"Mr. Google" Leaves Digital Mark on Western Libraries

After 38 years of dedicated service at Western Libraries, Walter Zimmerman - better known to colleagues as "Mr. Google" for his significant contribution of integrating Google into the Western community - is honoured with the gift of a digital bookplate in his name. The tribute digital bookplate commemorates the reference librarian's retirement, and pays homage to his revered computer and research savvy by being linked to the bibliographic records for Searching 2.0 and The Google Generation: Are ICT Innovations Changing Information Seeking Behaviour?.

"I was thrilled and honoured to have had my colleagues from Western Libraries honour my contributions to Western in this way. It provides a kind of continuity with the university so that even after I retired, I am still able to help students and researchers in their work through their use of these books. I encourage others with people to honour to do the same. It is a wonderful way to commemorate a person or an event in somebody's life."

So thrilled was Zimmerman by the thoughtful gesture that it moved him to make his own donation to Western Libraries in support of the integration of future technological developments. Each of these gifts will contribute to the transformation of physical space and holdings into virtual learning environments and act as a timeless extension of Zimmerman's technological talents and commitment to Western.

The Digital Bookplate Program recognizes donations made to Western Libraries campaign priority projects. For more information, please visit Western Libraries' Be Extraordinary campaign website or the Digital Bookplate Homepage.

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