Datastream Advance

Datastream is available for in-library use only, on a designated Bloomberg PC (Workstation 6) in the Johnston Library. This workstation can be booked.

Equity Search

Example: Screen Canadian companies to find Forestry companies with a Market Cap of greater than 1 billion dollars.

1) Run Advance – Click on the Equity Search tab along the bottom.



2) Click the New Search button along the bottom.



3) Select the country. Click the plus button. Click Next


4) Click on the Datatype Selection button.


5) Select the appropriate Data Category (Equities). The most popular datatypes are listed and you can also search for other terms. Click on Symbol to select.

6) Change the Limitations (Parameters)


7) Click on the Industry and Sector tab. Choose your sector and click the plus button to add the criteria.


8) Click on Search Now button to run search.


9) Results display. Click on Save As List button.


10) Name file. Add description. Finish. Do not upload - file saves to hard drive.


11) Click to Save As Excel or Display in Excel



12) Find and use in the Category: Local Lists