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K-Bro Linen Income Fund
K2 Energy Corp.
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation 1983-86
Kaiser Permanente 1990-92
Kaiser Resources Ltd. 1969-74, 1976-78. In Jan 1981 name changed to B.C. COAL LTD.
KaiserTech Limited 1987
Kanata Genesis Fund Ltd. 17OC90 - Name changed to SFP International Ltd.
Kanata Hotels International Inc. 1987
Kansas City Power & Light Company 1994
KAP Resources Ltd. 1995-1996 22DC98 - Suspended 23DC99 - Delisted
Kappa Energy Company Inc. 1997-98 17JA00 - Name changed to Vanguard Oil Corp.
Kaps Transport Ltd. 1968-73, 1975-77. In Jan 1981 name changed to STRATHCONA RESOURCE INDUSTRIES LTD.
Kasten Chase Applied Research Ltd. 1996 May 2006 bankrupt
Kaufel Group Ltd. 1989-97 30NV99 - Delisted Acquired by Thomas & Betts Canada Inc.
Kaufman And Broad Home Corporation 1992, 1994, 1996-99
Kazakhstan Minerals Corp. 1995-96 29SP95 - Name changed from Xxpert Rental Tool Inc. 14AG01 - Name changed to European Minerals Corp.
KB Home 2000-01
KBSH Leaders Trust 25NV05 - Delisted
KCP Resources Inc. 1982-85.
KeepRite Inc. 1979-82, 1984-85
Keeprite Products Ltd. 1967-73, 1975-77. In April 1979 name changed to KEEPRITE INC. which 91% owned by INTER-CITY GAS CORP.
Kellogg's 1987-89, 1993-98
Kelly Services Inc. 1988
Kelly-Deyong Sound Corp. Ltd. 1970-72, 1974-77. As of 1978 wholly-owned by STEINTRON INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS LTD.
Kelly, Douglas & Company, Limited 1958-77, 1987-88 In 1989 co. amalg. with two wholly-owned subsidaries of LOBLAWS CO. LTD.
Kelsey-Hayes Canada Limited 1967-68, 1970-78, 1985, 1987-88 1990 - Acquired by Varity Corp.
Kelsey's International Inc. 1995,1998 09JL99 - Delisted
Kelvinator Of Canada Ltd. 1950-69, 1971. In Sept. 1972 name changed to WCI CANADA LTD.
Kemper Corporation 1988
Kensington Energy Ltd March 2005 acquired by Viking Kensington Inc
Kent Trust And Savings Co. 1966-68. In June 1969 merged with METROPOLITAN TRUST CO.
Kenting Energy Services Inc. 29JE97 - Acquired by Precision Drilling Corp.
Kenting Ltd. 1968-76. Shares purchased by TRIMAC LTD.
Kerkhoff Industries Inc. 1989-91
Kerr Addison Gold Mines Ltd. 1950-62. In 1963 co. merged into KERR ADDISON MINES LTD.
Kerr Addison Mines Ltd. 1963-1978, 1988-94 25AP96 - Acquired by Noranda. For previous years see KERR ADDISON GOLD MINES LTD.
Kettle River Resources Ltd. 1993-97, 2000 3AG00 - suspended. 19JE01 - Delisted.
Key Anacon Mines Ltd. 1964-78, 1987-91, 1993-96 11JA99 - Delisted
Keyspan Facilities Income Fund 10FB05 - Name changed to Keyera Facilities Income Fund Trust
Keystone Business Forms Ltd. 1969-73. In 1976 name changed to KEYCORP INDUSTRIES LTD.
Keystone North America Inc. 29AP10 - Delisted
KeyWest Energy Corp. 1999-01 28FB03 - Acquired
Kick Energy Corporation 2001-05 Aug 2006 acquired by Highpine Oil & Gas
Kidd Creek Mines Ltd. 1983-84. In 1986 co. acquired by FALCONBRIDGE LTD.
Kidder, Peabody 1990
Kiena Gold Mines Ltd. 1964-78, 1981, 1983, 1986-87 15JE88 - Delisted. Acquired by Placer Dome
Kilembe Copper Cobalt Ltd. 1956-74. In 1979 name changed to RENABIE MINES LTD.
Killam Properties Inc
Kimber Resources Inc.
Kimberly-Clark 1987-88, 1990, 1993-94, 1996
Kimpex International Inc. 1994, 1996-97 1AP99 - Suspended. 5AP00 - Delisted
Kinetic Ventures, Ltd. 15DC98 - Name changed to Suite101.com
King Street Hamilton Hotel Ltd. Partnership
Kingsway Financial Services Inc 1999-05
Kingsway International Holdings Ltd.
Kingsway Linked Return of Capital Trust
Kingsway Lumber Co. Ltd. 1965, 1967, 1970. On June 25, 1979 charter surrendered.
Kinloch Resources Inc.
Kinross Gold Corp. 1994, 1998-03, 2005-06
Kirin Brewery Company Ltd. 1991
Kirkland Lake Gold Inc
Kitchener Waterloo Hospital 1985, 1988
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 1988
Kmart Corp 1991-92
KMS Power Income Fund 1997-2000
KNEnergy, Inc. 1983-87
Knee Hill Energy Canada Ltd. 1987
Knight-Ridder Inc. 1987-93, 1995-96
Koch Pipelines Canada, L.P. 15NV02 - Name changed to Inter Pipeline Fund
Koffler Stores Ltd. 1969-74, 1976-77. Acquired by IMASCO LTD.
Kookaburra Resources Ltd. 22JA93 - Name changed from Kookaburra Resources. 07JE04 - Delisted
Korea Exchange Bank Of Canada 1991, 1998-01 unlisted
KPMG Peat Marwick Stevenson & Kellog 1989
Kraft, Inc. 1987
KRG Management Inc. 5DC97 - Suspended. 12JL00 - Delisted
Kroes Energy Inc. 2000
KSF Chemical Processes Ltd. 1969-70, 1972-78. In Jan. 1981 name changed to K.C.P. RESOURCES INC.
Kushner Locke Company 1998
KWG Resources Inc. 1994-99, 2001, 2003-09 4DC98 - Delisted on TSE
KWG Resources Inc. 4JA01 - Name changed to Kyrgoil Holding Corporation 19FB04 - Name changed to Serica Energy Corp, delisted 18FB2005
Kyrgoil Corp
L McBrine Co. Ltd. 1949, 1951-68. In 1970, co. placed in bankruptcy.
La Coop federee 2007-08 formerly Co-operative Federee
La Garantie, Companie D' Assurance 1971
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. 1997
La Luz Mines Ltd. 1961-62, 1967-78. In 1985 co. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BARRICK RESOURCES CORP.
La Sarre Minerals Exploration Inc. 1989 Name changed to Mineraux Maniere Inc.
La Senza Corporation 2002-03 Jan 2007 acquired
La Teko Resources Ltd. 3MR99 - Amalgamated with Kinross Gold Corp.
LA Varah Ltd. A wholly-owned subsidiary of SAYNOR VARAH INC.
La Veradrye Management Corp. 1970-78, 1980. On Mar. 25, 1991 delisted. Amalg. with MILIHUIT INC.
Labopharm Inc.
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Income Fund 1995
Labrador Mining & Exploration Co. Ltd. 1949-78. In 1983, co. taken over by HOLLINGER ARGUS LTD.
LAC Minerals Ltd. 1985-93 OC94 - Acquired by American Barrick
Lacana Mining Corporation 1985 28JL88 - Reorganized under Corona Corp.
Laclede Gas Company 1986-88, 1991-93, 1995-96, 1998
Laduboro Oil Ltd. 1964-70. In 1989 co. changed names becoming MONTEREY CAPITAL INC.
Lady Luck Gaming Corp 1998
Lafarge Canada Inc. 1988-94, 1996-99
Lafarge Canada Ltd. 1969. Formerly LAFARGE CEMENT OF NORTH AMERICA LTD. In 1970, co. acquired by CEMENT LAFARGE LTD.
Lafarge Cement Of North America Ltd. 1957-61, 1963-68. In June 1969, name changed to LAFARGE CANADA LTD.
Lafarge Corporation 1985, 1987-96, 1999-2000 04SP01 - Name changed to Lafarge North America Inc.
Lafarge North America Inc 2001-04
Lafarge SA 1996
Laguna Gold Co. 2AG00 - suspsended. 31AG01 - Delisted.
Laidlaw Inc. 1989-92, 1996-00 20JE03 - Bankrupt. 14JL04 - Delisted
Laidlaw International Inc
Laidlaw Transportation Ltd. 1969-78, 1981-89 JA90 - Name changed to Laidlaw Inc.
Lake Dufault Mines Ltd. 1963-65, 1967-70. In 1970 merged with 2 other cos. to form FALCONBRIDGE COPPER LTD.
Lake Ontario Cement Ltd. 1965-78, 1983-85.
Lake Ontario Portland Cement Co. Ltd. 1958-64. In 1965 name changed to LAKE ONTARIO CEMENT LTD.
Lake Shore Mines Ltd. 1950-55, 1957-72, 1977-78. In 1985 amalg. with 3 other cos. to form LAC MINERALS LTD.
Lakeland Natural Gas Ltd. 1957-66. On  Jan. 1, 1968, co. amalg. into NORTHERN AND CENTRAL GAS CORP.
Lakeport Brewing Income Fund April 2007 acquired by Labatt Brewing Co.
Lakewood Energy Inc. 1991-92 4AG94 - Acquired by Serenpet
Lakewood Forest Products Ltd. 4MR91 - Delisted from VSE
Lamaque Gold Mines Ltd. 1951-59. In 1963, co.'s assets acquired by TECK-HUGHES and merged with others forming TECK CORP. LTD.
Lambda Mercantile Corp. Ltd. 1974-75.
Lambton Companies. (Lambton Loan And Investment Co., Lambton Trust Co. Ltd.) 1964-77. In 1978, co. merged with parent co. to form VICTORIA AND GREY TRUST CO.
Lambton Loan And Investment Co. 1950-63. In 1978, co. merged with parent co. to form VICTORIA AND GREY TRUST CO.
Lamontagne Ltd. 1964-69. In 1969, co. acquired by COUVRETTE AND PROVOST LTEE. In 1970, name changed to PROVIGO INC.
Lancer Of Canada Ltd. 1970-72. Delisted IN 1977 following takeover bid by MODERN SHIRT INDUSTRIES LTD.
Landmark Corporation 1986, 1988-90 06AG96 - Name changed to Landmark Global Financial Corp.
Langis Silver & Cobalt Mining Company Ltd. 1964-76.
Lanpar Technologies Inc. 1987-88 1989 - Bankrupt
Laramide Resources Ltd. 1988-90, 1992-93 31AG00 - suspended. 31AG01 - Delisted
Larder Resources
Lariat Oil & Gas Ltd. In May 1987, amalg. with JORDAN PETROLEUM LTD.
Laser Friendly Inc. 1993 Name changed to Gaming Lottery
Laser Quest Corp. 1996 26FB98 - Name changed to Versent Corp.
Lasmo Canada Inc. 1988-91
Lassiter Kuma Oils Ltd.
Lassonde Industries Inc. 1999-08
Lateral Vector Resources Inc. 1994-96, 1998 2MR01 - Suspended. 27 JL01 - Delisted.
Laura Secord Candy Shops Ltd. 1956-74. In 1975, co. acquired by JOHN LABATT LTD.
Laurasia Resources Ltd. 1973, 1975-77, 1981 Formerly INTERNATIONAL BIBIS TIN MINES LTD. AP98 - Acquired by Startech Energy Inc.
Laurentian Bank Of Canada 1988-05 Formerly THE MONTREAL CITY AND DISTRICT SAVINGS BANK.
Laurentian Financial Inc. 1991-92 Wholly-owned by Laurentian Group
Laurentian Funds 1993-94
Laurentian Group Corporation 1988, 1991-92 16FB94 - Delisted
Laurentian Mutual Insurance 16JA89 - Name changed to The Laurentian Life Insurance Company
Laurentide Financial Corp. Ltd. 1960-77. In 1983, name changed to NATIONAL BANK LEASING INC.
Lava Cap Resources Ltd. In Sept. 1985, name changed to LAVA CAPITAL CORP.
LAVA Systems Inc. 7JA99 - Suspended. 7JA00 - Delisted
Lavalin Industries Inc. 1987, 1989-90 2DC91 - Delisted
Lawrence Conservative Payout Ratio Trust 30DEC05 - Delisted
Lawrence Payout Ratio Trust 30DEC05 - Delisted
Lawrence Payout Ratio Trust II
Lawson & Jones Ltd. 1951-52, 1954-78, 1982-84 In 1985 acquired by LAWSON MARDON GROUP.
Lawson Mardon Group Ltd. 1986-92 JA94 - Acquired by Alusuisse-Lonza Holdings Ltd.
Le Chateau Inc. 2001-05
Le Groupe SGF (Societe Generale De Financement Du Quebec) 1983, 1986-88
Le Groupe Videotron Ltee. 1998
LE Shaw Ltd. 1967-77. Privatized on June 8, 1978.
Leading Brands, Inc. 2000-06 08AP03 - Delisted from TSX, still on NASDAQ
Learning Tree International Inc 1996
Leed NT Corp. 07OC01 - Delisted
Leeds Permanent Building Society 1990
LEF McLean Brothers International Inc. 1997-99 8DC00 - Suspended. 07DC01 - Delisted
Legacy Hotels R.E.I.T. 1997-06 18SP07 delisted
Legacy Storage Systems International Inc. 1995 8JA97 - Name changed to Tekmar Technologies International Inc.
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. 1993-94, 1996
Lehndorff Canadian Properties 1981, 1983-92 AP98 - Delisted
Lehndorf Canadian Properties, A Ltd. Partnership 1982.
Leigh 1986-87
Leigh Instruments Ltd. 1981, 1986-87. 1988 - Acquired by Plessey Canada
Leisure World Nursing Homes Ltd. 1970, 1972, 1974-77. In 1982, approx. 80% of shares acquired by 494122 ONTARIO LTD.
Leitch Gold Mines Ltd. 1965-68. In 1969, name changed to LEITCH MINES LTD.
Leitch Mines Ltd. 1969. Formerly LEITCH GOLD MINES LTD. In 1970, co. acquired by TECK CORP. LTD.
Leitch Technology Corporation 2000 28OC05 - Delisted
Lemtex Developments Ltd. 1975-76. In 1983, name changed to BYG NATURAL RESOURCES LTD.
Lenora Explorations Ltd. 31DC88 Amalgamated with AXR Resources Ltd. & Mary Ellen Resources Ltd. forming Greater Lenora Resources Corp.
Leon's Furniture Limited 1974, 1976-89, 1991-06
Leroux Steel Inc. 1995-02 28JL03 - Acquired by Russel Metals
Les Boutiques San Francisco Inc.   05AG04 - Name changed  by Groupe Les Ailes de la Mode Inc.
Les Mines Est-Malartic Ltee. 1981.
Les Petroles Laduboro Ltee. 1971-75.
Leslie Fay Companies Inc., The 1988
Lever Bros. Ltd. 1975-77. Wholly-owned subsidiary of UNILEVER CANADA LTD.
Levesque, Beaubien & Co. JL89 - Merged with Geoffrion, Leclerc Inc.
Levi, Strauss and Co.
Levon Resources Ltd. 1987-89 27JA00 - Suspended 26JA01 - Delisted
Levy Industries Ltd. 1977, 1981-83 In 1988, shares delisted.
Lexam Explorations Inc. (MSE)
LFP Holdings Inc. 1987 1989 - Changed names to Durkin Hayes Publishing Ltd.
LG Technologies Group Inc. 1996-98 04OC99 - Acquired by C-MAC Industries
LGS  1993
LGS Group Inc. 1995-96, 1999 5MY00 - Acquired by IBM
Liberian Iron Ore Ltd. 1961-73, 1975-76, 1987-90. 7SP96 - Name changed to LionOre Mining International Ltd.
Liberty Petroleums Inc. 1981. In 1982, co. acquired by CORRIDA OILS LTD.
Lidco Industries Inc. 1987-89 23JE95 - Delisted Formerly Tor-Cal Resources
Lifeco Split Corporation Inc.
Lifemark Corporation 1980, 1982
Linamar Corporation 1994, 1996, 1998
Lincoln Capital Corporation 1988, 1992-93, 1996 28AG96 - Name changed to Jumbo Entertainment
Lincoln Trust And Savings Co. 1964-75. In 1976, co. amalg. with ONTARIO TRUST CO. and CANADA TRUSTCO MORTGAGE CO. to continue as CANADA TRUSTCO MORTGAGE CO.
Lincoln Waste Management Inc. 1991 - Name changed to Philip Environmental Inc.
Lindsey Morden Group Inc. 1995-99 Formerly Morden & Helwig Group. April 2006 name changed to Cunningham Lindsey Group Inc
Linear Gold Corp 2004 25JE10 - Merged with Apollo Gold Corp forming Brigus Gold Corp.
Linear Technology Inc. 1988-89
Linmor Inc. 31MY04 - Acquired by NUVO Network Management
Lion Heart Ltd. 1993
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. 2002 July 2006 delisted
Lionheart Energy Corp. 21MY97 - Acquired by Search Energy. (formerly Early Industries)
LionOre Mining International Ltd. 1997-99, 2001-03, 2005 Aug 2007 acquired
Liponex Inc. 30JE08 - name changed to ImaSight Corp
Liquid Air Corporation 1985
Liquidation World Inc. 1990,1992-03
Liquor Stores Income Fund
Little Long Lac Gold Mines Ltd. 1960-64, 1966-69, 1975-77 In 1970, co. merged into LITTLE LONG LAC MINES LTD. Name changed back Apr. 1975. Formerly LITTLE LONG LAC MINES LTD. In 1985, co. amalg. with 3 other cos. to form LAC MINERALS LTD.
Little Long Lac Group Of Companies 1981.
Little Long Lac Mines Ltd. 1970-74. Formerly LITTLE LONG LAC GOLD MINES LTD. In 1975, name changed once more to LITTLE LONG LAC GOLD MINES LTD.
Litton 1987-89, 1993
Live Entertainment Of Canada Inc. 2JE95 - Name changed to Livent Inc.
Live Entertainment Of Canada Ltd. 1993-94
Livent Inc. 1995-96 20NV98 - Suspended. 19NV99 - Delisted
Livingston Group Inc. private
Livingston Industries Ltd. 1968-78, 1980-82. In 1978, co. amalg. with ALLPACK HOLDINGS LTD. In 1981, name changed to LIVINGSTON INTERNATIONAL INC.
Livingston International Income Fund 20JA10 - Acquired by Mullen Transportation
LK Resources Ltd. 1981.
Lloydminster Gas Co. Ltd. 1960-77. In 1984, acquired by NORTHWESTERN UTILITIES LTD.
Lloyds Bank Canada 1987-88
Lloyds Bank PLC 1986, 1988-89
LMS Medical Systems Inc.
Loblaw Companies Limited 1956, 1962-07 1964-1967 reports are combined. .
Loblaw Groceterias Co. Ltd. 1950-67, 1969-73. 1964-1967 reports are combined. Name changed to LOBLAW INC. in 1950.
Loblaw Leased Properties Ltd. 1960-71, 1973.
Lochaber Oil Corp. Ltd. 1964-73. Assets sold to TEXAS LAND & MORTGAGE CO.
Lochiel Exploration Ltd. 1970-72, 1974-79, 1981-84  In 1986, co. placed in receivership.
Lockheed Corporation 1986-87
Loewen Group Inc. 1989, 1991-94, 1996-98 21NV00 - suspended. 21NV01 - Delisted
Loewen, Ondaatje, McCutcheon Inc. 9DC92- Name changed to Loewen Ondaatje Group
Logibec Groupe Informatique Ltee
Logistec Corporation 1968-78, 1985, 1988-03, 2006, 2008 Formerly QUEBEC TERMINALS LTD.
Loki Gold Corp. 1992-95 3JE96 - Amalgamated with Viceroy Resource & Baja Gold
London Chamber Of Commerce 1973, 1975, 1988.
London City Council 1971-78.
London Community Foundation 2002
London Insurance Group 1990-96 Formerly LONVEST CORP. 9JA98 - Acquired by Great West Life
London Life Insurance Company 1949-81, 1983-96, 2000-05
London Public Utilities Commission 1975-77. Name changed to THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF LONDON.
London School Of Economics 1988
Lonvest Corporation 1985-89 In April 1990, co. changed name to LONDON INSURANCE GROUP INC.
Lord River Gold Mines Ltd. 1990 Name changed to Aquamin Resources
Lord Simcoe Hotel Ltd. 1965-73, 1976-77. In 1979, hotel sold.
Lornex Mining Corp. Ltd. 1968-78, 1997 DC88 - Amalgamated with a subsidiary of Rio Algom
Lorus Therapeutics 1999
Louvem Mines Inc. 1987-90 22DC97 - Delisted from TSE, still on MSE
Lowney (Walter M.) Co. Ltd. 1954-59, 1961-67. In 1968, co. acquired by STANDARD BRANDS.
LSI Logic Corporation Of Canada Inc. 1990, 1992-94 15SP95 - Outstanding shares aquired by parent
Luke Energy Ltd. 2004 May 2006 acquired by Connacher Oil & Gas
Lumina Copper Corp 2003 18JL06 - Acquired by Pan Pacific Copper 
Lumina Resources Corp 2005 Dec 2006 acquired by Western Copper Corp
Lumonics Inc. 1985, 1987-88, 1995-97
Ludin Mining Corporation
Lundin Oil AB 1998-00 Formerly Sands Petroleum. 14JL99 - Delisted
Luscar Coal Income Fund 1996-99 03JL01 - Acquired by Sherritt International Corp.
Luxell Technologies Inc. 2001 13MY09 - Delisted
Lynx-Canada Exploration Ltd. SP89 - Amalgamated with CS Resources Ltd.
Lynx Energy Services Corp. 1993-95 18JE97 - Amalgamated with a subsidary of Kenting Energy
Lytton Minerals Limited 1968-71, 1974-76, 1992, 1996

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