American Corporate Reports on Microfiche

For almost 40 years the Business Library collected the annual reports of U.S. and Canadian inter-listed corporations on microfiche. The reports are all filed alphabetically by company name. The reports are stored in an off-campus storage facility, contact Business Library staff to arrange for retrieval.

Annual Reports of all Corporations Listed on the New York Stock Exchange

The Godfrey Memorial Library 1958-1991

Although the origin of the early reports from the 1950s is rather obscure, they were apparently produced by the Godfrey Memorial Library. Although the service supplied by Godfrey was apparently begun in 1953, the earliest known reports in the Business Library collection are from 1958. Early reports are on microcard, not microfiche. As far as can be ascertained, the Business Library was getting the Godfrey service of "Annual Reports of all Corporations Listed on the New York Stock Exchange" and not the one that supplied filings from the American Stock Exchange. The microfiche from the Godfrey Memorial Library arrived annually until the service was discontinued (by Godfrey) in the Summer of 1991.

Fortune 500 Annual Reports

Disclosure 1991 - ?

By the time the Godfrey service was discontinued in 1991, the Business Library was already beginning to get annual reports in electronic form. Nonetheless, it was decided that, given the chronological extent of our fiche collection, it would be best to try and maintain that collection. In early 1992 the "Fortune 500 Annual Report Collection" provided by Disclosure was ordered through Micromedia and it continued for a few years until the service was discontinued by the vendors. At that point, the Business Library began receiving the annual reports of American corporations on CD-ROM. Reports from from 1996 to present are available from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR website.

A list of our annual reports in microform is provided below. The companies are listed in alphabetical order.

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