Honouring a Life Well Lived

Rose A. Martin's bookplate

Sometimes, the best gift we can give - or receive - from family and friends isn't a tangible 'thing' but a passion or enthusiasm that we can carry through life and rely on to help us develop and grow. For Margaret Martin Gardiner, the gift of reading, and by extension a love of libraries, was the gift given to her by her mother early in life that has stayed with her and influenced her life's path. That's why, in marking her mother's 101st birthday, Margaret chose to present her mother with a digital bookplate from Western Libraries. It reads: "In honour of Rose A. Martin, who enjoys 101 years of a wonderful, giving life."

In thinking about an appropriate way to honour her mother's 101 years, Margaret considered what her mother might appreciate as a gift given the fact that she has never been one to express a need for 'things'. A digital bookplate seemed a natural choice in that it allowed Margaret to recognize the gifts her mother has passed on to her in a manner that is everlasting and speaks to dearly held values about reading and libraries. "At this stage of life, what are older people looking for? To know that their life has been worthwhile," says Margaret, speaking about honouring her mother through with a digital bookplate. Margaret goes on to note how delighted her mother was when presented with her bookplate, which is linked to the title, Women writers and old age in Great Britain: 1750-1850.

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