Datastream - Advance

Datastream is available for in-library use only, on a designated Bloomberg PC (Workstation 6) in the Johnston Library. This workstation can be booked.

Example: Finding price, market value and dividend yield for a constituent list of companies - TSX composite 300 for a specific date.

1) Run Advance. Select the Category: Constituent Lists and click on the Series Navigation button..

Category selection


2) Ensure that the Data Category is Constituent Lists and enter the relevant criteria.

Set Criteria


3) Choose an appropriate list and click on the mnemonic to select.

results set

4) Click on the tab "Summary - for a list of series" and highlight Static Data. Click on the Settings button to select datatypes.

summary tab


5) Click on the dataype selection button to search for datatypes..

datatype selection button


6) Ensure that you are searching the Data Category for Equities. Start by searching Key Datatypes. Select the datatypes by clicking on the mnemonic.

data category search 1

Repeat for price.

data category search 2

Repeat for dividend yield.

data category search 3

7) The dataypes are selected, click on OK to continue.

static data variables


8) Adjust the Time Period to a specific date.

time parameters

configure dates


9) Run Now. Results display in Excel. Save to file.

results in excel