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Wabasso Cotton Co. Ltd. 1949-56, 1962-66. In Dec. 1967 name changed. See WABASSO LTD.
Wabasso Ltd. 1967-73, 1975-78. In 1979 name changed to WABASSO INC.
Waddy Lake Resources Inc. 1987, 1990 20OC95 - Amalgamated with Golden Rule Resources Ltd.
Waferboard Corp. Ltd. 1981, 1987-88. FB89 - Name changed to Malette Inc.
Wainoco Oil Corporation 1966-70, 1983-96 In Oct. 1971 name changed to WAINOCO OIL LTD. Formerly WAINWRIGHT PRODUCERS AND REFINERS LTD.
Wainoco Oil Ltd. 1971-72. In 1976 name changed to WAINOCO OIL CORP. Formerly WAINOCO OIL AND CHEMICALS LTD.
Wainwright Producers And Refiners Ltd. 1963-65. In 1966 name changed to WAINOCO OIL AND CHEMICALS LTD.
Wajax Income Fund 2005-09
Wajax Limited 1966-78, 1985, 1987-89, 1991-04 15JE05 - Name changed to Wajax Income Fund
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 1990-92, 1995-2000, 2006 12SP97 - Delisted from TSE
Wall & Redekop Corp. 1970-79, 1983. In 1988 name changed to WALL FINANCIAL CORP.
Wall Financial Corporation 1989, 1994
Wallbridge Mining Co. Ltd.
Walt Disney Company 1991
Walwyn Inc. 1987-89 MY90 - Merged with Midland Doherty Financial Corp. forming Midland Walwyn Inc.
Wardair Canada Ltd. 1968-75. In June 1976 name changed to WARDAIR INTERNATIONAL LTD.
Wardair Inc. 1987 JA89 - Acquired by Canadian Airlines International Inc.
Wardair International Ltd. 1976, 1978, 1982 Name changed to WARDAIR INC. Formerly WARDAIR CANADA LTD.
Wardley China Investment Trust 1994-96, 1998, 2000 06AG03 - Suspended
Wardley Holdings Ltd. 1990
Warnaco Of Canada Ltd. 1973-76, 1978. In 1985 became wholly-owned by WARNACO INC.
Warner Bros-Seven Arts Ltd. 1967. In 1979 assets sold to KINNEY NATIONAL SERVICE INC.
Warner-Lambert Company 1987-90, 1996
Warnex Inc.
Warnock Hersey International Ltd. 1967-76. In Jan. 1978 amalg. with subsidiaries to form TIW INDUSTRIES LTD.
Warren Explorations Ltd. JE88 - Name changed to Paragon Petroleum Ltd.
Warrington Inc. 1983, 1986-87. Formerly WARRINGTON PRODUCTS LTD. On Sept. 2, 1988 name changed to CANSTAR SPORTS INC.
Warrington Products Ltd. 1973-75. In 1981 name changed to WARRINGTON INC.
Wasabi Resources Ltd. On Feb. 11, 1987 suspended from TSE and on April 20, 1988 delisted.
Wasamac Mines Ltd. 1960-67. In 1968 acquired by WRIGHT-HARGREAVES MINES LTD.
Wascana Energy Inc. 1993-95 Formerly Saskatchewan Oil & Gas
Washington Energy Company 1984-89, 1995
Washington Gas Light Company 1983-84, 1986-87, 1989, 1995
Waste Management Inc. 1987 25MY93 - Name changed to WMX Technologies Inc.
Waterford Capital Management Inc. 18SP98 - Replaced by CPI Plastics Group
Waterloo Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 1960-69, 1974-78, 1980.
Waterloo Trust & Savings Co. 1953-67. In 1968 merged with CANADA TRUST.
Waterous Equipment Ltd. 1953-66. In May 1967 name changed to WATEROUS GM DIESEL LTD.
Waterous GM Diesel Ltd. 1967. In Oct. 1968 acquired by WAJAX LTD. Formerly WATEROUS EQUIPMENT LTD.
WB Cross Co. Ltd. 1970-73. Privatized in 1975.
WCI Canada Ltd. 1972-78. In 1984 taken over by WHITE CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES INC.
WCW Western Canada Water Enterprises 31MR92 - Name changed to Western Canada Beverage Corp.
Webb & Knapp (Canada) Ltd. 1956-62, 1964-70, 1974-76, 1986.
Webex Resources Ltd. 1992-94 SP95 - Name changed to Courage Energy
Weda Bay Minerals Inc. 1997-98
Welcome North Mines Ltd. 1981, 1986 20JE90 - Name changed to Welcome North Resoources
Weldwood Of Canada Ltd. 1965, 1967-78, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1991-93 February 1, 1989 CANFOR CORP. and WELDWOOD OF CANADA LTD. merged into CANFOR-WELDWOOD DISTRIBUTION LTD. 5JL96 - Delisted
Wellco Energy Services Trust 17MR08 - Acquired by Peak Energy Services
Wellore Energy Inc. 1988-89 SP90 - Amalgamated with a subsidiary of Cabre Exploration
Wendy's International Inc. 1991, 1993-94
Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd. 1998-00, 2002
Wescam Inc. 1995-99 27DC02 - Acquired by L-3 Canada
Wescast Industries Inc. 1995-99, 2001-03, 2006-08
Wespac Petroleums Ltd. 1971. In 1972 name changed. See CANADA GEOTHERMAL OIL LTD.
West 49 Inc. 2006
West Africa Mining Exploration Corp. Inc. 15AG97 - Name changed to SEMAFO
West Fraser Timber Co., Ltd. 1989-92, 1994-03,2006-08
West Indies Plantations Ltd. 1964-75. Name changed to CARUSCAN CORP. in 1977.
West Jay Petroleums Ltd. Co. amalg. with CARLYLE EAGLE PETROLEUM (BRITISH COLUMBIA) LTD. a wholly-owned subsid. of CARLYLE ENERGY LTD. in 1983.
West Kootenay Power & Light Co. Ltd. 1939, 1950-62, 1964, 1966-78. Subsid. of COMINCO LTD.
West Kootenay Power Ltd. 1988-99
Westaim Corporation 1997-01, 2003-05
Westar Group Ltd. 1988, 1991-96 7JL97 - Amalgamated with Jim Pattison Industries
Westar Mining Ltd. 1988-91 3SP01 - Delisted
Westbridge Computer Corp. 1988-91 Name changed to ISM Information Systems Management Corp.
Westburne Inc. 1992, 1998-99 27SP00 - Acquired by Retel SA
Westburne International Industries Ltd. 1971, 1973-78, 1982, 1986. Nov. 16, 1987 co. acquired by DUMEZ INVESTMENTS I INC. and has subsequently amalg. with UNITED WESTBURNE INDUSTRIES to form UNITED WESTBURNE INC.
Westburne Oil Co. Ltd. 1957-1964. Name changed to WESTBURNE INDUSTRIES LTD. in Dec. 1965.
Westcastle Energy Trust 19OC98 - Delisted
Westcoast Energy Inc. 1988-99, 2001, 2003, 2006 1988 - Name changed from Westcoast Transmission Co. Ltd. 14MR02 Acquired by Duke Energy
Westcoast Petroleum Ltd. 1971-78, 1981. 8JL82- Acquired by Westcoast Transmission
Westcoast Production Co. Ltd. 1969-71. Merged with WESTERN PACIFIC PRODUCTS & CRUDE OIL PIPELINES in Sept. 1971 to form WESTCOAST PETROLEUM LTD.
Westcoast Transmission Company Ltd. 1957-1962, 1964-1971, 1973-78, 1984-87 1988 - Name changed to Westcoast Energy Inc.
Westeel Products Ltd. 1950-64. Merged to form WESTEEL-ROSCO LTD. in 1965.
Westeel-Rosco Ltd. 1965-77. Wholly-owned subsidiary of JANNOCK LTD.
Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd. 1967-68, 1971, 1975-78, In 1981 co. became private.
Western Canada Breweries Ltd. 1954-62. In 1963 CAN. BREWERIES LTD. acquired all o/s shs. which was later acquired by CARLING O'KEEFE.
Western Canadian Coal Corp. 2004
Western Canadian Seed Processors Ltd. 1968-72. Name changed to CANBRA FOODS LTD., in May 1974.
Western Copper Holdings Ltd. 1990 25MR03 - Name changed to Western Silver Corporation - Acquired in May 2006 by Glamis Gold
Western Corporate Enterprises Inc. 1989-90, 1992-93 31OC94 - Delisted
Western Decalta Petroleum Ltd. 1961-1962, 1964-75. Co. was liquidated in 1977.
Western Garnet Co. 1992-93, 1996 16JL96 - Name changed to Western Garnet International Ltd.
Western Garnet International Ltd.
Western Heritage Properties Ltd. 1964-68. 99.9% shares now owned by GREAT NORTHERN CAPITAL CORP.
Western Lakota Energy Services Inc. Sept 2006 acquired by Savanna Energy Services
Western Massachusetts Electric Company 1989-90
Western Mines Ltd. 1964-79. Name changed. See WESTMIN RESOURCES.
Western Oil Sands, Inc. 2000-04 19 Oct 2007 delisted.
Western Pacific Products & Crude Oil Pipelines Ltd. 1962-70. Amalg. with WESTCOAST PRODUCTION in 1971 to form WESTCOAST PETROLEUM LTD.
Western Quebec Mines Inc. July 2007 merged with Wesdome Gold Mines
Western Realty Projects Ltd. 1969-73. Amalg. with GREAT NORTHERN CAPITAL CORP. LTD. in 1974 to form ABBEY GLEN PROPERTY CORP.
Western Star Exploration Ltd. 1998 25JA00 - Acquired by EnerMark Income Fund
Western Star Trucks Holdings Ltd. 1994-96, 1998-99 27SP00 - Acquired by Freightliner LLC
Western Supplies Ltd. 1964-74, 1976-77. Co. takeover in 1978.
Western Warner Oils Ltd. 1968-73, 1977, 1988-90, 1992 23JA95 - Delisted from Alb.SE
Westfair Foods Ltd. 1960-76, 1986, 1989-91 Sub. of KELLY DOUGLAS & CO. LTD., Vancouver, B.C.
Westfield Minerals Limited 6MR00 - Amalgamated with BC Pacific Capital Corp.
Westfort Petroleums Ltd. 23NV93 - Name changed to Westfort Energy Inc.
Westgold Resources NL 1996 23MY01 - Delisted.
Westgrowth Petroleums Ltd. Name changed to CANADIAN WESTGROWTH LTD.
Westinghouse Canada 1971-78, 1985, 1988-89 Name changed in 1980 to WESTINGHOUSE CANADA INC. 1986 - Outstanding shares acquired by parent.
WestJet Airlines Ltd. 1999-08
Westley Mines Ltd. 1986, 1990 28OC92 - Name changed to Westley Technologies. 16DC98 - Name changed to Moydow Mines International Inc.
Westmin Resources Ltd. 1985-92, 1994-96 5MR98 - Acquired by Boliden
Westminster Paper Co. Ltd. 1961-63. Name changed to SCOTT PAPER LTD. in April 1964.
Westminster Resources Ltd.
Westmount Resources Ltd. 1987 NV90 - Delisted
Westpac Banking Corporation 1988-89
Westpine Metals Ltd. 1990 Name changed to Great Quest Metals
Westport Innovations Inc. 1998
Westrex Energy Corp. 1993-95 9JA97 - Name changed to Search Energy
Westrock Energy Income Fund I 1996-98
Westrock Energy Income Fund II 1996-98
Westshore Terminals Income Fund
Westward Energy Ltd. 1994
Westwater Industries Ltd. 1990, 1995 5MR92 - Suspended. 5MR93 - Delisted
Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd. 1986-87, 1989, 1992, 1995, 2001-2004 delisted
WFI Industries Ltd. 1993-94
Wharf Resources Ltd. 1989-93 31DC96 - Acquired by Goldcorp
Wheaton River Minerals Limited 1991, 1999 April 2005 acquired by Goldcorp
White Pass And Yukon Corporation Limited, The 1959-77, 1986-87 Privatized in 1988.
White Rose Crafts And Nursery Sales Ltd. 1993-2000 17DC98 - Suspended. JL99 - Delisted
Whitehorse Copper Mines Ltd. 1971-76. Wholly-owned subsidiary of HUDSON BAY MINING AND SMELTING CO. LTD.
Whonnock Industries Ltd. 1971-78. Effective Jan. 1, 1988 name changed to INTERNATIONAL FOREST PRODUCTS LTD.
Whonnock Lumber Co. Ltd. 1967-70. Name changed to WHONNOCK INDUSTRIES LTD. in July 1971.
Wi-Lan Inc. 1999, 2001
WIC Western International Communications Ltd. 1986, 1990, 1992-98 13AP00 - Amalgamated with CW Newco Inc.
Wicor, Inc. 1985-89, 1995-96
Wilanour Resources Ltd. 1989-90 AP98 - Amalgamated with Goldcorp Inc.
Wilco Mining Co.Ltd. DC88 - Amalgamated with Seadrift International Corp. And Deak Ariadne Ltd. forming Deak International Resources Corp.
William Resources Inc. 1995 Formerly Trophy Resources. 4AG00 - name changed to Williams Multi-Tech Inc. 
William Wrigley Jr. Company 1994
Williams & Glyn's Bank PLC 1983
Williams Companies, Inc. 1985-86, 1989, 1995
Williston Wildcatters Oil Corporation 1993-94 19OC95 - Suspended
Willroy Mines Ltd. 1965-72, 1974-75, 1981. In 1982, co. amalg. with 4 other cos. to form LAC MINERALS LTD.
Wilshire Energy Resources 31JL92 - Delisted
Winco Steak N Burger Restaurants Ltd. 1969-75. Acquired by CARA OPERATIONS LTD. in 1976.
Windarra Minerals Ltd. 04MY01 - suspended. 03MY02 - Delisted
Windfall Oils & Mines Ltd. 1963-76. In 1981 name changed to CAMRECO INC.
Windsor Energy Corp. 1996 17SP98 - Suspended. 17SP99 - Delisted
Windsor Resources Inc.
Winfield Energy Ltd. 1993 13JA95 - Amalgamated with Ballistic Energy Corp. Formerly Midale Resources Mgt. Ltd.
Winnipeg Hydro 1980-82, 1985-86, 1990-93 unlisted
Winnipeg Supply & Fuel Co. Ltd. 1966-70. Co. is a subsid. of BAKHAM HOLDINGS LTD., a subsid of HAMBRO CANADA LTD.
Winpak Ltd. 1989-96, 1999, 2001-08
Winslow Gold Corp 1996
Winspear Resources Ltd. 30JE00 - Name changed to Winspear Diamonds Inc. 008SP00 - Acquired by DeBeers Canada Holdings Inc.
Wireless Matrix Corporation 2001
Wiscan Resources Inc. FB91 - Formerly Moss-Power Resources. 9FB95 - Amalgamated with Moss Resources.
Wisconsin Energy Corporation 1985-87, 1995-96, 1998
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation 1983-88
Wittke Inc. formerly Northside Group. 04OCT02 - Acquired by Federal Signal Corp
Wix Corp. Ltd. 1975-78. In 1981 name changed to WIX INC.
WK Kellogg Foundation 1983-85
Wolfden Resources Inc June 2007 acquired
Wolford Aktiengesellschaft 1998
Women Christian Association 1988-89
Wood Alexander Ltd. 1955-59, 1961-63, 1965-67, 1969-70. By 1976 WOOD was approx. 96% owned by MACLEOD STEADMAN INC., a wholly-owned subsid. of GAMBLES CANADA LTD. & operated as a division of MACLEOD.
Wood Gundy Ltd. 1971, 1973-77, 1980-88 Now part of ROYAL BANK.
Woods Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 1962. In April 1963, shareholders approved winding up of co. and distribution of its assets.
Woodsreef Minerals Ltd. 1981 - Name changed to Transpacific Asbestos Inc.
Woodward Stores (1947) Ltd. 1955-58, 1960-63. In 1964 name changed. See WOODWARD STORES LTD.
Woodward Stores Ltd. 1964-77. In 1984 name changed to WOODWARD'S LTD. Formerly WOODWARD STORES (1947) LTD.
Woodward's Ltd. 1984-91 7JE93 - Acquired by Hudson Bay
Workbrain Corporation June 2007 acquired
Workers' Compensation Board Of British Columbia 1993
Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc. 1996, 2000
World Financial Split Corp.
World Heart Corp. 1997, 2000-01
World Strategic Yield Fund 08AG02 - units terminated
World Wide Minerals Ltd. 5AG99 - Suspended. 04AG00 - Delisted
World Wildlife Fund 1993
World Wildlife Fund Canada
Worldwide Equities Ltd. 1987 FB90 - Delisted
Worthington Industries Inc. 1988
WPP Group plc 1987-88, 1990-91, 1995-96, 1998
WPS Resources Corporation 1995-96
WR Grace & Co 1986
Wright-Hargreaves Mines, Ltd. 1950-54, 1957-73.
WW Grainger Inc. 1989-90, 1996
Xantrex Technology Inc. 30DP08 - Delisted - Acquired by Schneider Electric
Xceed Mortgage Corporation
Xcel Energy Inc. 2002
Xencet Investments Inc. DC99 - Amalgamated with Games Trader Inc.
Xenos Group Inc., The
Xerox Canada Inc. 1979, 1983, 1986-88, 1991, 1995 2JL96 - Delisted from TSE. Still on OTC
Xerox Capital LLC
Xerox Corporation 1983-86, 1995-96, 1998-99
Xillix Technologies Corporation 1992-97 27SP07 delisted
Xinex Networks Inc. 4JA98 - Delisted from ASE
Xplore Technologies Corp. 11APR2008 - Delisted
XS Cargo Income Fund 19AG09 - Delisted
Yamana Resources Inc. 1996-98, 2000-02 19AG03 - Name changed to Yamana Gold Inc
Yankee Energy System, Inc. 1995-96, 1998
YBM Magnex International Inc. 1995 15DC99 - Delisted
YEARS U.S. Trust 16DC05 - Delisted
Yellow Pages Income Fund 2006
Yellowknife Bear Mines Ltd. 1970-78. In 1981 name changed. See YELLOWKNIFE BEAR RESOURCES INC.
YGC Resources Ltd. June 2007 renamed Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp
Yield Advantage Income Trust
Yield Management Group High Income Trust
Yogen Fruz World-Wide Inc. 1995-99 6OC00 - name changed to Coolbrands International
Yorbeau Resources Inc. 1985-93
York International Corporation 1991-93
York Knitting Mills Ltd. 1950-65. Name changed to HARVEY WOODS LTD. in May 1966.
York Lambton Corp. Ltd. 1975-78. Name changed in 1979. See YORK LAMBTON INC.
Yorkshire Tyne Tees Television plc
Yorkshire Trust Company 1986 Owned by Central Guaranty Trust
Yukon Consolidated Gold Corp. Ltd. 1960-77. Amalg. with BRAMEDA RESOURCES &  a subsid. of TECK CORP. in 1979 to form AMALGAMATED BRAMEDA YUKON LTD.
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd. 1993-96 04AG04 - Name changed to Zargon Energy Trust
Zarlink Semiconductor 2001,2004 Mitel Corporation
Zavitz Technology Inc. 1989-91 31AG93 - Name changed to Zavitz Petroleums. 21NV 94 - Name changed to Jaguar Petroleum Corp.
ZCL Composites Inc.
zed.i solutions inc. 2000-2001
Zellers 1949-58, 1962-79 In 1981 co. became a subsid. of HUDSON'S BAY CO.
Zemex Corp. 1997-01 09MY03 - Acquired by Cementos Pacasmayo SA
Zenith Electric Supply Ltd. 1962-68, 1970-72. Winding-up of co. approved by shareholders in 1978.
Zenon Environmental Inc. 2000-05 May 2006 acquired by General Electric
Zephyr Resources Ltd. Amalg. with MAYNARD ENERGY INC. in 1983.
Zi Corporation 1999 13AP09 - Delisted acquired by Nuance Communications
Ziebert Corp. 1973-76. Co. was wound up effective June 30, 1984.
Zodiac Ltd. 1964-71, 1973, 1975-76. In 1978 amalg. with its wholly-owned subsid. to form ZODIAC SUPREME INC.
Zytec Systems Inc. 11JE92 - Suspended on TSE. 11JE93 - Delisted. Also listed on VSE

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