Sons thrilled to be honoured

"I never would have expected it, a gift I can look back at later," said eighteen-year-old Zachary Scott, referring to the digital bookplate his parents presented to him and his brother, Thomas.

ScottBrothersBookplateAn attractive digital crest permanently displayed within Western Libraries' online catalogue, the bookplate immediately captured Zachary and Thomas' interest because of the interesting variety of books linked to their virtual tribute. "I'm glad the present that will last forever is a book because I enjoy reading adventure novels," explained fifteen-year-old Thomas, alluding to the timelessness of the gift.

Parents David Scott and Becky Bannerman, both long-standing Western employees, were equally impressed with the book titles selected by library staff in honour of their sons, which they feel reflect their sense of adventure and the types of stories they have enjoyed together over the years. "What a great selection of noir, dracula, adaptations, Hamlet...very cool!" enthused David.

Having an opportunity to celebrate their family through Western Libraries' Digital Bookplate Program just felt right to Becky and David. "The bookplate program has allowed us to support Libraries' priority projects while honouring our children and paying tribute to a place where we have both spent a great deal of time in our careers," remarked Becky, an administrator for undergraduate medical education at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

As editor and researcher for Western's External portfolio, as well as playwright and freelance writer, David understands the value of learning through libraries. "Western Libraries has offered many wonderful sleuthing experiences for projects I have worked on both professionally and personally."  One of David's special "trips to the library" included going through old microfilm in Western's London Free Press Collection to find photographs and stories about Johnny Cash visiting London, as well as Cash's connections with the late Londoner, Saul Holiff, his manager from 1960 to 1973. David's research content was incorporated into a recently released documentary by London-born Jonathan Holiff - Saul's son - entitled My Father and the Man in Black. The film premiered in Toronto on June 25 at the North by Northeast Film Festival and will soon have a London screening on June 23 at London's Hyland Cinema. "It was great to have so many resources available to me and such expertise on staff; I clearly could not have collaborated on this project without Western Libraries," stressed David.

A Western Libraries' digital bookplate was the perfect way for Becky and David to honour their children, inspire them in lifelong learning, and thank Western Libraries for the support they have received over the years.

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