Troubleshooting E-Book Access

We subscribe to many different E-book platforms, which are all different and can be tricky to navigate. Here are some common issues with accessing e-books and some images to help you figure out what access we have.

No access, ‘too many users’, or can’t get to the PDF?

We don't always purchase all the books on a platform, and some vendors only allow one person to access an e-book at a time. If you are browsing a platform you may come across a book that we have not purchased or somebody else is already using; therefore you will not have access to it. If the book you've found is important for you research, you can recommend that we puchase it.

Can’t login?

Always make sure to go through Western Libraries website and sign in when prompted. Trying to login through an e-book’s homepage, even using the ‘institutional login’ link on the platform won’t work.

Can’t download or print?

Some e-book vendors use digital rights management (DRM) restrictions to limit how much of a book you can download, print, or copy.

Platform-specific help

We have developed a set of pages to help you interpret the language on some of the most common e-book platforms that Western Libraries uses.