Sister Honours Retiring Sister

Linda Aitkins's bookplate

Parting ways is never easy. Linda Aitkins would agree. On August 30, after forty-two years of dedicated service to Western Libraries, Linda enjoyed her last day of work at the John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library, where she was initially hired by Dr. Margaret M. Banks in 1969. As she bid her farewells to friends and colleagues, Linda's sister, Jean Aitkins, also a long-time employee of Western Libraries, worked quietly in the background to honour her sister's milestone in a permanent way through the Digital Bookplate Program.

"I asked Linda what she wanted for her retirement and I got the answer, "nothing", so I set to work. I knew I wanted to give her something special to honour the years she worked in the Law Library but also to highlight what she means to me. I felt a digital bookplate in her name would be a great acknowledgement of both these important messages."

Linda's digital bookplate-a virtual nod to the professional and familial bonds she fostered and enjoyed while at Western Libraries-is permanently linked to a book within Western Libraries online catalogue: The Discovery of the Titanic by Robert Ballard. Jean's tribute gift to her sister through the Digital Bookplate Program will support the building and enhancing of library collections.

"Linda's retirement will find her enjoying walks in the park with her dog, Louie, volunteering with the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog Program and reading books by some of her favourite authors, John Grisham and Debbie Macomber", explains Jean. "I'm hoping a Robert Ballard book might even make it into the mix", she adds with a smile.

The Digital Bookplate Program recognizes donations made to Western Libraries campaign priority projects. For more information, please visit Western Libraries' Be Extraordinary campaign website or the Digital Bookplate Homepage.

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