Jennifer Holland: Honoured with Bookplate, in Honour of Father

Jennifer Holland's bookplate

A milestone birthday was made all the more memorable for Jennifer Holland with the gift of a Western Libraries Digital Bookplate. In honour of her 40th birthday, Jennifer's mother, Winnie Holland, Professor Emerita with the Faculty of Law, made a donation to Western Libraries Digital Bookplate Program that is linked to a book of special significance and meaning to Jennifer. A Law Unto Himself: The Life and Career of Professor Denys Holland is a biography of Jennifer's father commissioned by the Faculty of Laws, University College, London (UCL).

Denys Holland was a professor at the Faculty of Law at Western from 1974-1984. He died suddenly while Jennifer and her brother, Nicholas, were teens.

"Denys died while he and I were on holiday in Greece in 1984...well before the time when [Jennifer and Nicholas] both decided to study law." says Winnie. Jennifer articled with Faskens, a Bay Street law firm before turning her sights on librarianship, returning to Western to complete her MLIS. Jennifer would work as a Research Librarian with Weirfolds before returning to London and Western to take up the position of Research and Instructional Librarian at the John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library in 2007.

Her brother Nicholas is now a partner with the firm of Bircham, Dyson, Bell, in London, UK. Having a copy of A Law Unto at Western, dedicated to her is "...very special..." says Jennifer who recalls being influenced by her father's career in law when choosing her own career path.

"He was well respected by his colleagues but also had a great following from his students," she notes.

Jennifer continues her father's tradition of having an impact on law students by using her own law degree and Masters of Library Science to provide instruction on the fine art of legal research at the John & Dosta Bitove Family Law Library, part of Western Libraries.

Choosing the Western Libraries Digital Bookplate program to honour Jennifer on her special day provided Winnie with a unique opportunity to acknowledge both Jennifer and Denys: "I know that [Denys] would have been immensely proud of [Jennifer's and Nicholas'] accomplishments-as am I."

The Digital Bookplate Program recognizes donations made to Western Libraries campaign priority projects. For more information, please visit Western Libraries' Be Extraordinary campaign website or the Digital Bookplate Homepage.

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