Paying it Forward: The Robinsons give back to Western Libraries

A champion of technological innovation, Jennifer Robinson used the Digital Bookplate Program to make a difference for Western Libraries users. Jennifer's recent gift to the Libraries' Digital Zone project was her way of ensuring creative and innovative technology projects got off the ground in a time where resources are stretched thin. As Communications and Outreach Librarian for Western Libraries, Jennifer knows firsthand the difficulties libraries face keeping up with rapidly changing technology and wanted to offer her family's support to future digital initiatives.

Jennifer joined Western Libraries in 1997, a year prior to marrying her husband David and having her two boys, Daniel and Patrick. Over the years, Western Libraries has been extremely supportive of Jennifer's need to maintain a healthy life/work balance by offering her flexibility in her current role. This support has created a strong bond between the Robinsons, Western Libraries and the University. The boys feel right at home on campus; Daniel and Patrick visit often and love to spend time at "Mummy's library". For David, donating to the Digital Bookplate Program was the perfect fit as the library was like a second home during his student days and now he appreciates how Western Libraries has been there for Jennifer through various transitions in their lives.

Working extensively with the library website committee, Jennifer often sees great ideas that never come to fruition due to budget constraints. Making the decision to support Libraries' digital-focused priority project through the Digital Bookplate Program was a thoughtful response, one that has allowed the Robinson's to help keep Western Libraries in step with users and their preferred technology. The Robinson's gift has enabled Western Libraries to purchase a mobile interface for the library catalogue. With this technology, users can now access library resources using smart phones and other portable computing devices.

The digital bookplate was a visible way for the Robinsons to show the library user community that there are passionate people behind the digital wall at Western Libraries. Hoping to inspire future generations of students and scholars to excel but - as importantly - to give back, the Robinson's gift has made an important contribution to the academic mission of the University and has left digital family footprint on the library.

The Robinson family digital bookplate has been linked to book titles within the Western Libraries online catalogue. Each bookplate selection was chosen in recognition of Jennifer's commitment to library science and technology. To view the materials linked to the Robinson family gift, click here.

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