Love for Learning Remembered

Image of Cary with FinnAn archivist with Western Archives since 2001, Anne Daniel chose to remember her late husband, Cary, former Libraries' staff member, who passed away in 2011, with a digital bookplate.

Cary applied his professional expertise to the technical side of Western Libraries within the LIRM family [Library and Information Resource Management].

"As Cary was an avid reader and lifelong learner, he was naturally a strong supporter of academic libraries. His career spanned several academic libraries, including Harvard and Ohio State University Libraries, and he had many interests, especially languages - he was fluent in German and comfortable in Swedish and French and was in the process of learning Latin." To honour Cary and his devotion to libraries and learning, Anne felt the most fitting way was through Western Libraries' Digital Bookplate Program.

"During Cary's illness, we received so much support from our colleagues so giving back to Western Libraries in Cary's memory seemed fitting. My digital bookplate tribute to Cary is lasting - it will always be there, visible and accessible, and that's important to me."

This tribute will be a surprise for Cary's family and friends. "I know they will be thrilled, especially when they see the linked books that were carefully selected, reflecting Cary's areas of interest and his career in academic libraries."Cary's bookplate

When asked why she chose to give to Western Libraries through the Digital Bookplate Program, Anne stated simply, "I feel donors never quite see the results of their donations but the digital bookplate is a visible, tangible result of my giving.  I can see it right away - it's quick and easy to do, not to mention manageable in terms of financing. Clearly, a digital bookplate is a great way to pay tribute to somebody."

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