Western Libraries - Historical Annual Reports I-J

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IAF Biochem International Inc. 1990-91 6MR92 - Name changed to BioChem Pharma Inc.
Iamgold International African Mining Gold Corporation 1996, 1998 10FB00 - Name changed to Iamgold Corporation
IAMGOLD Corporation 2001-03, 2006, 2008-10
IAT Air Cargo Facilities Income Fund 1999-01, 2006-08 06JA10 - Acquired by Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust
IATCO Industries Inc. Name changed to Airboss Of America Corp.
IBI Income Fund
IBM Corporation 1949-72, 1982-93, 1995-96, 1998
Ican Minerals Ltd. 24DC99 - Amalgamated with Net Resources Inc.
ICG Utilities (Ontario) Ltd. 1988-89
ICI 1988, 1990
Icor Oil & Gas Company Ltd. 1986-87 18FB91 - Delisted
ID Biomedical Corporation 1995-2000, 2002-03 12DC05 - Delisted
IDS Intelligent Detection Systems Inc
Ideal Group Of Companies Inc., The 1987
IEI Energy Inc. 2001 03MR03 - Name changed to Rider Resources
IE Industries 1986-90
IES Industries, Inc. 1991-92, 1995-96
IFL Investment Foundation (Canada) Ltd. 1982, 1986
IGM Financial Inc. 2005-10 formerly Investor's Group
Illinois Power Company 1984-91
Illinova Corporation 1995-96, 1998
Image Entertainment 1988-89
Image Processing Systems Inc. 1994, 1996 3JA01 - Acquired by Photon Dynamics Inc.
Image Sensing Systems Inc 1996
Imaging Dynamics Company limited
iMagicTV, Inc. 30APR03 - Acquired by Alcatel ADS Inc
Imasco Ltd. 1970-98 Formerly IMPERIAL TOBACCO CO. OF CANADA LTD. 01FB00 - Acuired by British American Tobacco
Imax Corporation 1994-96, 1999-03
Imbrex Ltd. 1965-67. In 1968 acquired by NEON PRODUCTS OF CANADA LTD.
IMI International Medical Innovation Inc. Oct 2005 name changed to PreMed Inc
Immunogen Inc. 1993
IMO Industries Inc. 1988
Impact Energy Inc. 2001-02 04MY04 - Acquired by Thunder Energy
Imperial Bank Of Canada 1927-53 Annual Report. In 1961 merged with CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE to form CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE.
Imperial Chemical Industries Plc 1988-91, 1995-96
Imperial General Properties Ltd. 1968-77. In 1982 Co. voluntarily wound up.
Imperial Life Assurance Co. Of Canada (1942) 1949-78, 1986-90, 1992, 1994 Unlisted - For the 1991 AR see Laurentian Financial Inc.
Imperial Metals Corporation 1989-91, 1994-00, 2003-08 * 2001 AR inside IEI Energy Inc.
Imperial Oil Limited 1950-96, 2010
Imperial Parking Ltd. 1995 26JE96 - Acquired by Vencap Acquisition Holdings
Imperial PlasTech Inc. 31JA05 - Delisted
Imperial Tobacco Co. Of Canada Ltd. 1950-69. Name changed to IMASCO LTD. in Sept. 1970.
Imperial Tobacco Ltd. Subsidiary of Imasco
Imutec Corporation 1993, 1996 28JA97 - Name changed to Imutec Pharma Inc.
Imutec Pharma Inc. 1997-98 8JA99 - Name changed to Lorus Therapeutics Inc.
Inca Resources Inc. NV89 - Merged with ABM Gold Corp.
Incentive 1992
Inco Limited 1976-05 Formerly INTERNATIONAL NICKEL CO. OF CANADA LTD. 05JAN2007 - Acquired by Companhia Vale do Rio Doce
Income & Equity Index Participation Fund 13FB09 - Delisted
Income & Growth Split Trust See Faircourt
Income Financial Plus Trust
Income Financial Trust 1999 * Annual report combined with American Income Trust
Income STREAMS III Corp.
Income Trustco Corp. 12MR96 - Delisted
Incontext Systems Inc. 16JL97 - Amalgamated with EveryWare Development Canada Corp.
Incubation Group Ltd. 1967-70.
Indal Canada Ltd. 1966-77, 1989 Name changed to INDAL LTD. in 1975.
Indal Ltd. 1975-78, 1983, 1989. On Jan. 9, 1989, Co. was acquired by RALLIP INVESTMENTS LTD.
Indexplus 2 Income Fund Apr 2006 merged with Indexplus Income Fund
Indexplus Income Fund
Indiana Energy Inc. 1986-88, 1990-93, 1995-96, 1998
Indigo Books & Music Inc. 2002-07
Individual Investor Group 1996, 1998
Indochina Goldfields Ltd. 1996-98 05JL99 - Name changed to Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
Indusmin Ltd. 1968-70, 1972-78. Co. is part of FALCONBRIDGE LTD.
Indusmis Ltd. 1973-76
Industra Service Corporation 1992-95 24JA97 - Acquired by American Eco Corp. Formerly Canadian Energy Services
Industrial Acceptance Corp. Ltd. 1950-56, 1958-69. Name changed to IAC LTD. in Nov. 1970.
Industrial Accident Pevention Association 1986-88
Industrial Adhesives Ltd. 1966, 1968, 1970-75. Wholly-owned by CHROMASCO LTD.
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc 2005-10
Industrial-Alliance Life Insurance Company 1999-03 13NV03 - Name changed to Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc
Industrial Bank Of Japan, Ltd. 1990
Industrial Development Bank 1953-58, 1961-75. See FEDERAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BANK.
Industrial Estates Ltd. 1968-78, 1981-87. Crown corp.
Industrial Life Insurance Co. 1962-63, 1965-77. Co. converted into a mutual life co. in 1969.
Industrial Minerals Of Canada Ltd. 1963-67. Merged into INDUSMIN LTD. in 1968.
Industrial Mortgage & Trust Co. 1960-68. In 1969 Co. acquired by THE ROYAL TRUST CO.
Industrial Wire And Cable Co. Ltd. 1963-68. Formerly ASSOCIATED STANDARD WIRE AND CABLE LTD. Name changed to IWC INDUSTRIES in 1969.
Inex Pharmaceutical Corporation 1996 April 2007 name changed to Tekmira Pharmaceutical Corp
Inex Pharmaceuticals Inc. 1997-98
Infinity Financial Technology 1996
Infinity Income Trust 01AG03 - Suspended. 03AG04 - Delisted
Infinity Mutual Funds 1997-98
Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 1999 21NV07 delisted. See Eacom Tiber
Infocorp Computer Solutions Ltd. 1995 Aug 2005 delisted
Informission Systems Management 1992-93
Informatrix 2000 Inc. 1989 AP91 - Acquired by Softkey Software Products
Informission Group Inc. 29MY00 - Name changed to Nurun Inc.
Infowave Software, Inc. 06DEC2007 - delisted
ING Canada Inc. 2004-08 See Intact Financial
ING Group 1994
ING North American Insurance Corporation 1992, 1994
Ingersoll Machine & Tool Co. Ltd. 1963-69. In 1970 Co. acquired by IVACO INDUSTRIES LTD.
Ingersoll-Rand 1983
Inglis 1973, 1975-76, 1978, 1987-88
Inglis Ltd. 1973-78, 1981, 1987-88. Formerly JOHN INGLIS CO. LTD. In Feb. 1990. co. amalg. with WHIRLPOOL CORP.
Inland Cement Co. Ltd. 1955-64. In 1965 merged with SOGEMINES LTD.
Inland Chemicals Canada Ltd. 1960-72. In 1973 acquired by CANADIAN INDUSTRIES LTD.
Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd. 1957-78, 1985-88 In June 1989, co. amalg. with its' subsidaries, BC GAS INC., COLUMBIA NATURAL GAS LTD., and FORT NELSON GAS LTD. and continued under the name BC GAS INC.
Inmet Mining Corp. 1995, 1997-89, 2001-09 Acquired by First Quantum. See also FQM Akubra
Innergex Power Income Fund 31MAR10 - Delisted
Innicor Subsurfaces Technologies Inc
Innopac Inc. 1987-89 27MY91 - Name changed to International Innopac Inc.
Innova LifeSciences Corporation 2000-03 24NV04 - Acquired by Sybron Dental Specialties Inc
Innova Technologies Corp. 1995-96 3AG00 - name changed to Innova LifeSciences Corp.
Insead 1988
Inspiration Resources Corp. 6MY92 - Name changed to Terra Industries
Institute For Policy Analysis 1989
Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Ontario 1974-75, 1977, 1987-90, 1992-94, 1998-01
Institute Of Directors 1989
Insulpro Industries Inc. 1996-98 8JA99 - Acquired by BSI Holdings Inc.
Integra Systems Inc. 25MR91 - Delisted
Integrated Growth Fund Inc. 1994
Integrated Network Services Inc. 1993 6DC94 - Acquired by Call-Net Enterprises Inc.
Integrated Oil NT Corp. 09AP03 - Shares redeemed
Integrated Paving Concepts Inc. 1996 Sept 2006 delisted
Integrated Production Services Ltd. 05JL02 - Acquired by SCF-IV, LP
Integrated Systems Consulting Group Inc 1996
Integrated Wood Products Ltd. 1971-76. In 1977 acquired by BALCO INDUSTRIES LTD.
Intensity Resources 12MY97 - Amalgamated with Renata Resources
Inter-American Investment Corporation 1995
Inter-City Gas Corporation 1985 18AP90 - Name changed to Inter-City Products
Inter-City Gas Ltd. 1960-78. In April 1980, co. amalg. with CANADIAN HOMESTEAD OILS LTD. to form INTER-CITY GAS CORP.
Inter-City Products Corporation 1987-92 9JL97 - Name changed to International Comfort Products Corp.
Inter Pipeline Fund formerly Koch
Inter-Provincial Commercial Discount Corp. Ltd. 1967-68. Name changed to INTER-PROVINCIAL DIVERSIFIED HOLDINGS LTD. in March 1969.
Inter-Provincial Diversified Holdings Ltd. 1971-74, 1976-78, 1989-91, 1994 4NV92 - Delisted
Inter-Rock Gold Inc. 1994-97 3FB99 - Name changed to Inter-Rock Minerals Inc. 31AG01 Delisted
Inter-Tech Drilling Solutions Ltd. 13JL98 - Delisted
Intera Information Technologies Corp. 1989, 1991-94 28DC95 - Name changed to IITC Holdings Ltd.
Interaction Resources Ltd. 16JE00 - Name changed to Ketch Energy Ltd.
Interbrew NV 2000
Intercan Leasing Inc 8AG91- Delisted
Intergold Ltd.
Intergraph Corp. 1986, 1989
Interhome Energy Inc. 1988-90
Interior Breweries Ltd. 1960-66, 1968-70. In 1972 name changed to COLUMBIA BREWING CO. LTD. Wholly-owned by LABATT'S.
Intermap Technologies Corp
Intermetco Ltd. 1970-78, 1984, 1987, 1989-96 18AG97 - Acquired by Philip Services Inc.
Intermune Life Sciences Inc. 1993 Canadian Dealers Network - CTO JE97
International Alliance Services Inc. 1996 Name changed to Century Business Services
International Aluminum Corporation 1997
International Barrier Corporation 1988
International Bibis Tin Mines Ltd. 1968-72. Name changed to LAURASIA RESOURCES LTD. in 1973.
International Bioremediation Services Inc 1996
International Bronze Powders Ltd. 1950-68. In 1969 acquired by WARNOCK HERSEY INTERNATIONAL LTD.
International Business Machines Corporation 1949-53, 1955 31DC93 - Delisted
International Canalaska Resources Ltd. 1997
International Chemalloy Corp. 1981 In 1985 name changed to DENBRIDGE CAPITAL CORP.
International Comfort Products 1998 31AG99 Acquired by Titan Acquisitions Ltd.
International Contour Technology Inc.
International Corona Corporation 1991 17AG92 - Acquired by Homestake Mining Corp.
International Corona Resources Ltd. 1986 28JL88 - Reorganized as Corona Corp.
International Curator Resources Ltd. 1995, 1997-2000 30DC03 - Name changed to Canadian Gold Hunter Corp
International Datacasting Corporation 1988-93
International Finance Corporation 1990, 1995
International Financial Income & Growth Trust 08DC2009 - Delisted
International Forest Products Ltd. 1988-07 Formerly Whonnock Industries Ltd.
International Freegold Mineral Dev't Inc. 1997 04SP02 - Name changed to Freegold Ventures Ltd.
International Geographics Ltd. 1990 1991 - Delisted
International Gold Resources Corporation 1993 25JE96 - Acquired by Ashanti Gold
International Harvester Canada Ltd. 1980-85. In 1986 name changed to NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORP. CANADA.
International Harvester Co. Of Canada 1958-78. In 1979 name changed to INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CANADA LTD.
International Harvester Credit Corporation Of Canada Ltd. 1969-78, 1982-83. Name changed to NAVISTAR FINANCIAL CORP.
International Harvestor Canada 1974-76
International Helium Co. Ltd. 1966-68. In 1970 name changed to MINERAL RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL LTD.
International Hospitality Inc. 1994-1995 30MY97 - Delisted
International Innopac Inc. 1991-93
International Land Corp. Ltd. 1969-77. In 1978 all o/s shares purchased by HASTINGS WEST INVESTMENT CO.
International Land Corporation Ltd. 1976
International Mahogany Corp. 18SP97 - Suspended. 22SP98 - Delisted.
International Mogul Mines Ltd. 1968-74, 1976-77. Amalg. with CONWEST EXPLORATION CO. LTD. and three other companies using CONWEST name.
International Movie Group Inc. 1991 FB96 - Delisted
International Multifoods 1990
International Murex Technologies 1989 JE95 - Delisted from TSE. Still on NASDAQ
International Musto Explorations Ltd. 1991 19JE95 - Acquired by RN Galaxy Inc.
International Nickel Co. Of Canada Ltd. 1950-56, 1958-61, 1964-66, 1968-75. In April 1976 name changed to INCO LTD.
International Oiltex Ltd. 1994 12SP94 - Amalgamated with Aztec Resources Ltd.
International Pagurian Corporation Ltd. 1987 MY88 - Name changed to Canadian Express Ltd.
International Paints (Canada) Ltd. 1949/50, 1961-78, 1982, 1984.
International Paper 1965-66, 1968-70, 1975-76, 1979, 1988
International Pedco Energy Corporation 1993-94 13MR96 - Acquired by Lateral Vector Resources
International Petroleum Corp. 4FB98 - Acquired by Sands Petroleum AB
International Platinum Corporation 1988 5JE95 - Delisted
International Polaris Energy Corp. JA91 - Acquired by O'Shanter Development Corp.
International Potter Distilling Corp. 1987-89, 1992-94. Formerly POTTER'S DISTILLERIES LTD. Name changed to CASCADIA BRANDS INC., Apr. 1995.
International Prism Exploration Ltd. 1987 15MR95 - Name changed to Prism Resources
International Properties Group Ltd. 19SP03 - Acquired by Divestco Inc
International Retail Systems Inc. 12OC94 - Delisted. Still on NASDAQ
International Road Dynamics Inc. 1996-97
International Rochester Energy Corp. 1997 25NV99 - suspended. 27NV00 - delisted
International Royalty Corporation
International Semi-Tech Microelectromics Inc. 1988-89 22SP94 - Name changed to Semi-Tech Corp.
International Skyline Gold Corporation 1993 3AP00 - Amalgamated with Copper Mountain Mines
International Thomson Organisation Ltd. 1986-88 1989 - Reorganized as The Thomson Corp.
International Thunderbird Gaming Corp. 1996 25JL03 - Delisted
International Thunderwood Explorations Ltd. 30MY89 - Amalgamated with Syngold Explorations and changed name to Thunderwood Resources
International UNP Holdings Ltd. 1991-92 15FB00 - Acquired by CHP Investors NV
International Uranium Corp.
International Verifact Inc. 1988-92, 1994 25JE98 - Name changed to IVI Checkmate Corp.
International Wallcoverings Ltd. 7JL96 - Delisted from MSE. 7JL00 - Delisted from TSE.
International Wex Technologies 2003 27OC04 - Name changed to Wex Pharmaceuticals Inc
Internet Liquidators International Inc. 17JL98 - Name changed to Bidcom International (formerly Avonlee Capital Corp)
InterOil Corporation 2003 27JA09 - Delisted
InterNorth Inc. 1984-85
Interprovincial Pipe Line Co. 1950, 1952-56, 1958-72. DC92 - Name changed to Interprovincial Pipe Line Systems
Interprovincial Pipe Line Ltd. 1973-78, 1982-84, 1986 On May 5, 1988 name changed to INTERHOME ENERGY INC.
Interprovincial Pipeline Inc. 1973, 1977, 1984, 1986-87, 1991-93 Name changed to IPL Energy Inc.
Interprovincial Satellite Services Ltd. 1999 9MY00 - Name changed to Wireless Matrix Corp.
Interprovincial Steel And Pipe Corporation Ltd. 1960-78, 1980 Name changed IPSCO INC.
Interquest Resources Corp. 11JA93 - Delisted
Interstar Mining Group Inc 1995
Intertan Inc. 1994-98 20MY04 - Acquired by Winston Acquisition Corp
Intertape Polymer Group Inc. 1991-00
Intier Automotive Inc. 2001-03 April 2005 acquired by Magna
Intrawest Corporation 1993-94, 1996-02, 2005 10MR93 - Name changed from Intrawest Development Corp. Oct 2006 delisted
Intrawest Development Corp. 10MR93 - Name changed to Intrawest Corp.
Intrepid Minerals Corporation 2003 July 2006 name changed to Intrepid NuStar Exchange Corp
Intrinsyc Software Inc. 1999-2000
Inventronics Limited 1988-94 10SP04 - Delisted
Inverness Petroleum Ltd. 1981-94 26MR96 - Amalgamated with a subsidiary of Rigel Energy Corp.
Inverpower Controls Ltd. 1995-2000 31MY02 - Delisted
Invesprint Corp. July 2005 acquired by Metro Label Group
Investment Dealers Association Of Can. 1993
Investment Foundation Ltd. 1949-70, 1973-78. Name changed to IFL INVESTMENT FOUNDATION LTD.
Investors Dividend Fund Ltd. 1978, 1983
Investment Grade Trust
Investors Group Inc. 1964-72, 1975-77, 1988, 1993, 1995-03 In Sept. 1986 name changed to 280 BROADWAY HOLDING CORP. 17MY04 - Name changed to IGM Financial Inc.
Investors Growth Fund Of Canada Ltd. 1958-65, 1967-70, 1974-77, 1984-85
Investors International Mutual Fund Ltd. 1962-65, 1968-69, 1975-77, 1984
Investors Japanese Growth Fund Ltd. 1975-76, 1978, 1983
Investors Mortgage Fund 1974-76, 1978, 1983
Investors Mutual Of Canada Ltd. 1950-59, 1962-76, 1978.
Investors Provident Mutual Fund Ltd. 1975-76.
Investors Provident Stock Fund Ltd. 1974-75, 1984.
Investors Retirement Mutual Fund 1974-76, 1978, 1983
Investors Syndicate Of Canada Ltd. 1960-63. In Sept. 1964 name changed to INVESTORS GROUP.
Iona Appliances Inc. 1988-96 Name changed to Fantom Technologies
Ionarc Smelters Ltd. 1968-71, 1973-75, 1977. In 1978 name changed to INTERNATIONAL IONARC INC.
Ionic Energy Inc. 1997 17AP01 - Acquired by Shiningbank Energy Income Fund
Iowa Electric Light and Power Company 1984-85, 1988, 1991-92
Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company 1977-84, 1987-94
Iowa Power Inc. 1990
Iowa Resources Inc. 1980-89
IPC US Income Commercial R.E.I.T. 2001-02 08SP03 - Name changed to IPC US REIT
IPC US R.E.I.T. 2003-04 11JE04 - Name changed to IPC US Real Estate Investment Units Trust. 13DEC2007 - delisted
IPEC Ltd. 23NV01 - Amalgamated with Flint Energy Services Ltd.
iPerform Strategic Partners Hedge Fund 24MR03 - Name changed to BluMontStrategic Partners Hedge Fund Trust Units
IPL Energy Inc. 1994, 1997 13OC98 - Name changed to Enbridge Inc. Formerly Interprovincial Pipeline Systems Inc.
IPL Inc. 1987, 1991-96, 1998-02, 2004
IPSCO Inc. 1979, 1981-98, 2000-05 July 2007 acquired
Irwin Toy Ltd. 1969-79, 1981-82, 1985, 1987, 1990-93, 1999-2000 29MY01 - Acquired by IT Acquisition Ltd.
ISG Technologies Inc. 1987, 1989, 1996-98 30DC99 - Name changed to Cedara Software Corp.
Ishtar Investments Inc. 1998 21DC98 - Name changed to Ishtar Seniors Communities Inc.
Island Telecom Inc.
Island Telephone Company Ltd., The 1951-55, 1957-78, 1982-96 22MY98 Name changed to Island Telecom Inc.
Isle of Capri Casinos 1999
ISM 1991-92, 1994
ISO Mines Ltd. 1968-69, 1971-77. In 1979 merged with HIGHMONT MINING CORP.
Isomedix 1984
Isotechnika Inc.
IsoTis S.A.
Istar Internet Inc. 1996-97 8JE98 - Delisted
Itec-Mineral Inc. 1995,1997 25SP00 - Name changed to Electromed Inc.
Itel Corporation 1989
ITL Industries Ltd. 1964, 1966-78, 1985-88 MR89 - Name changed to Ventra Group Inc.
ITT Canada Limited 1986-94 22DC95 - Name changed to ITT Industries Ltd.
IU International MY88 - Privatized
iUnits Funds 2000
iUnits Government of Canada 5-Year Bond Fund
iUnits Government of Canada 10-Year Bond Fund 16DC04 - Name changed to iUnits Canadian Bond Broad Market Index Fund
iUnits MSCI International Equity Index RSP Fund
iUnits S&P 500 Index RSP Fund
iUnits S&P/TSE 60 Index Participation Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
iUnits S&P/TSE 60 Capped Index Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
iUnits S&P/TSE Canadian Energy Index Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
iUnits S&P/TSE Canadian Financials Index Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
iUnits S&P/TSE Canadian Gold Index Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
iUnits S&P/TSE Canadian MidCap Index Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
iUnits S&P/TSE Canadian Information Technology Index Fund 06SP02 - Name changed
Ivaco Inc. 1973-76, 1978, 1980-02 13MR09 - Delisted
Ivaco Industries Ltd. 1969-77. In 1978 name changed to IVACO LTD.
Ivaco Ltd. 1978 Formerly IVACO INDUSTRIES LTD. In 1980 name changed to IVACO INC.
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. 1999-02
Ivernia West PLC
Ivey 1996-97, 2002, 2006
IWC Communications Ltd. 1973-77. Formerly IWC INDUSTRIES LTD. Also see GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS LTD. In 1978 name changed to RADIO IWC LTD.
IWC Industries Ltd. 1969-72. Formerly INDUSTRIAL WIRE & CABLE CO. LTD. In 1973 name changed to IWC COMMUNICATIONS LTD.
IXC Communications Inc 1996, 1998
J Harris & Sons Ltd. 1967, 1969-70, 1973-77. In 1979 name changed to HARRIS STEEL GROUP INC.
Jaguar Mining Inc. 2004
JAMA Canada 1992
Jamaica Co-Operative Fire & General Insurance Co. Ltd. 1972
James B. Carter Ltd. 1960-61, 1963, 1965-71. In 1972 shares acquired by BUDD AUTOMOTIVE CO. OF CANADA LTD.
Jamie Frontier Resources Inc. 21JE90 - CTO
Janna Systems Inc. 1999 20NV00 - Acquired by Siebel Systems Inc.
Jannock Corp. Ltd. 1973-76. In July 1977 name changed to JANNOCK LTD.
Jannock Limited 1973-74, 1977-78, 1984, 1986-98 Formerly JANNOCK CORP. LTD. 10MR00 acquired by Onex Corp.
Jascan Resources Inc. 16NV00 - Acquired by Breakwater Resources Ltd.
JC Penney Company Inc. 1985-98
JD Carrier Shoe Co. Ltd. 1975
JD Carrier Shoe Ltd. 1965, 1968-78. In 1979 all assets of co. liquidated.
JDA Software Group 1996, 1998
JDS Capital Ltd. 16SP88 - Delisted
JDS Fitel Inc. 6JL99 - Amalgamated with Uniphase Corporation forming JDS Uniphase Canada Ltd.
JDS Investments Ltd. 1989-91 16DC94 - Delisted
JDS Uniphase Corp.
Jean Coutu Group Inc. 1989, 1991-94, 1996-00
Jefferson Lake Petrochemical Of Canada Ltd. 1958-70. In July 1957 amalg. into CANADIAN OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM LTD.
Jenkins Bros. Ltd. 1960-78. In 1979 name changed to JENKINS CANADA INC.
Jenkins Canada Inc. 1981, 1986
Jenny Craig 1997, 1999
Jet Energy Corp 1998 10DC99 - Acquired by Cabre Explorations Ltd.
Jetform Corporation 1998-2001 17SP01 - Name changed to Accelio Corporation
Jewett-Cameron Trading Company Ltd. 1994
JH Ashdown Hardware Co. Ltd. 1949-67. In 1968 co. purchased by ACKLANDS LTD.
JM Scheider Inc. 1978 On May 1, 1980 name changed to THE HERITAGE GROUP.
JM Schneider Ltd. 1968-74. In Oct. 1975 name changed to SCHNEIDER CORP.
Jockey Club Ltd. 1959-70. Formerly THE ONTARIO JOCKEY CLUB LTD.
Joffre Resources Ltd. In Jan. 1984 co. placed in receivership.
John Forsyth Company Inc., The 1988-94 6DC96 - Delisted
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance 1984, 1987-88
John Labatt Ltd. 1951-67, 1970-80, 1982-94 28JL95 - Acquired by Interbrew SA
John P Robarts Research Institute 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994
John Wiley And Sons Inc. 1992-93
Johnson Controls Canada 1987
Johnson Controls Inc 1988, 1991-92
Johnson Matthey Public Ltd. Co. 1999 On Jan 5, 1987 co. delisted on TSE.
Johnston Terminals & Storage Ltd. 1953-69. Subsidary of CORNAT INDUSTRIES LTD.
Jolly Jumper Products Of America Ltd. 1969, 1970, 1973 On Nov. 1, 1982 co. dissolved.
Jonpol Explorations Limited 1988-98 April 2005 amalgamated with Eastern Platinum
Jordan Petroleum Ltd. 1992-96 JA98 - Amalgamated with Reserve Royalty Corp.
Jordex Resources Inc. 13MR00 - Name changed to iTech Capital Corp.
Jorex Ltd. In July 1984 name changed to CANADIAN JOREX LTD.
Joss Energy Ltd. 6JE94 - Name changed to Startech Energy Inc.
Journey's End Motel Corporation 1986-95 4DC97 - Name changed to Unihost Corp.
Joutel Copper Mines Ltd. 1962-74. In 1979 name changed to JOUTEL RESOURCES LTD.
JP Morgan & Co. Ltd. 1984-85, 1987-96, 1998
J-Q Resources Inc. 1978 Formerly JOILET-QUEBEC MINES LTD. Name changed to INTERNATIONAL PURSUIT CORP.
JWP Inc. 1988
JWT Group Inc 1984-86
Jumbo Entertainment Inc.  2001-03 July 2004 name changed to J.U.M. Capital Inc.

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