About HathiTrust

Western Libraries joined HathiTrust in 2020, giving you the opportunity to search and discover 17+ million digitized items and download full-text PDFs of public domain materials. You can find primary sources through the HathiTrust digital library, including rare government documents, newspapers, photographs, and maps.

As a member institution, we add our digital content to the HathiTrust repository. In return, we’re allowed unlimited digital storage and long-term digital preservation.

We also have preferred access to their Digital Library and the HathiTrust Research Center.

What does ‘preferred access’ mean?

  • As a Western Libraries user, you can download entire books in the public domain. Non-members can only download works in the public domain, page by page.
  • You can use HathiTrust’s My Collections tool to manage your research and collaborate with others.
  • You can access the HathiTrust Research Center to perform datamining activities on the entire HathiTrust digital library.

Have questions about using HathiTrust?

Check out our Getting Started section or email library@uwo.ca.