Books About Companies

These pages are no longer updated and are offered for historical purposes.

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Images of Company LogosBack in the last century, an attempt was made to identify the company histories that were widely scattered throughout the Western Libraries and pull them together in one source. Since 1992 more company-related books have been discovered in the stacks and many more have been published. The lengthy list of company histories is provided below. The list is continually under construction and new company histories are added as they arrive. As well, we have included the company histories that are often found (but rarely indexed) in reference works or in books about industries. For example, this guide will direct you to the company histories found in The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising and to the short sketches found in The World Guide to Automobile Manufacturers.

Annotations, Links and Scanned Articles

In addition to printed company histories, the lists below now provide much more. In some cases, the annotations include reviews of the books and short bibliographies and in many there are links to articles that have been scanned by the staff in the Business Library. As well, we have lately included obituaries of individuals who were important in relation to a company. For example, see the notice for Milton Harris under the Harris Steel Group listing and the references to Craig Laurence Dobbin under CHC Helicopters. While most of the obituaries are for Canadian business luminaries, some from other countries will also be found (for the U.S. see, for example, Frank Perdue and Ernest Gallo).

Indexes and an Introduction

We have attempted to provide some basic indexes. One allows you to choose an industry and see what related company historical information we have found. Another allows you to see what industry a company is associated with and the last allows you to identify Canadian companies. None of these lists or indexes are exhaustive and we are sure we have missed some companies. Nor does this resource provide links to our extensive company annual report collections.

The original purposes and goals and a brief bibliography were provided in the original work. The bibliography will also be updated. If you have any questions about this project or are looking for a company not yet listed, contact the Business Library for assistance.

List of Books About Companies