• From December 20th, 2015 until April 30th, 2016, Weldon and King’s libraries are testing a pilot service where users can reserve movies for classroom screenings. For movies held at all other Shared Library Catalogue locations, please contact staff in those libraries.
  • All registered faculty, staff and students of Western University and its Affiliated University Colleges (Brescia, Huron, King's) and St. Peter's Seminary may reserve movies found in the Shared Library Catalogue for classroom screening.
  • Users should place their requests at least one week in advance to guarantee the reservation.
  • Reserved movies will be available for pickup from the Service Desk at The D.B. Weldon Library or the Cardinal Carter Library, King's University College, the day prior to screening date.
  • Movies should be returned by their due date to avoid fines.
  • Movies can be returned to any Western Libraries or Affiliated University College Library location.
  • Western Libraries provide a service for obtaining movies not found in the Shared Library Catalogue. For more information, refer to Interlibrary Loans' Media Booking Policy.
  • Public Performance Rights (PPR) are not required for films or other cinematographic works screened in class. Amendments to Canada’s Copyright Act in 2012 eliminated the need for educational institutions to secure PPR provided certain conditions are met. Section 29.5 of the Educational Institutions Exception in the Act, specifies that the screening must: (i) be for a non-profit, educational or training purpose; and (ii) take place on the premises of the institution for an audience consisting “primarily of students of the educational institution, instructors acting under the authority of the educational institution or any person who is directly responsible for setting a curriculum for the educational institution”.

    An additional requirement that the work is not itself an infringing copy or “the person responsible for the performance has no reasonable grounds to believe that it is an infringing copy”, must also be satisfied in order to employ this exception as rationale for screening cinematographic works at Western.

    Public Performance Rights (PPR) may be required in situations where these conditions are not satisfied. Individuals or groups are responsible for obtaining PPR as necessary, prior to screening a cinematographic work.

Revised January 2016