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Western Libraries provides print and online course reserves via our Course Readings Service.


General Inquiries

Course Readings Service coursereadings@uwo.ca
Copyright @ Western copyright@uwo.ca

Course Readings Requests - Western Libraries

C. B. "Bud" Johnston Library ext.: 83941 buslib@ivey.uwo.ca
Education Library ext.: 83172 eduref@uwo.ca
John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library ext.: 83171 lawcirc@uwo.ca
Music Library ext.: 83913 mlstaff@uwo.ca
Allyn & Betty Taylor Library ext.: 86363 tayres@uwo.ca
The D. B. Weldon Library ext.: 84764 dbwcirc@uwo.ca

 Course Readings Requests - Affiliated University College Libraries

Brescia University College Library 519-432-8358 ext. 28250 beryliveylibrary@uwo.ca
Huron University College Library 519-438-7224 ext. 213 rrabie@uwo.ca
King's University College Library 519-433-0041 ext. 4561 reserves@kings.uwo.ca
St. Peter's Seminary 519-432-1824 ext. 244 ftheilad@uwo.ca

Timeline for Requesting Course Readings

To submit Course Reading requests, use the "Add Course Readings" forms. Please ensure items have an "Available" status prior to informing students that the items are available online or for loan at the library.
To guarantee that requested items are ready for the start of classes use the following submission deadlines:

Material to be purchased, received via RACER (Interlibrary Loan), or requiring copyright licensing are exempt from the above guarantee.

Accessing the Course Readings Service

Select a course from the "Current Courses" menu or "View upcoming courses" to add new course readings or manage existing course readings.

Course Readings main menu

Adding Course Readings

From the Instructor Course Tools menu you can:

To add new items:

Library Staff will:

Add Reserve Items

To Import existing items from a current or previous course:

Physical items will be processed by Library staff.

Import Items

Import Items 2

Using the Syllabus Service

Library Staff will create Course Reading entries for items on your syllabus making the items available online where possible.

To submit your syllabus:


Syllabus Service

Navigating Course Readings

To Edit or arrange existing readings:

Drag and drop items in your course reading list to change the order. Select "Save Order" when complete.

Select "Edit" to change the information of a course reading. Use "Edit" to add tags to help organize items for students.

To Add a Secondary Instructor:

In the Course Readings Service to add a secondary instructor to assist in managing your course, add their Western username under:


If the secondary instructor is not found, have them log in to Course Readings with their Western identity for the first time. They should now be eligible as a Secondary Instructor.

Copyright and Accessibility

Library created materials will comply with current provincial standards as set out in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and Canada's Copyright Act.

We will contact you about any copyright concerns in your syllabus and negotiate copyright clearance, at no cost to you or your students, for items that exceed our current licenses and fair dealing guidelines.

For more information on copyright please see Copyright @ Western.

Problems using Course Readings Service?

Please contact coursereadings@uwo.ca