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G & B Automated Equipment Ltd. 1968-69, 1972-73, 1976, 1986-87. Je 15/89 filed for bankruptcy.
G Tamblyn Ltd. 1950-61, 1963-66, 1968, 1970-72. Acquired in March 1975 by a wholly-owned subsidiary of LOBLAWS LTD.
G&B Automated Equipment Ltd. JE89 - Filed for bankruptcy
Gabriel Resources Ltd.
Gage Research Institute 1988
Galactic Resources Ltd. 1987-88 27JA93 - Suspended. Filed for bankruptcy
Galleon Energy Inc.
Galt Maleable Iron Ltd. 1960-76. In 1977 name changed to GALTACO INC.
Galtaco Inc. 1977-78, 1980, 1986.
Galveston-Houston Company 1985-86
Gamble Macleod Ltd. 1965-1968. Name changed to GAMBLES CANADA LTD. in 1969.
Gambles Canada Ltd. 1969-70 Owned by GAMBLE-SKOGMA INC.
Gaming Lottery Corp. 1996 2JL98 - Delisted from TSE, still on NASDAQ
Gammon Lake Resources Inc. June 2007 name changed to Gammon Gold
Gandalf Technologies Inc. 1988-89, 1992 7AG98 - Delisted. 7AG97 - Suspended
Gane Petroleum Corp. Ltd. Name changed to GANE ENERGY CORP. LTD. Name subsequently changed to NORTHSTAR ENERGY CORP., July 1986.
Gannett Co. Inc. 1988, 1990-91
Gap, The 1997
Garbell Holdings Ltd. 1990-98, 2001-06 17DC01 - Delisted from TSE
Garda World Security Corporation
Gardiner Oil & Gas Ltd. 1993-95 28OC96 - Acquired by Poco Petroleums
Garneau Inc. 1998-06
Gas Management Income Fund
Gaspe Copper Mines 1960-61, 1963-75. As of 1976 wholly-owned subsid. of NORANDA MINES LTD.
Gastar Exploration Ltd.
Gateway Casinos Income Fund 19NV07 delisted
Gateway Gold Corp.
Gaz De France 1972, 1976-77, 1981-82, 1984, 1988-91, 1995, 1998
Gaz Metro Limited Partnership 2004-07
Gaz Metropolitain (Quebec Energy) 1969, 1984-96
Gaz Metropolitain And Co., Limited Part. 1997-98, 2000-03 21NV03 - Name changed to Gaz Metro Limited Partnership
Gaz Metropolitan Incorporated 1969, 1971-78, 1994, 1996 In 1986 co. became a wholly-owned subsid. of NOVERCO.
GBC Asset Management Inc. 1999-05
GBC Capital Ltd. 1972-78, 1987-88 SP88 - Converted from closed-end fund to open-end fund.Name changed to GBC North America Fund
GBC North American Growth Fund Inc. 1989-97
GCL Graphic Communications Ltd. 1974-75. Co. entered receivership in Dec. 1976.
GE Barbour Co. Ltd. 1965-71, 1975-78.
GE Financial Services 1989
Geac Computer Corporation Limited 1987, 1989-03 Mar 2006 acquired
Gecamex Technologies Inc. 1994-95 22JL98 - Name changed to Versatech Group Inc.
Geddes Resources Ltd. 1990 16JA96 - Acquired by Royal Oak Mines
Gemcom Software International Inc. 1998, 2001 28JL08 - acquired by Eagle Acquisition
Gemini Food Corp. NV88 Acquired by PEI Development Agency
Gemini Technology Inc. 18AP91 - Delisted
Gendis Inc. 1985, 1988-90, 1992-93, 1996-98, 2001, 2003-06
Genecan Financial Corporation 1993-97 Formerly Genreal Trustco of Canada
Genelabs 1996
General Bakeries Ltd. 1950-77, 1979. Co. amalg. with wholly-owned subsid. of DOMINION STORES in 1980.
General Distributors Of Canada Ltd. 1969-79. Name changed to GENDIS in May, 1983.
General Donlee Income Fund
General Electric Canada Inc. 1986-88 1990 - Became a wholly-owned subsiary of US parent. Formerly Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd.
General Electric Company 1984, 1993, 1996-97
General Electric Financial Services 1987, 1989, 1991
General Foods Inc. 1981,1984. Formerly GENERAL FOODS LTD. 100% owned by GENERAL FOODS CORP.
General Foods Ltd. 1971, 1974, 1976-77, 1980, 1984 Name changed to GENERAL FOODS INC. in 1981.
General Impact Extrusions Ltd. 1967, 1969.
General Investment Corp. Of Quebec 1966-70. In the early 1970's changed name to SOCIETE GENERALE DE FINANCEMENT DU QUEBEC.
General Leaseholds Limited. 1988-89, 1991 7NV997 - Delisted
General Mills Canada Inc. 1976, 1981.
General Mills Inc 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993-94, 1996
General Minerals Corp. Sept 2007 name changed to Sprott Resources Corp
General Mortgage Corporation Of Canada 1966-75. In 1976, name changed to COMMERCE CAPITAL MORTGAGE CORP.
General Mortgage Service Corp. Of Canada 1964-65. Name changed to GENERAL MORTGAGE CORP. OF CANADA in 1966.
General Motors Corp. 1985, 1988-89, 1992, 1994-96, 2000-05
General Motors Acceptance Corporation Of Canada Ltd. 1960-76, 1988
General Motors Of Canada Ltd. 1971-76, 1979-92, 1995
General Products Mfg. Corp. Ltd. 1950-56, 1958-73 Co. dissolved in 1975.
General Steel Wares Ltd. 1950-63, 1965-68. Name changed to GSW LTD. in 1969.
General Systems Research Inc. 1988 18JL90 - Delisted
General Trust Of Canada 1975-77, 1982-85. Held by GENERAL TRUSTCO.
General Trustco Of Canada Ltd. 1987-89, 1991 28JA94 - Delisted from TSE, still on MSE. Name changed to Genecan Financial Corp.
Generali Group 1989-91, 1995
Genesis Exploration Ltd. 3MY01 - Acquired by Vintage Petroleum, Inc.
Genesis Land Development Corp.
Genetronics Biomedical Ltd. 1996, 1998 21JE01 - Name changed to Genetronics Biomedical Corporation. 17JAN03 - Delisted from TSE
Gennum Corporation 1990-07 DC90 - Name changed from Linear Technologies
GenSci Regeneration Sciences Inc.  30OC03 - Name changed to SMC Ventures Inc
Genstar Corp. 1975-77, 1983 August 1986, IMASCO FINANCIAL CORP. acquired all o/s shares.
Genstar Financial Corp. Name changed to IMASCO FINANCIAL CORP.
Genstar Ltd. 1968-78. Name changed to GENSTAR CORP. on June 15, 1981.
Gentra Inc. 1993-99 7MY01 - Name changed to BPO Properties Ltd.
Gentry Resources Ltd. 1996 Formerly Sasko Oil & Gas. 26AG08 - Merged with Crew Energy
Genus Equity Corp. JA91 - Delisted
GEOCAN Energy Inc. 15OC08 - Delisted - Acquired by Arsenal Energy
Geocrude Energy Inc. In 1985, became a subsidiary of CANADA NORTHWEST ENERGY LTD.
Geodome Resources Ltd. MY89  - Acquired by Coca Mines
Geoffrion, Leclerc Inc. 1988 20JL89 - Merged with Levesque, Beaubieu
Geographics Ltd. 1989
Geomaque Explorations Ltd. 1987, 1993 Formerly SILVERMAQUE MINING LTD. Delisted March 23, 1992. Relisted June 1994. 27JE03 - Acq. By Defiance Mining
Geophysical Micro Computer Apps. 1997-98 9MR00 - Name changed to NetDriven Solutions Inc. 03AG04 - Delisted
George Sparling Ltd. 1970, 1974, 1976.
George Weston Limited 1949-78, 1984, 1986-08, 2010
Georgia-Pacific Corporation 1988
German American Bancorp 1996, 1998
Gesco Distributing Ltd. 1969-76. In 1981 name changed to GESCO INDUSTRIES INC.
Gesco Industries Inc. 1988-98 10MY00 - Privatized
Gestalt International Ltd. 1973-75. In 1979 changed name to NORTHWAY-GESTALT CORP.
Getchell Gold Corp. 1996-97 26FB98 - Delisted from TSE. Formerly First Miss Gold Corp.
Getty Copper Corp. 1996 31AG00 - suspended. 31AG01 - Delisted.
Getty Resources Ltd. 1987 1988 - Name changed to Total Energold Corp.
Geveko 1994
Ghana Gold Mines Ltd. ADR. 29MY00 Delisted
GHP Exploration Corp. 1997 7DC98 - Amalgamated with Profco
Giant Bay Resources Ltd. 21MY96 - Delisted
Giant Explorations Ltd. 1969-75 Amalg. with PIPER PETROLEUMS IN 1981 to form GIANT PIPER EXPLORATIONS INC.
Giant Mascot Mines Ltd. 1960-68, 1970-76. Name change in 1977. See GM RESOURCES LTD.
Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. 1966-71, 1973-76, 1986-90. 25JL91 - Amalgamated into Royal Oak Mines Inc.
Gibraltar Mines Ltd. 1972-75, 1979, 1990-91, 1995 18DC96 - Acquired by Westmin Resources
Gienow Windows & Doors Income Fund 01NV07 delisted
Gildan Activewear Inc. 1999
Gill Interprovincial Lines Ltd. 1964-68.
Gimbel Vision International Inc. 1998-01 20FB02 - Suspended. 20FB03 Delisted
Gitennes Exploration Inc. 1994-97 16OCT09 - moved to TSX Venture exchange
Glacier Ventures International Corp. 2001-02, 2004-05
Glacier Ventures International Corp. 1988-90, 1995, 1998-03 Nov 2006 acquired by Goldcorp Inc
Glaxo Holdings p.l.c. 1992-93
Glen Lake Silver Mines Ltd. 1963-69. Assets sold in 1971.
Glenayre Electronics Ltd. 1986-87, 1991-92 5AG01 - Name changed to Glentel Inc.
Glencair Resources Inc.
Glencairn Exploration Ltd. 1991
Glendale Corp. 1974-77. In 1978 co. amalg. with FIRAN INTERNATIONAL LTD. becoming FIRAN-GLENDALE CORP.
Glendale Mobile Homes Ltd. 1969, 1971-73. Name changed to GLENDALE CORP. IN 1973.
Glenex Industries Inc. 1988-91 Merged with Peruvian Gold and Stockscape.com forming Quest Investment Corp.
Glengair Group Ltd. 1965-71. In 1973 co. amalg. with ATLANTIC SUGAR REFINERIES CO. LTD. to form JANNOCK CORP. LTD.
Glentel Inc. 1996-05, 2007 Formerly Glenayre Electronics
Global 45 Split Corp.
Global Alumina Products Corporation June 2005 name changed to Global Alumina Corp 
Global Banks Premium Income Trust
Global Communications Ltd. 1976-78, 1983-84. See also IWC COMMUNICATIONS. In 1985 all o/s shars acquired by GLOBAL VENTURES WESTERN LTD.
Global Credit Pref Corp. 07JE10 - Delisted
Global DiSCS Trust 2004-1 18DC09 - Delisted
Global Diversified Investment Grade Income Trust
Global Diversified Investment Grade Income Trust II
Global Election Systems Inc. 1993, 1998, 2000 31JN02 - acquired by Diebold Inc.
Global-Pacific Minerals Inc. 1996,1998 20AP01 - Acquired by Unirex Technologies. 20AP02 - Delisted
Global Plus Income Trust 1999 * Annual report combined with First Premium Income Trust
Global Preferred Securities Trust
Global Railway Industries Ltd. 2000
Global Resource Split Corp 24JE09 - Delisted. Shares redeemed.
Global Stone Corporation 1993-96 22JE98 - Acquired by Oglebay Norton
Global Strategy Investment Funds 1996
Global Strategy Limited Partnerships 1996-97
Global Strategy Ltd. 1994-95
Global Strategy Ltd. Partnership III 1FB99 - Amalgamated into Global Strategy Master LP
Global Strategy Partners LP V 1FB99 - Amalgamated into Global Strategy Master LP
Global Strategy Partners LP VI 1FB99 - Amalgamated into Global Strategy Master LP
Global Telecom Split Share Corp. 02JL08 - shares redeemed
Global Thermoelectric Inc. 1998-02 05NV03 - Name changed to FCE Canada Inc, later FuelCell Energy
Globe Envelopes Ltd. 1961-69. Name changed to DRG LTD. in 1969.
Globe Realty Ltd. Name changed Sept. 6, 1982 to ROYAL BANK REALTY LTD.
Globelle Corporation 1996 9AG99 - Delisted
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. 1997-04
Glyko Biomedical Ltd. 22AG02 - Acquired by BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
GlycoDesign Inc. 2001 09JE03 - Amalgamated with Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals
Glynwed International Plc 1996
GM Resources Ltd. 1977-78. In 1983 name changed to CAMPBELL RESOURCES INC.
GMP Capital Corp
Go-Video 1997
Goderich Elevator & Transit Co. 1960, 1963-65, 1967-78. In 1978 name changed to GODERICH ELEVATORS LTD.
Gold Reserve Corporation 1992, 1995
Gold Reserve Inc. 1996-97 19FB99 - Name changed to Gold Reserve Inc.
Goldale Investments Ltd. 1978. In 1986 name changed to E.A. VINER HOLDINGS LTD.
Goldcorp Inc. 1991-93, 1997-98, 2000-01, 2003-04
Goldcorp Investments Ltd. 1986, 1988, 1990 In July 1991 name chalnged to GOLDCORP. INC.
Golden Knight Resources Inc. 1987, 1989-91, 1993-96 26AP99 - Acquired by Repadre Capital Corp
Golden Myra Resources Inc. 23SP91 - Delisted
Golden Nevada Resources Inc. JE89 - Name changed to Goldnev Resources Inc.
Golden News Resources Inc. 17JS95 - Name changed to Laminco Resources inc.
Golden North Resource Corp. Amalg. with GOOD HOPE RESOURCES LTD., Oct. 1, 1986. Feb. 17/92: amalg. with THORCO RESOURCES INC. & CALEDONIA MINING CORP.
Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd. 1988-89
Golden Rule Resources Ltd. 1998-99 21FB01 - Suspended. 21FB02 - Delisted
Golden Sceptre Resources Ltd. Amalg. with GOLIATH GOLD MINES LTD. & NORANDA HEMLO INC. to form HEMLO GOLD MINES INC. Feb. 1987.
Golden Shamrock Mines Ltd. 21OC96 - Acquired by BG Aquisition Ltd.
Golden Spike Western Petroleums Ltd. 1965, 1967-70. Name changed to OILEX INDUSTRIES LTD. in July, 1973.
Golden Star Resources Ltd. 1995-96
Golden Terrace Resources Corp. 1987-88 Delisted from TSE
Golden Triangle Royalty & Oil Inc. 1988
Goldenbell Resources Inc. MY89  - Delisted from the TSE
Goldex Mines Ltd. 1988-92 (VSE) - 10MY93 - Name changed to Goldmax. 14DC93 Amalgamated with Agnico-Eagle Mines
Goldfarb Corporation, The 1989-98, 2002 02FB04 - Delisted from TSX, moved to Venture Exchange
Goldfund Ltd. 1988
Goldlist Properties Inc. 1997-2000 14JAN02 - Acquired by Acktion Corporation 
Goldlund Mines Dec. 1986 co. acq. by CAMRECO INC.
Goldmac Explorations 1989-90
Goldquest Exploration Inc. In 1985 Co. amalg. with REDCON GOLD MINES LTD. April 12, 1991 common shares delisted.
Goldray Mines Ltd. 1971-76. Amalg. with CANADIAN MALARTIC GOLD MINES LTD. in Dec. 1976 to form CANRAY RESOURCES LTD.
Goldsil Resources Ltd. DC90 - Amalgamated with Int'l Mahogany & Magellan Resources
Goldstake Explorations Inc. 1989 12JL10 - Delisted
Goldteck Mines Ltd. 1989 7OC92 - Name changed to Goldpark Mines and Investments
Golf Town Income Fund 01OC07 delisted
Goodyear Canada Inc. 1975-78, 1983-91 5MY93 - Outstanding shares acquired by parent
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 1985
Goodyear Tire And Rubber Co. Of Canada Ltd. 1950-74. Name changed to GOODYEAR CANADA INC. in 1975.
Gordex Minerals Ltd. 1988 JL90 - Delisted
Gordon Mackay & Stores Ltd. 1949-58, 1961-66, 1968-72, 1974-75. In June 1986 co. amalg. with WALKERS HOLDINGS LTD.
Gortdrum Mines Ltd. 1965-69. Assets acquired by NORTHGATE EXPLORATION LTD.
Gowganda Resources Inc. 1981, 1984 In 1985 name changed to CALGROUP GRAPHICS CORP. LTD.
Gozlan Brothers Ltd. 1972-74. Co. placed in receivership in mid. 1976.
Grace Hospital Windsor 1988-89
Grad & Walker Corp. 18AG97 - Acquired by Crestar Energy
Grad & Walker Energy Corporation 1993-94
Grafton & Co. Ltd. 1953-59, 1961-62. Amalg. with wholly-owned subsidiary, KILBRIDE DITRIBUTORS LTD in Jan. 1963 to form GRAFTON'S LTD.
Grafton-Fraser Ltd. 1969-70. All o/s shares acquired by GRAFTON GROUP LTD. during 1969.
Grafton Group Ltd. 1971-73, 1975-83, 1985, 1989-91 20JL93 - Delisted
Graftons 1853 Ltd. 1967. Name changed to GRAFTON-FRASER LTD. in 1967.
Grafton's Ltd. 1963, 1965-66. Acquired by GRAFTON-FRASER LTD.
Grain Insurance And Guarantee Company 1981-87, 1989, 1991-92
Gran Columbia Resources Inc. 1NV99 -  Name changed to WAVVE Telecommunications Inc.
Granby Industries Income Fund 04MAR08 - Acquired by Clarke Inc.
Granby Mining Co. Ltd. 1965-74. Name changed to GRANBY MINING CORP. in Feb. 1975.
Granby Mining Corp. 1975-77. Amalg. with two other cos. in 1979 to form ZAPATA GRANBY CORP.
Grand & Toy Ltd. 1953-61, 1963-66.
Grand Bahama Industries Ltd. 1964. Name changed to BAHAMAS-CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT CORP. LTD. in March, 1966.
Grand Metropolitan 1995
Grande Cache Coal Corporation
Grandfield Pacific Inc. 1996 22SP04 - Delisted
Grandma Lee's Inc. 1982, 1988-89, 1992 26JA98 - Name changed to Heritage Concepts Int'l
Granduc Mines Limited 1960-76, 1978, 1987, 1989-90, 1992 Name changed to Granduc Mining
Granduc Mining Corp. 1993, 1995 19JL96 - Amalgamated with subsidiary of Black Hawk Mining. Formerly Granduc Mines
Grandview Resources Inc. JL88 - Amalgamated with WMC Acquisition Corp.
Granges Exploration Ltd. 1989 - Name changed to Granges Inc.
Granges Inc. 1987-90, 1995 8NV96 - Amalgamated with Da Capo Resources Corp. forming Vista Gold Corp.
Granisle Copper Ltd. 1967-77. In 1979 amalg. with two other cos. to form ZAPATA GRANBY CORP.
Granite Broadacsting Corp 1996
Granite Tourism Corporation 30AP93 - Delisted. 16MY94 - Dissolved
Great Britain And Canada Investment Corporation 1949, 1951-68
Great Britain And Canada Investments (1968) Ltd. 1968-70.
Great Britain And Canada Investments Ltd. 1971. Name changed to GBC. CAPITAL LTD.
Great Canadian Gaming Corporation 2003
Great Canadian Oil Sands Ltd. 1965-78. Co. amalg. with SUN OIL CO. LTD. in 1979 under new name of SUNCOR INC.
Great Eastern Oil And Import Company Ltd. 1960-78. In 1984 name changed to GREAT EASTERN OIL LTD. wholly-owned by TEXACO CANADA INC.
Great Lakes Carbon Income Fund May 2007 acquired
Great Lakes Forest Products Ltd. 1986-87 2JE88 - Amalgamated with CIP Inc. forming Canadian Pacific Forest Products
Great Lakes Group Inc. 1JE92 - Name changed to Great Lakes Power Inc.
Great Lakes Hydro Income Fund 1999, 2000-01, 2004-06 see Brookfield Renewable Power Fund
Great Lakes Minerals 18FB98 - Name changed to Communicorp Corp.
Great Lakes Nickel Ltd. 1969-73, 1975-76, 1980.
Great Lakes Paper Co. Ltd. 1950-71, 1974-78.
Great Lakes Power Corp. 1954-72, 1994 In 1973 BRASCAN LTD. acquired virtually all o/s com. shs.
Great Lakes Power Inc. 1996,1998 13MR01- Delisted. Acquired by Brascan
Great National Land & Investment Corp. Ltd. 1965-77, 1979. Insolvent. In 1988 delisted.
Great Northern Capital Corp. Ltd. 1963-73. In 1974 co. amalg. with WESTERN REALTY PROJECTS LTD. to form ABBEY GLEN PROPERTY CORP.
Great Northern Exploration Ltd. 09JE04 - Acquired by APF Energy Trust
Great Northern Financial Corp. 1975-76. In 1983 co. amalg. with EMBASSY RESOURCES LTD.
Great Northern Gas Utilites Ltd. 1954-61, 1968-69, 1971-75. Name changed to GREAT NORTHERN CAPITAL CO. LTD. in 1962. In 1979 name changed to ICG UTILITIES LTD.
Great Pacific Enterprises Inc. 1994, 1996 8JL97 - Acquired by Jim Pattison Industries. Formerly International Innopac Inc.
Great Plains Exploration Inc.
Great Pacific Industries Ltd. 1969-74, 1987-88. Name changed to G.P.I. INDUSTRIES LTD. in Feb. 1975 back to former name in 1986. 1990 - co. delisted on TSE, still listed on VSE. 1991 - amalg. with JIM PATTISON INTERNATIONAL.
Great Plains Development Company Of Canada Ltd. 1960-73. Name changed to NORCEN ENERGY RESOURCES.
Great Plains Exploration Inc.
Great West International Equities Ltd. 1970. Name changed to TRIZEC CORP.
Great-West Life Assurance Company, The 1950-69, 1971-78, 1992-09
Great-West Lifeco Inc. 1987-89, 1991-09
Great West Saddlery Ltd. 1950-69, 1971-78. Name changed to GREAT WEST INTERNATIONAL EQUITIES LTD. in 1970.
Great West Steel Industries Ltd. 1974-78, 1985 Name changed to GWIL INDUSTRIES INC. in 1987.
Greater London International Airport Authority 1998
Greater Winnipeg Gas Co. 1952-70.
Greb Industries Ltd. 1966, 1968-73. Acquired by WARRINGTON PRODUCTS in 1974. Two cos. merged in 1980.
Green Forest Lumber Corporation 1990-94 7FB95 - Acquired by MacMillan Bloedel
Green Line Mutual Funds 1996
Greenstone Resources Ltd. 10MR00 - suspended. 12MR01 Delisted
Greenwich Resources Incorporated 1985 all o/s shares acquired by GREENWICH RESOURCES PLC.
Grenache 1971-72
Grenache Inc. 1964-72. QUEBEC-LAITT INC., a controlled subsid. of CO-OPERATIVE  AGRICOLE DE GRANBY acquired all o/s com. shares in 1973.
Gresham Resources Inc 1997
Grey Wolf Exploration Inc. 1998-99 3OC01 - Acquired by Abraxas Petroleum Corp.
Greyhound Canada Transportation Corp 1996 14NV97 - Acquired by Laidlaw
Greyhound Computer Of Canada Ltd. 1969-78, 1986 1988 name changed to GREYVEST FINANCIAL SERVICES INC.
Greyhound Lines Of Canada Ltd. 1960-72, 1975-76, 1984, 1987, 1990-92, 1994-95 5JE96 - Delisted
Greystar Resources Ltd.
Greyvest Financial Services Inc. 1988-93 7DC94 - Name changed to Greyvest Capital Inc. 21MY03 Delisted
Grissol Foods Ltd. 1964-1971. All o/s shares of co. purchased by IMASCO LTD. by 1977.
Grohe Group AG 1995
Group Pret Et Revenu 1973-76, 1981. Formerly SAVINGS & INVESTMENT GROUP
Group West Systems Ltd. 1998 16MR01 - Amalgamated with Appareo Software Inc.
Groupe Forex Inc., Le 1995-98
Groupe SGF, Le 1987-88
Groupe Transat AT Inc. 1992 3AG93 - Name changed to Transat A.T. Inc.
Groupe Videotron Ltee , Le 1988, 1990, 1993-99 5DC00 - Acquired by Quebec Media Inc.
Grouped Income Shares Ltd. 1953, 1956, 1958-59, 1964-72. Amalg. with GUARDIAN GROWTH FUND LTD. in 1984.
Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. 1963-73, 1975-76. Subsidiary of ENTERAC PROPERTY CORP.
Growers' Wine Co. Ltd. 1960-70. Wholly-owned subsidiary of IMASCO.
Growth Equity Fund Ltd. 1965-72.
Growth Investment Corporation 1988-91 4JA93 - Delisted. Bankrupt
GSI 1993 Nov 2005 delisted
GSI Lumonics Inc. 1998
GST Telecommunications Inc 1998 27JE01 - Delisted
GSW Inc. 1985, 1987-92, 1994-04 Formerly GSW LTD. March 2006 acquired by A.O. Smith Corp
GSW Ltd. 1969-73, 1975-78. Formerly GENERAL STEEL WARES LTD. Name changed to GSW INC.
GT Group Telecom Inc. 21NV03 - Delisted
GTC Transcontinental Group Ltd. 1986-94, 1996-99, 2001 01AP03 - Name changed to Transcontinental Inc
GTE Corporation 1991-94
Guarantee Company Of North America 1967-78, 1987-88 (MSE)
Guaranty Trust 1973, 1975-76, 1978
Guaranty Trust Co. Of Canada. 1963-76.
Guaranty Trustco Ltd. 1986-90 7AP88 - Name changed to Central Guaranty Trustco Ltd.
Guardian Capital Group Ltd. 1974-78. Now called GUARDIAN GROUP OF FUNDS.
Guardian Group Of Funds 1990-91, 1995-96
Guardian Growth Fund Ltd. 1967-72, 1974-75, 1977.
Guardian International Income Fund 4JL88 - Delisted
Guardian-Morton Shulman Precious Metals Inc. 1998-99 JE90 - Bought by FCMI Precious Metals Fund Inc.
Guardian Pacific Rim Corporation 1988-89
Guardian Royal Exchange PLC 1996
Guardian Trust Company 1969-1978. In 1980 became wholly-owned subsidiary of GUARDIAN TRUSTCO INC.
Guardian Trustco 1987-90
Guardian Trustco Inc. 1982.
Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment Inc. 02DC2009 - Acquired
Guillevin International Inc. 1989, 1991-94 MY95 - Acquired by Consolidated Electrical Distributors
Guinor Gold Corporation
Gulf Canada Corporation 1986, 1988-94
Gulf Canada Ltd. 1980-85 Name changed in 1986 to GULF OIL CANADA LTD. See GULF CANADA CORP.
Gulf Canada Resources Limited 1989, 1995-98 21AG01 - Name changed to Conoco Canada Resources Limited. Formerly GULF CANADA CORP.
Gulf International Minerals Ltd.
Gulf Oil Canada Ltd. 1968-73, 1975. Formerly BRITISH AMERICAN OIL CO. LTD. In 1978, name changed to GULF CANADA LTD.
Gulf Titanium Ltd. 1986, 1988 14MY92 - Delisted
Gulfstream Resources Canada Ltd. 14AG01 - Acquired by Anadarko Canada
Gunnar Gold Inc. 15MR92 - Amalgamated with Aveca Entertainment Corp. forming ATTN Aveca Entertainment Group
Gunnar Gold Mines Ltd. 1950-52. Name changed to GUNNAR MINES LTD. in 1954.
Gunnar Mines Ltd. 1953-54, 1958-59. Merged into GUNNAR MINING LTD. in 1960.
Gunnar Mining Ltd. 1960-69. Name changed to BOVIS CORP. LTD.
Gunsteel Resources Inc. 1986
Guthrie Corporation 1984
Guyana Gold Corp. 1994 NV96 - Name changed to Beringer Gold Corp.
Guyana Goldfields Inc.
Guyanor Ressources S.A. 1994-95 July 2005 name changed to Euro Ressources SA
GW Utilities Ltd. 1988, 1991 1AP93 - Amalgamated with Home Oil Co, Ltd.
GWIL Industries Inc. 1987, 1988-98 Formerly Great West Steel. 06DC99 delisted

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