Create Search Profile

Login to RACER

On the left hand side, under My Account,

  • Click on Search Profiles
  • Click on Create
  • Name your profile with something meaningful to you
  • You can further describe your profile, if you wish
  • Select all (individually) or as many collections as you wish (unfortunately, there is no ‘Select All’ option)
  • Click on Save

Your profile had been created.

To begin searching, on the left hand side, under Search,

  • Click on Advanced Search
  • Scroll to the Current Profile drop down box
  • Select your profile
  • At this time, you have the option to change the collections being searched if you wish (Select All/Deselect All)
  • Search as you normally would


  1. You do not need to wait for the search to be completed. As soon as the system finds a match for your search, you can click on Get it!
  2. The next time you login to RACER, the profile you searched last will default to the Current Profile box.