A Gift that Never Forgets

Looking for a unique way to remember a cherished loved one, Robin Keirstead was ultimately drawn to Western Libraries Digital Bookplate Program.

"I found the program appealing because of its dual nature", explained Robin. "Not only did it allow me to pay tribute to someone dear, it enabled me to do so while supporting projects I believe in at Western Libraries."

Robin's participation in the bookplate program was expressed through an ongoing contribution, in memory of his late mother, to Creating the Future Fund - a special fund that in time will help libraries to build, react, stretch and envision without barriers.

As University Archivist, Robin knows the importance - and rarity - of having flexible funds readily available to respond to new initiatives and possibly fleeting opportunities. "Directing my gift to Creating the Future Fund was my way of offering support for whatever the future holds for Western Libraries."

Donating to an employer was a first for Robin. In addition to the appealing attributes of the bookplate program, Robin was equally impressed with the focused direction of the current fundraising campaign, as it gives donors a clear idea of where their funding is directed. The culmination of these factors cemented Robin's decision to give back to Western Libraries and commemorate his mother in this special way.

A long-time resident of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, Marjorie Keirstead had no direct connection to Western, and indeed had never had the opportunity to visit the campus. She did not go to university herself (Robin is the only member of his immediate family to do so), but throughout her life she was an avid reader and strong supporter of Robin's academic pursuits. As such, the digital bookplate seemed a fitting way to honour the memory of his mother. Robin spoke of the significance of his selections and the Digital Bookplate Program.

"The linked items in the catalogue would mean something special to her, as some were books she had in her own collection and she knew two of the authors personally. That is why I chose to donate in this way. There is also flexibility in how the program can be used. You do not have to be a graduate of Western or have any previous connection to the University to be recognized."

For Robin, the Digital Bookplate Program was an excellent platform from which to make a lasting and visible donation to one of libraries' priority projects. Through this program, Marjorie Keirstead's tribute crest will have a permanent virtual home within Western Libraries online catalogue.

When the Keirstead family learned of the tribute bookplate, they were pleased to know there will be a lasting memorial to their mother and were happy that the selection of books had special meaning for her and for the family.

The Digital Bookplate Program recognizes donations made to Western Libraries campaign priority projects. For more information, please visit Western Libraries' Be Extraordinary campaign website or the Digital Bookplate Homepage.

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