Western Identity

Obtaining Your Western Username and Password

An active Western Identity is required to access Western Libraries electronic resources from off-campus. New students must activate their Western Identity using the following process.

Basic Steps

  1. Obtain your Western Access Code. This is a 4 digit number provided to you with your registration documentation. If you do not have an Access Code, visit Student Service's Access Code Retrieval.

    Screenshot showing which link to choose from the Access Code Retrieval page

    Access code retrieval screenshot

    If completing this step results in an error message, please contact the Office of the Registrar, Student Central at 519-661-2100.

  2. Visit the Western Technology Services Activation Page. Enter your Student Number and Access Code. You will be given a ONE TIME USE password. Please be sure to copy this password immediately because it only remains visible for 60 seconds.

    If completing this step results in an error message, please contact Western Technology Services (WTS) at 519-661-3800.

  3. Once you have received your one time use password, you must go to the Western Identity Manager page and login with your newly obtained username and one time use password.
  4. After you login you will receive the message that your username has expired.
  5. At this point you must create a password which you will remember. Note: The password you create must contain 8 upper and lower case letters and numbers as well as symbols.
  6. Click on Change Password.

    WAIT 1 HOUR: Your new username and password combination will be available for use within 1 hour.

  7. As a precaution, you will also be required to choose answers to 3 security questions. These questions will be asked in the event that you have forgotten your password.

Need Help?

For more detailed information about the process go to the Western Identity page provided by Western Technology Services.


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Student Central, Office of the Registrar, Student Records

Western Techology Services