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Annual Reports/Company Reports

SEDAR (Canada) EDGAR (U.S.)  Company Information on the Web
Annual Reports - Historical Paper Collection  Canadian Corporate Reports on Microfiche  American Corporate Reports on Microfiche

 Moody's Int'l Annual Reports


SEC Online 

 Financial Post Investment Reports
Mergent Archives ProQuest Historical Annual Reports

Canadian Securities Administrators

Provincial Members

   U.K. Corporate Reports on disc
(1989 to 1997)
  Canadian Corporate Reports
(1893 to 1898)
Stockholders' and Investors' Annual
  Canadian Corporate Reports
(1906 to 1929)
  Financial Post Record of Prospectuses
(1926 to 1927)
Corporate Sustainability Reports (ESG)   

Stock Exchanges

TMX Group
Includes the Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX), TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), and Bourse de Montreal Inc. (MX).

 New York Stock Exchange
Acquired the American Stock Exchange (AMEX).
World Federation of Exchanges
Listing of Stock Exhanges World Wide