SDC Platinum

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SDC Platinum from Thomson Financial is a collection of databases with information on worldwide financial transactions. Subscriptions are available for the following databases:

  • U.S. and Non U.S. Mergers and Acquisitions: U.S. Targets from 1979 to the present, Non U.S. targets from 1985 to the present. For each transaction there are more than 1400 data elements.
  • Global New Issues: U.S. Domestic Public Offerings from 1970 to the present, Asian Pacific Domestic from 1991 to the present, Australian/New Zealand Domestic from 1991 to the present, Continental European from 1991 to the present, Indian and Subcontinent from 1990 to the present, Japanese Domestic bonds from 1977 to the present and equities from 1991 to the present, Latin American Domestic from 1991 to the present, United Kingdom from 1989 to the present, Rest of the World from 1984 to the present, International from 1983 to the present. Medium Term Notes Programs (Worldwide) from 1982 to the present. From 200 to 800 data elements are available for each transaction.
  • VentureXpert (Venture Capital): Industry Statistics - Commitments (Worldwide), Performance (U.S. and Europe), Statistics (Worldwide), Investments (Worldwide), Initial Public Offerings (U.S.), Mergers and Acquisitions (U.S.). Industry Resources - Funds (Worldwide), Firms (Worldwide), Portfolio Companies (Worldwide), Limited Partnerships (Worldwide), Individuals (Worldwide), Third Parties (Worldwide). These databases have information from 1969 or 1970 to the present.


Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Database Scope

Date Range: 1988 to present

Geography: Worldwide

Updates: Daily

Sources: SEC filings and their international counterparts, trade publications, wires and news sources

Inclusion Criteria

Agreements where two or more entities have combined resources to form a new, mutually advantageous business arrangement to achieve predetermined objectives. All types of alliances are covered including:

  • Joint ventures
  • Strategic alliances
  • Licensing and exclusive licensing agreements
  • Research and development agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Marketing agreements
  • Supply agreements

Data Highlights

  • Over 200 data elements including:
  • Participant company profile (industry, location, parent company information, etc.)
  • Joint venture company profile, if joint venture company is formed
  • (industry, location, employees, etc.)
  • Capitalization value of joint venture where disclosed
  • Source of funds where disclosed
  • Alliance activity (security trading/trading network services, internet services,
  • travel & tourism services, etc.)
  • Alliance technique (technology transfer, cross technology transfer, spin out, etc.)
  • Full deal description
  • List of historic events
  • Related M&A stake purchase information

Sample Applications

  • Which nations are forming the most Internet alliances?
  • Which joint ventures have the highest capitalization or asset values?
  • What company is likely to agree to form an alliance?

Transactions within the last 30 days cannot be researched in these databases.