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Factiva's business information includes Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, plus more than 8,000 other sources from around the world. These sources provide current news, historical articles, local-language articles, market research and investment analyst reports and stock quotes.

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Business library search tips:

Searching by basic text inputting

Basic Text Search Example

Search field tag suggestions:
The following field tags originated in an earlier version of Factiva but still function well. The codes listed here will not match codes used in the Intelligent Indexing search mechanism. Both methods provide valid results.

hl=headline group (section, column and headline)
hlp=headline/lead paragraph group
se=section e.g. se=business
td=text of document
sc=source code e.g. sc=glob (Globe & Mail), sc=nytf (New York Times), sc=j (Wall Street Journal), sc=tor (toronto star), 
                                 sc=finp (National Post/Financial Post), sc=cnbz (Canadian Business)

Factiva term connectors (operators) and truncation symbols

online banking and Spain
USE "..." to retrieve a specific phrase using AND
"peas and carrots"
mobile or cellular
java not coffee
USE "..." to retrieve a pecific phrase 
"not for profit"
terms appear in order within 1-10 words of one another
table adj2 tennis
same as adjn
Nokia w/3 digital
word count
Article is :
wc>100 greater than 100 words in length

wc<5000 less than 5000 words in length

terms may appear in either order within 1-500 of one another
music near5 Beethoven
search terms must appear within the first (n) words of the document text 
global warming/f50/
terms appear in the same paragraph
tobacco same nicotine
number of times search 
terms must appear in text 
n may be 1-50
atleast2 Reuters
$n- end of word string 
hospital$1 retrieves hospital and hospitals
*- end of word string 
labo*retrieves labor, labour, laboratory

? - single wildcard character

Exclude Unwanted items:

Exclude Options Example

Specify fields within which to search:

Fields Options Example


Please check the "select date" area presented as part of the search screen. 

Date Select Example

Publications on Factiva

Click on the Factiva Source option listed in the left column; type in desired source name (e.g Globe) or make a selection from the drop down menu entitled My Source Lists

Source Select Menu
Source Select Example


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Time Out/Tracking/Saved Searches/Source Lists/News pages

Factiva Logo

There is a time-out feature on the Factiva database.   After a period of inactivity  (approx. 10 - 15 minutes) you will automatically be LOGGED OFF and all search results and markings will be lost.

Tracking is NOT available in the Academic version of Factiva.

It is possible to Save Searches, create Source Lists or modify News Pages. However, these lists are accessible to anyone and can be edited or deleted at will by other individuals.  Please do not rely on these tools.

Factiva Intelligent Indexing

Factiva's Intelligent Indexing appears on the initial search screen. To use the indexes, simply chose one of the categories listed across the top and down the left column. (ex. Industry) Then click Industry Lookup which appears in the green bar at the top of the screen. If you aren't sure which index to use, simply click the Look Up option and it will search all the indexes for you. Enter your search term in the text field. To select a search term, click the Sample Arrow that appears to the right of the entry. The search term appears in the Free Text search box towards the bottom of the screen. Use the connectors AND, OR, NOT etc between terms When you are done, click the Run Search button.

Intelligent Index


Marking and Exporting

There are two display modes available in Factiva. The first displays all citations on a single screen. To view the full text, click the title and it replaces the citation list on the screen. This is the NO FRAMES mode. Alternatively, to view the list of citations on the left side of the screen, with full text appearing in a column on the right choose FRAMES. The button to toggle between these two displays is located just above the results list in the top right column. (No Frames/Frames)

Mark the items you wish to export by clicking the box next to the title. Sample Check Box

Proceed to the exporting method of your choice.

After all marking preferences have been completed, click on the EYE icon to view the articles.  Then click on the "disk" icon to save items or on the print icon Factiva Form  to print the items or Factiva Form to e-mail the items.

News Page

News Page allows you to access the key news content areas of Factiva from one screen. 

Factiva Form

These 5 news sources are the Factiva defaults for UWO

Factiva Form

Factiva Form

Factiva Form

Factiva Form

Factiva Form

Company searching on Factiva using Company , Charting or Quotes does not provide indepth statistical information but does provide a more than adequate capsule overview of the company. Factiva provides 2-3 years worth of financial statistics from the Company Quick Search screen. Access the Database

Company Search

When searching non-American  companies, search by name rather than symbol.

Sample report

Variety of Report Display Options Available in Factiva









Comparison report (partial)- Company vs industry


Quotes for company, currency, bonds, indices and funds
Note:  Information is not indepth.