Morningstar Direct

The C.B. "Bud" Johnston Library has acquired access to Morningstar Direct on 1 library workstation (in library access only).

What does Morningstar Direct offer?

  • Company profiles
  • News
  • Historical analysis
  • Performance
    • Total returns
    • Price history
    • Dividends & splits
  • Insider
    • Executive compensation
    • Insider activity
    • Key executives
    • Board of directors
    • Committees
  • Financials
    • Income statement
    • Cash flow
    • Balance sheet
  • Valuation/Estimates
    • Valuation rations
    • Earnings estimates
    • Analyst opinions
  • Key ratios
  • Ownership
    • Shareholders overview
    • Major shareholders
    • Concentrated shareholders
    • Shareholders buying
    • Shareholders selling

How can I access Morningstar Direct?

  • Morningstar Direct is offered on one library workstation.
  • First, please book a time on Terminal #8.
  • Terminals can be booked for 2 hours at a time.
  • You will need a valid Western Identity to login to the library computers.
  • Launch the Morningstar Direct program from the desktop icon.

Where can I get help with Morningstar Direct?

You can phone, email or text us with your questions. Please also try our Find Answers Quickly.