Jordan Fuller

Photo of Jordan Fuller
GIS Technical Specialist

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Cartography (Web Mapping)
  • Human Geography (Social Influences)

Professional Biography

I am a GIS Technical Specialist at Western Libraries and previously worked at St. Clair Conservation Authority (Planning and Regulations) and the City of London (Environmental Programs). The majority of my efforts at Western Libraries are focused on the Northern Tornadoes Project, ranging from creating orthomosaic imagery, to building and updating event summary maps, and the NTP Event Dashboard.

My interest in GIS evolved during my master’s thesis research: while late into my research, I started to think of all the ways I could have explained my research findings using GIS. Although I was too late at the time, I realized there was a whole new world of GIS ready for me to explore upon completion of my thesis.


  • BA, Environment and Health, Western University (minor in Geography)
  • MA, Geography, Western University
  • Graduate Certificate, GIS, Fanshawe College

Research Interests

While I serve as a GIS assistant on the North Tornadoes Project, I also support several other projects at Western Libraries. These range from a Western Law COVID-19 Project, to the Loyalist Migrations Project, to providing GIS support to various courses across campus.

I am drawn towards social geography research, for example with my master’s thesis that focused on the social and municipal influences of purchasing electric vehicles. Despite this, as my knowledge of GIS increases, I find satisfaction in helping others explain and display their data using GIS, regardless of the research topic. As I continue down my GIS path at Western Libraries, I’m eager to support our GIS team to make the Western Libraries Map and Data Centre become a premiere GIS research centre. Future GIS work that piques my interest is focused on crime analysis.