Wiley Online Library e-books

For books in the Wiley Online library platform, once you select a title you will be directed to a page with the title’s table of contents.

Look for the green “Full Access" indicator for the books /chapters available to you.  We have purchased these titles and you should be able to access them.


Screen capture of Wiley e-book with a red box around the "Full Access" icon.


For most e-books on Wiley, you can download the whole book. Look for the "Download full book" under the Table of Contents to download the PDF, or you can download by chapter.


Screen capture of a Wiley e-book with a red box around the "Download Full Book" link


The green “Full Access” indicator under each chapter/section tells you that we have access to those chapters. Sometimes we only have access to a part of a book, so if you don’t see this indicator, it may mean we have not purchased that chapter of the book.


Screen capture of a Wiley e-book with red boxes around the "Full Access" links for individual chapters.


If you are browsing the platform, you may come across books that we have not purchased. Unlike other e-book platforms, Wiley Online Library won’t let us filter to only show the books we have purchased and always shows their whole book list.

You may see a blue “Free Access” icon. This icon does not mean we have access to the whole book. It is usually just for access to the “Front Matter” or “Summary" of a title so that people can preview it before buying it.


Screen capture of a Wiley e-book with a red box around the "Free Access" icon.


If you click on a title that does not have the "Full Access" indicator, a page will open with a message telling you to “get access to full version of this article” by selecting the below options. This means we have not purchased this title. Using either of the login links or “Get it at Western” button will not work. You can recommend this book for purchase by filling out our Recommend a Purchase form.


Screen capture of a Wiley e-book for which we have no access.