might not picture the students being five or six years old.

But Kathy Cassidy's Grade 1 class in Moose Jaw, Sask., uses a class blog and a YouTube account to share pupils' work with parents and other students around the world.

"The visual element is very important for them," says Cassidy. "At the beginning of the year, they are non-readers, so they get all of their information through visual and aural means. Although they can read by the end of the school year, they definitely prefer visual applications to text-based ones."

"Having said that, they do love their blog as well, I think because they feel a sense of ownership," she says.

The Grade 1s are also paired with students at the University of Regina who act as writing mentors and "blogging buddies."

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