Western Libraries - Historical Annual Reports - B

The reports are in storage. Queries about obtaining reports or about our holdings can be directed to the Business Library.

B Corp. 1990 OC92 - Privatized
B Split Corp.
B Split II Corp. 2006-2007 01JE10 - Delisted
B2B Trust 09JE04 - Amalgamated with LBC Acquisition a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank
Baca Resources Ltd. 1989-90
Bachelor Lake Gold Mines Inc. 1982. Delisted on TSE July 31/92. Still on MSE. Sub. of QUEBEC STURGEON RIVER MINES LTD.
Backer Petroleum Corp. 18SP00 - Amalgamated with Allied Oil & Gas
BACM Ltd. 1968-71. Shares acquired by GENSTAR.
Badea 1984
Badger Daylighting Inc 1996 05AP04 - Name changed to Badger Income Fund Units
BAE Systems Canada Inc. 2000 Formerly Canadian Marconi Co. 24AP01 - Acquired by Oncap l.p.
Bahamas-Caribbean Development Corp. Ltd. 1966-71. Formerly GRAND BAHAMA INDUSTRIES LTD. Name changed to OCEANUS INDUSTRIES (BAHAMAS). LTD. in March 1972.
Bakbone Software Inc. 2000 June 2006 delisted
Bakertalc Inc. 30SP91 - Delisted
Balanced Income And Growth Fund
Balco Industries Ltd. 1969-78, 1981. Acquired by Timber Investments Ltd.
Bald Eagle Explorations Inc. 1981-82 In 1983 name changed to CONSOLIDATED BALD EAGLE EXPLORATIONS INC.
Baldor Electric Company 1980, 1982, 1984-87, 1989
Baldor Motors and Drives 1995-96, 1998
Ballard Power Systems Inc. 1993-04, 2006-07
Ballistic Energy Corporation 1993-95 19JE96 - Acquired by Stampeder Exploration Corp.
Baltimore Gas And Electric Company 1980, 1983-88, 1994
BAM Investments Corp. 2007-09
Banco Central De Chile 1995-96, 2000-02, 2005
Banco Central Of Canada 1989-90 23JE92 - Name changed to BANCO CENTRAL Hispanamericana S.A. A.D.S.
Banco Central, S.A.
Banco De Sabadell 1987
Banco Finance Ltd. 1967-72, 1974-77. In 1978 name changed to FIRST WESTERN CAPITAL LTD.
Bancshare Portfolio Corp. 1OC92 - Outstanding shares redeemed
Band-Ore Resources Ltd.
Banff Oil Ltd. 1968-69. In 1970 co. merged with AQUITAINE CO. OF CANADA LTD.
Banff Resources Ltd 1996-99
Banister Continental Corp 1972
Banister Continental Ltd. 1973-79, 1984-85, 1987-89 Formerly BANISTER CONTINENTAL CORP. Name changed to BANISTER INC., May 1990.
Banister Foundation Inc. 1994-96 5JE97 - Name changed to BFC Construction Corp.
Banister Inc. 1990-93 13JE94 - Name changed to Banister Foundation Inc.
Bank Leumi 1996
Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten 1998
Bank Of Alberta 1986-87 AP88 - Merged with Western & Pacific forming Canadian Western Bank
Bank Of America 1999
Bank Of America Canada 1986, 1989-91,1996-99
Bank Of Boston 1993
Bank Of British Columbia 1968-79, 1983-84, 1986 In 1986 co. sold to HONG KONG BANK OF CANADA. Name changed to B.C. BANCORP.
Bank Of Montreal 1904-07, 1909-14, 1916-17, 1920-21, 1923-26, 1928-43, 1945-85, 1984-85, 1987-2010
Bank Of Nova Scotia, The 1914-23, 1925-40, 1946, 1950-80, 1982-86, 1988, (1989), 1990-10
Bank Of Scotland 1988-89
Bank Of Toronto 1933-54. In 1955 amalg. to form THE TORONTO-DOMINION BANK.
BankAmerica Corporation 1989
Bankeno Mines Ltd. 1962, 1968, 1971, 1974. 96.6% held by NORTH CANADIAN OILS. Name changed to BANKENO RESOURCES LTD.
Bankeno Resources Ltd. 1988-89
Bankers Trust New York Corporation 1988-89, 1993, 1995
Bankmont Realty Name changed to BANK OF MONTREAL REALTY INC.
Banks DIH Limited 1994-95
Banner Fund 1981, 1983-84. Name change to BULLOCK AMERICAN FUND in April 1985.
Banque Canadienne Nationale 1925-26, 1928-29, 1931-35, 1937, 1941, 1950-61, 1964-74, 1977 Amalg. with LA BANQUE PROVINCIALE in 1979. See NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA.
Banque d'Hochelaga 1922-1924  
Barbecon Inc. 1978, 1982-83. Became a subsid. of ABITIBI-PRICE in 1985.
Barber-Ellis Of Canada Ltd. 1964, 1966-68, 1974-77. In 1978 co. merged with GAGE ENVELOPES LTD.
Barclays Advantaged Corporate Bond Fund
Barclays Advantaged Equal Weighted Income Fund
Barclays Advantaged S&P/TSX Income Trust Index Fund
Barclays Bank Of Canada 1988-93 unlisted
Barclays Income + Growth Split Trust
Barclays PLC 1989, 1996
Barclays Top 100 Equal Weighted Income Fund
Barons Oil Ltd. 1987-89 JE90 - Amalgamated with Conwest
Barrick-Cullation Gold Trust
Barrick Gold Corporation 1994-07 27FEB09 - Delisted
Barrick Resources Corp. Name changed to AMERICAN BARRICK RESOURCES CORP. in 1985.
Barrincorp Industries JA90 - Delisted
Barrington Petroleum Ltd. 1996-97 21AG01 - Acquired by Petrobank Energy and Resources
Barrington Properties Ltd. Name changed to BARRINGTON PETROLEUM LTD.
Bartaco Industries Ltd. 1961-78. Name changed to REDLAW INDUSTRIES INC.
Barymin Explorations Ltd. Formerly BARYMIN CO. LTD.  07DC84 Delisted.
BASF 1983-90, 1992
Bathurst Paper Ltd. 1965-66. Taken over by CONSOLIDATED PAPER CORP. LTD. in 1966, name changed to CONSOLIDATED  BATHURST LTD.
Bathurst Power & Paper Co. Ltd. 1950-64. Name changed in 1965 to BATHURST PAPER LTD.
Baton Broadcasting Inc. 1972-76, 1981-92, 1994-98 4JA99 - Name changed to CTV Inc.
Battery Technologies Inc. 1993-94 27MY04 - Delisted
Battle Creek Developments Ltd. 1990-94 6JL94 - Amalgamated with Strike Energy Inc.
Battle Mountain Gold Company 1988, 1996-99
Baxter Technologies Corp. Name changed in 1985 to STANDARD-MODERN TECHNOLOGIES CORP.
Baxter  Travenol 1987
Bay Mills Ltd. 1964-74, 1977-78, 1985-86 Privatized and bought by CERTAIN FEED CANADA INC.
Bay State Gas Company 1995
Bayer AG 1994-96
Bayerische Landesbank Girozentrale 1995-96
Bayshore Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund 25MR09 - Delisted
Baytex Energy Ltd. 1993-02 25SP03 - Amalgamated with Crew Energy forming Baytex Energy Trust
Baytex Energy Trust 2003-10
BBC Realty Investors Merged with BANK OF B.C. in 1984.
BC Bancorp 1988-90, 1993 12NV96 - Amalgamated with Canadian Western Bank
BC Buildings Corporation 1993-94
BC Gas Inc. 1989-02 05MY03 - Name changed to Terasen Inc
BC Hydro 1982-89, 1991-01
BC Pacific Capital Corporation 1988-90, 1994
BC Sugar Refinery ,Ltd. 1961-73, 1975-78, 1981, 1988-96 20AG97 - Acquired by BCS Acquisition Inc.
BC Telecom Inc. 1993-97 14JA00 - Name changed to TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc.
BC Turf Ltd. 1971-76 In 1978 amalg. with J. DIAMOND & SON LTD. (a Vancouver co.).
BCE Development Corp 1986-87
BCE Emergis Inc. 03DC04 - Name changed to Emergis Inc - 18JAN2008 acquired by Telus
BCE Inc. 1987-06, 2008-09
BCE Mobile Communications Inc. 1987, 1989-92, 1995-96, 1998 25OC99 - Amalgamated with Bell Canada
BCE Place Finance Corp. unlisted
BCE Publitech Inc. 1986-87
BCT.Telus Communications Inc. 1998 8MY00 - name changed to TELUS Corp.
BCU Industries Inc. 1989
BCX Split Corp 05AG08 - Shares redeemed
Beaconeye Inc. 27AP998 - Acquired by TLC The Laser Center
Beamscope Canada Inc. 1996-97, 1999-2000 22MR01 - Suspended. 22MR02 - Delisted
Bear Creek Energy Ltd 20JA05 - Acquired by Ketch Resources Trust Units
Bear Ridge Resources Ltd. Aug 2007 acquired
Bear Sterns Companies Inc. 1993
Bearcat Explorations Ltd. 1983, 1986, 1988, 1990 ASE
Beatty Brothers Ltd. 1950, 1952-69. In 1970 co. and its 69% owned subsid. amalg. under name of GSW LTD.
Beau Canada Exploration Ltd. 1986, 1989-99 13NV00 - Acquired by Murphy Oil Corporation
Beaubran Corporation 1953-57, 1960-79. Name changed in 1980 to BEAUBRAN CANAGEX INC.
Beaucoup Resources Ltd. 1985-86 Name changed to BCU Industries
Beaufield Resources  Inc. 16OC92 - Delisted from TSE.
Beaufort Energy Ltd. 13FB98 - Name changd to Venstone Ventures
Beaufort Exploration 26MR96 - Delisted from TSE, still on Alberta S.E.
Beaufort Petroleum Investment Ltd. 22FB96 - Name changed to gronArtci Energy Inc.
Beauty Counselors International Inc. Acquired by DART INDUSTRIES.
Beaver Engineering Ltd. 1970-74. Amalg. with BEAVER EXECUTIVE HOLDING LTD. in 1978 to form BEAVER ENGINEERING LTD., shares called for redemption in March 1978.
Beaver Lake Resources Corp. 1997 ASE
Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd. 1953-1970 Shares acquired by MOLSON IND. in Nov. 1971.
Becker Milk Co. Ltd. 1968-70, 1975, 1988-96, 1999-01
Bedford Capital Financial Corp. 1993 29JE98 - Delisted. Company in receivership.
Bedford Software Ltd. 1988 1989 - Name changed to Stratford Software Corp.
BelAir Energy Corp. 2000-2001 09SP03 - Acquired By Purcell Energy Ltd
Belding-Corticelli Ltd. 1950-53, 1955-74. Name changed in 1979 to BELDING-CORTICELLI INC. CO. and placed in receivership in 1982.
Belgium Standard Ltd. 1970-71, 1973-77, 1979 Name changed in 1985 to AMERTEK LTD.
Belkin Inc. MY87 - Merged into Paperboard Industries Corp.
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund 2008-2010
Bell Atlantic 1988
Bell Canada 1968-1977, 1979-1982, 1988-89, 1995-96 1983 name chanced to Bell Canada Enterprises
Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. 1983-1986 Formerly BELL CANADA, name changed to BCE INC. Jan 1st 1988
Bell Canada International Inc. 1998-05 July 2007 - Delisted
Bell Nordiq Income Fund Feb 2007 redeemed
Bell Telephone Co. Of Canada 1950-60, 1966-67. In March 1967 Parliament passed an Act permitting the use of the name BELL CANADA in addition to its present title, see BELL CANADA for further annual reports.
Bellator Exploration Inc. 1996-1997 31MY00 - acquired by Baytex Energy Ltd.
Belzberg Technologies Inc.
Bema Gold Corporation 1989-91 01MR07 acquired by Kinross Gold
Beneficial Finance Co. Of Canada 1971-74. All outside shares purchased by BENEFICIAL CANADA FINANCE INC. in 1983, BENEFICIAL FINANCE was subsequently dissolved and assests transfered to BENEFICIAL CANADA INC.
Benetton Group S.P.A. 1988, 1994-1999 31JA96  - Delisted from TSE
Bennett Environmental Inc.
Benson & Hedges (Canada) Inc. 1972-84. (1997) Formerly BENSON & HEDGES (CANADA) LTD., subsidiary of ROTHMANS INC.
Benson Petroleum Ltd. 1991-92, 1996, 1998-99 20MR01 - Acquired by Southward Energy Limited
Bentall Capital Corp. All shares held by BENTALL PROPERTIES LTD. which in turn is owned by the BENTALL GROUP LTD.
Bentall Corporation 1997-98 04AP01 - Acquired by SITO Vancouver Inc.
Berens Energy Ltd.
Berkley Oil And Gas Ltd. 1965-68, 1970. Merged in 1971 into PAGE PETROLEUM LTD.
Berkley Petroleum Corp. 1995-96, 1999 19MR01 - Acquired by Anadarko Petroleum Corp.
Berncam International Industries Ltd. 1971-73.
Best Pacific Resources Ltd. 1997 10DC03 - Acquired by Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd
Beta Brands Inc. 2000-2001
Bethlehem Copper Corp. 1965-66, 1968-79. In 1981 amalg. with WORWIL INVESTMENTS INC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of COMINCO LTD.
Better Business Communications Inc. 1988 - Acquired by MacLean Hunter
Beverly Development Inc. OTC - 13SP89 - Cease Trading Order
BF Goodrich Canada Inc. 1985-86, 1991
BFC Construction Corporation 1996-98 13JA00 - Acquired by Armbro Enterprises Inc.
BFI Canada Income Fund
BFS Entertainment And Multimedia Ltd. 1995-99 04JE03 - delisted
BGR Precious Metals Inc. 1989-91, 1993-99 23JE99 - Name changed to Dundee Precious Metals Inc.
BHP Diamonds Inc.
Bick's Of Canada Ltd. 1964-65. Shares sold to ROBIN HOOD FLOUR MILLS in 1966.
Bid.Com International Inc. 1999 18OC01 - Name changed to ADB Systems International Inc.
Big 8 Split Inc.
Big Bear Exploration Ltd. 1997 8FB00 - Acquired by Avid Oil & Gas Ltd.
Big Horn Resources Ltd. 1997 17SP01 - Acquired by Westlinks Resources Ltd.
Big Rock Brewery Income Trust 2003-05 formerly Big Rock Brewery
Big Rock Brewery Ltd. 2001-2002 15JAN03 - Name changed to Big Rock Brewery Income Trust
Bighart Oil & Gas Ltd. 1980. Amalg. with a wholly-owned subsidiary of BRITISH COLUMBIA RESOURCES INVESTMENT CORP. in 1982.
Biltmore Hats Ltd. 1952-59, 1961-72. In 1973 name changed, see BILTMORE INDUSTRIES LTD.
Biltmore Industries Ltd. 1973-1978, 1980. Filed for bankruptcy in 1982.
Biltrite Nightingale Inc. 1988 - Acquired by Canam Manac
Biocapital Investments Ltd. Partnership
BioChem Pharma Inc. 1995-99 Name changed from IAF Biochem. 14MY01 - Acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals Group plc
Biomerica Inc 1997, 1999
Biomira Inc. 1996, 1999-05
Bionaire Inc. 1989-91
Bioniche Inc. 1997-98 7SP99 - Amalgamated with RenaissanceLife Sciences and Vetrepharm Animal Health forming Bioniche Life Sciences Inc.
Biotech Electronics Ltd. 1987, 1997 1988 - Name changed to Bionaire Ltd.
Biovail Corporation 1999-05
Biovail Corporation International 1994, 1996-98 16MR00 - Name changed to Biovail Corporation
Bird Construction Co. Ltd. 1964-79, 1986, 1988-93 Winnipeg Exchange
Birim Goldfields Inc. 1997 02AP08- Merged with Goldcrest Resources
Bison Petroleum And Minerals Ltd. 1981. As of 1987 JAVELIN INTL. IND. held controlling interest.
Bissett & Associates Investment Management Ltd. 04OCT00 - Acquired by Franklin Resources Inc.
Bitech Petroleum Corporation 1996-98, 2000 05OCT01 - Acquired by Lukoil Overseas Canada
BJ Coughlin Co. Ltd. 1958-65. On Jan. 20, 1966, changed name to WAJAX LTD.
Black & Decker 1989-90
Black Cliff Mines Ltd. 28JL92 Name changed to Altai Resources Inc.
Black Gold Oil & Gas Ltd. 1988 AP90 - Acquired by Intensity Resources
Black Hawk Mining Inc. 1982, 1986, 1998-01 In 1981 name changed to COMPAGNIE MINIERE BLACK HAWK INC./ BLACK HAWK MINING INC., see BLACK HAWK MINING INC. 28OC03 - Name changed to Glencaim Gold Corp
Black Hawk Mining Ltd 1965-70, 1972-73
Black Photo Corp. Ltd. 1970, 1972-78. In 1985 all outside company shares acquired by SCOTT'S HOSPITALITY.
Black Sea Energy Ltd. 02JL99 - Name changed to Ivanhoe Energy
Black Swan Gold Mines Ltd. 1NV99 - Name changed to Black Swan Resources Ltd. Then on 08OC03 changed to Brazilian Diamonds Ltd
Blackburn Group Inc. private
Blackdome Exploration Ltd. 8AP86 - Name changed to Blackdome Minig Corp.
Blackdome Mining Corporation 1988
Blackrock Ventures Inc. 1996-03 July 2006 acquired
Blackwood Hodge (Canada) Ltd. 1975-78. In June 1987 BLACKWOOD HODGE (CANADA) Ltd. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BLACKWOOD HODGE OVERSEAS HOLDING LTD.
Blake Resources Ltd. 1982-83. Cease trading order Dec. 1985, delisted Feb. 24, 1986.
Block Brothers Industries Ltd. 1969-72, 1974-77. Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of OLYMPIA & YORK.
Blizzard Energy Inc. 2004 Aug 2005 acquired by Shingbank Energy
Blue Bonnets Raceway Inc. 1965-71. Bought by CAMPEAU CORP. in 1973.
Blue Crown Petroleums Ltd. 1966-69. In 1968 company acquired by BLUE CROWN INC.
Blue Emerald Resources Inc. 1990
Blue Mountain Energy Ltd. Oct 2006 acquired by Trilogy Energy
Blue Range Energy Corp. 1988
Blue Range Resource Corporation 1990-91, 1994-95, 1997-98 17FB99 - Acquired by Big Bear Exploration
Bluesky Oil & Gas Ltd. Name changed to MARK RESOURCES INC. in 1986
Bluewater Oil & Gas Ltd. 1965-72, 1974, 1977-79, 1983-84. All outside shares acquired by LARAMIDE EXPLORATION INC. in 1985.
BMB Compuscience Canada Ltd. 1986 26JA95 - Name changed to Systems Xcellence Inc.
BMO II Financial Corporation 1989 30SP92 - Outstanding shares redeemed
BMONT Split Corp 05AG09 - Delisted
BMR Gold Corporation AG98 - Suspended. 13AG99 - Delisted
BM-RT Ltee. 1974-78, 1980
BM-RT Realty Investment 1974-78, 1980. Name changed to BMRI REALITY INVESTMENTS.
BMW 1995-96
BNN Investments Ltd. 2001-03, 2005 July 2006 name changed to BNN Investments Inc
BNN Split Corp. Dec 2006 name changed to BAM Split Corp
BNP Canada Inc. 1977. Merged with BANCQUE NATIONALE DE PARIS CANADA on Nov. 1, 1981.
BNS Capital Trust
BNS Split Corp II
BNT Ltd. 21AP95 - Delisted
Board Of Trade Of Metropolitan Toronto 1991
Boardwalk Equities Inc. 1999-05
Body Shop International Inc. Canadian Dealers Network
Boise Cascade Canada Ltd. 1986, 1989-92 private
Boise Cascade Corp 1993, 1996, 2000-03
Boliden Ltd. 1997-99 05DC01 - Name changed to Boliden AB
Bolivar Gold Corp
Bolivar Goldfields Ltd. 1993-94, 1996 09FEB01 - Delisted and changed name to Storage @ccess Technologies Inc.
Bomac Batten Ltd. 1972-75. In 1984 name changed to PRINCIPAL NEO-TECH INC.
Bombardier Inc. 1979-10
Bombardier Ltd. 1970-72, 1974 During 1976 MLW-WORTHINGTON acquired all shares of the co., name changed to BOMBARDIER-MLW LTD.
Bombardier-MLW Ltd. 1976-78. Name changed to BOMBARDIER INC. on June 23, 1978.
Bombay Company, The 1993
Bonanza International Petroleums Ltd. 1973. In 1974 amalg. with CANADIAN BONANZA PETROLEUMS LTD. to form AMALGAMATED BONANZA PETROLEUMS LTD.
Bonanza Metals Inc. 1989
Bonanza Oil & Gas Ltd. 1990 Amalgamated with Canusa Energy and Cherokee Resources Ltd. forming Bonanza Resources Ltd.
Bonanza Resources Ltd. 1984-85
Bonar Inc. 1986-87, 1989-92, 1994 13OC95 - Delisted
Bonavista Energy Trust
Bonavista Petroleum Ltd. 07JL03 - Name change to Bonavista Energy Trust
Bond International Gold, Inc. 1989 JA91 - Delisted
Bonterra Energy Income Trust 2001-07 name changed to Bonterra Oil & Gas
Bonus Petroleum Corp. 1995, 1997
Bonus Resource Services Corporation 1996, 1998-2000 15MY01 - Name changed to Enserco Energy Services Co. Inc.
Boomerang Tracking Inc. 02NC04 - Acquired by LoJack Corp.
Boralex Power Income Fund 30SP03 - Name changed to Boralex Power Income Trust
Border Chemical Co. Ltd. 1965, 1967-73.
Borealis Retail R.E.I.T. May 2005 name changed to Primarus Retail REIT
Boston Edison Company 1995-96
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund 2004
Bourse de Montreal Inc. 2000
Bovar Inc. 1994-97 23JE02 - Name changed to Orbus Pharma
Bovis Corporation Ltd. 1970-78. In 1979 amalg. to form the private company KESMARK CONSTRUCTION LTD.
Bow Valley Energy Ltd. 1993
Bow Valley Industries Ltd. 1983-84, 1987-89, 1992 01JE93 - Name changed to Bow Valley Energy
Bow Valley Resource Services Ltd. 1983, 1985-87 On May 29, 1989 name changed to BOVAR INC.
Bowater Incorporated 1996, 1998-06 Oct 2007 name changed to AbitibiBowater Canada Inc
Bowater Mersey Paper Co. Ltd. 1975-79.
Bowater Power Co. Ltd. 1958-62. Wholly-owned subsidiary of BOWATER NEWFOUNDLAND LTD.
Bowaters Mersey Paper Co. Ltd. 1958-74. In 1975 name changed to BOWATER MERSEY PAPER CO. LTD.
Bowes Co. Ltd. 1949-50, 1953-55, 1957-59, 1962-68, 1970-71. All outside shares acquired by GEORGE WESTON LTD. in 1972.
Bowridge Resource Group Inc. 1998-2000 15NV01 - Acquired by ESI Energy Services Inc.
Bowtex Energy (Canada) Corp. 1987, 1989-90 21OC93 - Name changed to Luscar Oil & Gas
Boy Scouts Of Canada 1989-1990
Boyd Group Inc., The 1999-02 28FB03 - Name changed to Boyd Income Group
Boyd Group Income Fund 2003-2004
BP 1989-91, 2000-05
BP Amoco P.L.C. 1998 4JA99 - fromed from merger of Amoco Corp. and British Petroleum Company. 01My01 - Name changed to BP p.l.c.
BP Canada Inc. 1981, 1985-91 Formerly BP CANADA LTD., 04JA01 - name changed to TALISMAN ENERGY INC.
BP Canada Ltd. 1971-80, 1984 Name changed to BP CANADA INC., formerly BRITISH PETROLEUM CO. LTD., BP OIL AND GAS LTD., TRIAD OIL CO. LTD.
BP Group 1977
BP Oil and Gas Ltd. 1970-71
BP Resources Canada Ltd 1984
BPI Canadian Opportunities II Fund
BPI Financial Corporation 25AG99 - Acquired by CI Fund Management Inc.
BPI Global Opportunities II Fund April 2005 name changed to CI Global Opportunities II Fund. June 2007 terminated
BPO Properties Ltd.
Bracell Petroleums Ltd. 1972. In 1973 company acquired by MURPHY OIL CO. LTD. Placed in voluntary liquidation, formerly BRALORNE OIL & GAS.
Bracknell Corp. 1986, 1989, 1991-94, 1996, 1998 14NV01 - Suspended. 14NV02 - Delisted
Bracknell Resources Ltd. 1986
Bralorne Can-Fer Resources Ltd. 1969-71. In 1972 name changed, see BRALORNE RESOURCES LTD.
Bralorne Mines Ltd. 1950-58. In 1959 name changed, see BRALORNE PIONEER MINES LTD.
Bralorne Oil & Gas 1968-71. In 1972 name changed, BRACELL PETROLEUMS LTD.
Bralorne Pioneer Mines Ltd. 1959-68. In 1969 name changed, see BRALORNE CAN-FER RESOURCES LTD.
Bralorne Resources Ltd. 1972-78, 1985-87 On October 12, 1990 name changed to BLR ENTERPRISES INC.
Bralsaman Petroleums Ltd. 1968-69, 1971-72. Merged with RANGER OIL LTD., co. dissolved in 1981.
Bramalea Consolidated Developments Ltd. 1962-75. In 1976 name changed, see BRAMALEA LTD.
Bramalea Inc 1994
Bramalea Ltd. 1976-78, 1982-93 Formerly BRAMLEA CONSOLIDATED DEVELOPMENTS LTD. 8AG94 - Name changed to Bramalea Inc.
Brameda Resources Ltd. 1969-77. Amalg. in 1979 with THE YUKON CONSOLIDATED GOLD COR. LTD. to become BRAMEDA-YUKON LTD., wholly-owned subsidiary of TECK CORP.
Brampton Brick Limited 1986, 1988-10
Brandevor Entreprises Ltd. 20MR98 - Suspended 5AP99 - Delisted
Brandselite International Corp. 1994-95 07DC01 - Suspended. 05DC02 - Delisted
Brantford General Hospital 1985, 1987
Brascade Corporation 2004-05
Brascade Resources Inc. 1994, 1996,1998, 2000-01, 2003-04 22Sept04 - Name changed to Brascade Corporation
Brascan Adjustable Rate Trust I 05AG08 - Delisted
Brascan Corporation 2000-04 15Nov05- Name changed to Brookfield Asset Management
Brascan Limited 1969-78, 1981-92, 1994-96 Formerly BRAZILIAN LIGHT & POWER CO. LTD. 11AG97 - Merged with Edper Group.
Brascan SoundVest Diversified Income Fund 04JA2010 - Delisted
Brascan SoundVest Rising Distribution Split Trust
Brascan SoundVest Total Return Fund 04JA2010 - Delisted
Brazilian Light & Power Co. Ltd. 1966-68. In 1969 name changed, see BRASCAN LTD.
Brazilian Traction Light & Power Co. Ltd. 1951-65. In 1965 name changed, see BRAZILIAN LIGHT & POWER CO. LTD.
Breakwater Resources Ltd. 1988-90
Brenda Mines Ltd. 1969-78, 1983-84 2MY96 - Delisted
Bre-X Minerals Ltd. 7MY97 - Delisted
Brewers Association of Canada 1997
Brican Resources Ltd. Name changed to International Brican Resources. Formerly C&E Furniture Industries
Brick Brewing Co. Limited 1990-99, 2001-03, 2006-07
Brick Group Income Fund, The
Bridge & Tank Co. Of Canada Ltd. 1958-68, 1970-72, 1974, 1976-77. In 1979 amalg. with a subsidiary of YORK STEEL CONSTRUCTION LTD.
BridgePoint International Inc. 31JN02 - Suspended. 31JN03 - Delisted
Bridges.com Inc. 1998-00 07JL04 - Name changed to Bridges Transitions Inc
Brigdon Resources Inc. 1996-08 1MR99 - Name changed to Tikai Resources Inc.
Brinco Ltd. 1971-73, 1975-78, 1981, 1983-84. In 1986 amalg. with its parent co. DORSET RESOURCES LTD. to form CONSOLIDATED BRINCO LTD.
Bristol-Myers Company 1987-88
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 1989-92
British Alcan Aluminium 1989
British American Bank Note Co. Inc. 1982-83. Formerly BRITISH AMERICAN BANK NOTE CO. LTD. All o/s com. shares acquired by BELL CANADA in 1984.
British American Bank Note Co. Ltd. 1950-59, 1962-78. In 1980 name changed to BRITISH AMERICAN BANK NOTE INC. All o/s com. shs. acquired by BELL CANADA in 1984.
British American Oil Co. Ltd. 1950-67. On Jan. 1, 1969, name changed to GULF OIL CANADA LTD.
British  American Tobacco 1998
British Columbia Forest Products Ltd. 1950-78, 1987 SP88 - Name changed to Fletcher Challenge Canda Ltd.
British Columbia Oil Lands Ltd. 1968-70, 1972-73, 1975-76 Acquired by BP EXPLORATION CANADA LTD. in 1976.
British Columbia Packers Ltd. 1949-78, 1982-83. All o/s shares acquired by WESTON RESOURCES LTD. in 1984 (a subsidiary of GEORGE WESTON LTD.).
British Columbia Railway Group Of Companies 1972, 1974-77, 1981-92
British Columbia Resources Investment Corp. 1985-86 1SP88 - Name changed to Westar Group Ltd.
British Columbia Telephone Co. 1950-78, 1983-92. 3MY93 - Name changed to BC TELECOM INC.
British Gas 1991, 1993
British Newfoundland Corp. Ltd. 1968-70. In 1971, changed name to BRINCO LTD.
British Petroleum Company Ltd. 1967-69
British Petroleum Company plc 1985-86, 1988, 1992-93, 1995, 2001-05
British Telecom 1985
Brocker Investments Ltd. 8JA99 - Name changed to Brocker Technology Group Ltd.
Brockway, Inc. 1982-86
Brohm Resources Inc. AG88 - Amalgamated with MFC Mining Corp.
Bromley.Marr Ecos Inc. 2SP99 - suspended. 02SP00 - delisted
Brompton Advantaged Equal Weight Oil & Gas Income Fund
Brompton Equal Weight Income Fund
Brompton Equal Weight Oil & Gas Income Fund
Brompton Equity Split Corp.
Brompton Funds 2002
Brompton Stable Income Fund
Brompton Tracker Fund
Brompton VIP Income Trust
Brooke Bond Canada Ltd. 1960-69. Formerly T. H. ESTABROOKS CO. LTD. In Nov. 1969, name changed to BROOKE BOND FOODS LTD.
Brooke Bond Foods Ltd. 1970-72, 1975-77. Formerly BROOKE BOND CANADA LTD. In 1980, name changed to BROOKE BOND INC.
Brooke Bond Inc. 1982-83. Formerly BROOKE BOND FOODS LTD. Privatized in 1984.
Brookfield Asset Management 2005-09
Brookfield Properties Corp. 1996-09
Brooklyn Energy Corp 03JE04 - Acquired by Lighting Energy Ltd
Brooklyn Union Gas 1988-89
Broulan Reef Mines Ltd. 1967-77. In 1983, co. amalg. with BANNER PORCUPINE MINES LTD. & HUGH PAM PORCUPINE MINES LTD. to form BROULAN RESOURCES INC.
Broulan Resources Inc. 1987-88 JA90 - Amalgamated with Cabre Explorations
Bruck Mills Ltd. 1950-68, 1970-74. All o/s shares acquired by TOYOBO CO. LTD. and MARUBINI CORP. in 1976 in 1979, this 100% interest sold to CONSOLIDATED TEXTILE MILLS.
Bruncor Inc. 1985-97 31MY99 - Amalgamated into Aliant Inc.
Brush Wellman Inc 1985, 1987-89
Brunswick Corporation 1988
Brunswick Mining And Smelting Corporation 1968-76, 1981-82, 1985, 1987-94 6OC95 - Acquired by Noranda Inc.
Brush Wellman Engineering Materials 1984, 1988
Bryndon Ventures Inc. 30DC94 - Delisted from TSE
Brystol-Meyers Squibb Co 1993
BT Bank Of Canada 1988-91, 1993-94 unlisted
BT Canada Securities Inc.
Budd Automotive Co. Of Canada Ltd. 1969-78. In 1979, name changed to BUDD CANADA INC.
Budd Canada Inc. 1981-91, 1998-02 Formerly BUDD AUTOMOTIVE CO. OF CANADA LTD. 23MY03 - Name changed to ThyssenKrupp Budd Canada Inc
Builders Energy Services Trust 09AP08 - Delisted. Merged with Essential Energy Services Trust
Bulldog Energy Inc 02DC05 - Delisted
Bunker Hill Mining Company Inc. 1989 20AP92 - Delisted from TSE
Burcon International Developments 1AG97 - Name changed to Burcon Properties Ltd. 1JE98 - Acquired by Oxford Properties
Burlington Northern Inc. 1981, 1983-84, 1986-88
Burlington Resources Canada Inc. 2001
Burlington Resources Inc. 1995-98, 2001 31JA05 - Delisted
Burlington Steel Co. Ltd. 1950-52.
Burmis Energy Inc.
Burns And Co. Ltd. 1950-64. In 1965, name changed to BURNS FOODS LTD.
Burns Food Ltd. 1965-72, 1974-77. Formerly BURNS AND CO. LTD. In 1978, co. amalg. with WCB HOLDINGS LTD. CO.
Burns Fry Ltd 1978, 1982-87, 1989
Burntsand Inc. 31MY10 - Delisted
Burntsand Solutions Inc. 1997-98 18OC99 - Name changed to Burntsand Inc.
Burrard Dry Dock Co. Ltd. 1953-60. In 1972, co. acquired by CORNAT INDUSTRIES LTD.
Bushmills Energy Corp.
Bushnell Communications Ltd. 1969-79 In 1980, amalg. with STANDARD BROADCASTING CORP. LTD.
Business Trust Equal Weight Income Fund 04JL08 - merged into Brompton
Butler Mountain Minerals Corp. 1983.
BW Technologies Ltd. 17JE04 - Acquired by First Technology Acquisition Canada
BXL Energy Ltd. 1998-2000 26JE01 - Acquired by Viking Energy Ltd.
BYG Natural Resources Inc. 1987, 1989 3JA95 - Delisted. 24AP00 - Delisted
Byron Holdings Ltd. 1988

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