All in the Family: Heather Bishop brings her family into the Western fold

Mike and Jan Bishop's bookplate

Heather Bishop has started a unique tradition by using Western Libraries Digital Bookplate Program to celebrate her family's milestones. Heather's most recent gift to Libraries' Creating the Future Fund was her way of supporting library innovations for future generations of students and scholars while paying tribute to her parents on their wedding anniversary.

This tribute marked her fourth time honouring a family member - initially through Western Libraries first generation of paper bookplates, and most recently through the innovative digital format. Of this tradition, her parents remarked:

"Western has always meant a lot to Heather, who graduated from and now works for the University. Ten years ago, she honoured our mothers and granddaughter through bookplates and we are pleased to have our own to celebrate our anniversary. We fully expect that eventually Heather will honour our whole family through Western Libraries."

As Mike and Jan Bishop mentioned, their daughter has a long history with Western. Heather graduated from Western with a degree in English and has moved on to become Stewardship and Donor Relations Officer on campus. Her contributions to Western through the Digital Bookplate Program match her ties with Western well. Working extensively in the library during her undergraduate years, Heather learned firsthand the value of books and libraries. Heather's contributions also allow her to set an example for the donors she now stewards.

The bookplates have also become a way for Heather to join her own family with her Western family. First, by commemorating each of her grandmothers' birthdays followed by celebrating her own daughter's 5th birthday and now by honouring her parents' marriage. Each gift bestows upon her family member a special place of honour at Western and allows them to share with Heather the love she has for the University.

All of Heather's tribute bookplates have been permanently linked to book titles within Western Libraries online catalogue. Each bookplate selection befits her fond memories of the English department, her love of Shakespeare, and her husband's talent as a theatre director. Heather's latest gift honouring the wedding anniversary of her parents is attached to The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's last plays, edited by Catherine M.S. Alexander.

The Digital Bookplate Program recognizes donations made to Western Libraries campaign priority projects. For more information, please visit Western Libraries' Be Extraordinary campaign website or the Digital Bookplate Homepage.

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