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As a global market analyst, Mintel produces market research reports relating to primarily the European, UK and US consumer markets, with some Canadian reports. Each report that Mintel publishes provides an overview of a market's dynamics and analyses the driving forces and trends that shape a market's size and characteristics. The sectors covered include: automotive; beauty; clothing; drink; electrical goods; food and food service; health; holidays; leisure time; retail; techonology and more.

Downloading Entire Reports

Mintel does not allow you to download entire reports directly unfortunately. To download a report you must add each section to a basket by clicking on 'Export to Basket' at the top of each section.

Add section to basket

Once you have exported all of the parts of the report you'd like, click on 'Export Basket' in the top right hand corner.

Export Basket

From here you can download the entire report as an .rtf or .zip.