Canadian Corporate Reports 1901-1941

Annual reports for Canadian companies are found in the Annual Financial Review, Canadian: A Carefully Revised Precis of Facts Regarding Canadian Securities. Western Libraries own the years from 1906 to 1929 and one volume from 1938. We have indexed the entire set running from 1901 to 1941. Volumes not held at Western will need to be accessed at other Canadian university libraries. Not all Canadian companies will be found in these volumes since submission of the reports to the publisher was done on a voluntary basis.

Each volume typically begins with an alphabetical list of the companies contained in the volume, broken down by industry. In the volume for 1910 (vol.10) the industry breakdown is as follows: Assurance; Banks; Guarantee; Industrials; Land, Loan, Mortgage and Savings; Light and Power; Mining; Cobalt; Miscellaneous; Navigation; Rails; Electric Railways; Telephone, Telegraph and Cable and Trust Companies.

In addition to the annual reports for companies, one will also find information about: bank clearings; Approximate yield of Stocks and Bonds and information about the Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg Stock Exchanges.