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Formatting title pages, margins, and fonts:

Formatting references, appendices, tables, and figures:




Informal resources:

In-text citations and quotations:

Top 10 Questions

How do I cite...

How do I format...


How do I cite websites and webpages?


How do I format headings?

book, textbook or book chapter

How do I cite books, textbooks and book chapters?

title and title page

How do I format titles and title pages?


How do I cite a PDF document that I found on a website?

in-text citation

How do I format in-text citations?

lecture notes or slides

How do I cite lecture notes or slides from my class?


How do I format an appendix?


When do I need to include a DOI in my citation?

font or font size

What is the proper font and font size to use?

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