Encourage a Child With a Gift to Western Libraries

bookplateWhen asked to be godparents to little Kaitlyn Mae, Ross and Laura Collishaw responded joyfully to Ross' nephew and his wife. "We were honoured to accept," they explained. Delighted to play this role in Kaitlyn's life, Ross and Laura wanted to commemorate Kaitlyn's baptism with a significant and unique gift.

As alumni and employees of Western, Ross and Laura chose to mark the occasion with a gift to Western Libraries in Kaitlyn's name. "The opportunity to contribute back to Western and, at the same time, honour our Godchild was the perfect solution," Laura states.

To recognize their gift to Western Libraries, a permanent digital bookplate has been created in Kaitlyn Mae's name. Located in the library's online catalogue and linked to the bibliographic records of three Lucy Maud Montgomery titles, this digital crest is a lasting gift for Kaitlyn - one that she can cherish forever and draw inspiration from in her future educational pursuits.

"Years from now we will be able to show Kaitlyn her honorary bookplate and watch her as she sees her name on the beautiful digital crest. How happy we will be being able to show her how proud we were to accept our commitment to her." To view Kaitlyn's digital bookplate, please click here.

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