Datastream Excel - Creating and Using a Local List

Datastream is available for in-library use only, on a designated Bloomberg PC (Workstation 6) in the Johnston Library. This workstation can be booked.

Example: Creating and Using a Local List

1) Run Microsoft Excel

From the drop-down menu select Datastream-AFO/ Tools / List Wizard

AFO list wizard



2) Select Create a new list and click on Next

create new list


3) Use the Series Selection button to select your Equities. Change the List Description. Click on Next.

list wizard 3

lsit wizard 4


4) Name your file with the extention .LLT and Save as a Local List. Finish.

list wizard 5


5) To use the list run a Time Series or Static search and click on List Picker

list picker button


6) Highlight the list you want and click OK.

note: Lists can also be stored on the Mainframe.

local lists


7) Change the search parameters and Submit .

time series request


8) Results display in Excel.

excel results