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Check the Helpful Hints on our main Finding Repertoire page.  See also the Music Library's FLUTE HANDOUT in PDF.

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Most, but not all, flute music can be found in the following areas: 

  M   60-64  (flute with no accompaniment) 

  M   240-244  (flute with piano) 

  M  1020 (flute with full orchestra, concertos, etc.) 
  M  1021 (flute with full orchestra orchestra, reduced for piano)

  M  1120 (flute with string orchestra, concertos, etc.) 
  M  1121  (flute with piano reduction of string orchestra) 

 MT  340-359  (studies and methods for flute) 
 MT  346   (orchestral excerpts) 

Search by Subject (Library of Congress)

A SUBJECT search is NOT the same as a KEYWORD search.   Library of Congress Subject Headings are assigned by cataloguers. 

***WARNING*** -- if , for example, you use the Subject "FLUTE MUSIC" you will find miscellaneous solo works only! e.g.
SONATAS (flute and....

SUITES (flute and...


   Other useful Subject Headings include: 


WOODWIND QUARTETS -- flute .... (etc.)

N.B.   Most music will be found under the subject heading for a specific genre

Words or terms from Subject Headings may be used in KEYWORD searching...however a Subject Search will retrieve more 'specific' results.

For more information on Library of Congress Classification, please consult:

CALL NUMBERS from Music Cataloging at Yale


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Ensembles Using the Flute

For information on this topic, please consult the information on Woodwind Ensembles

Flute Music Found in the Solo Music Reference Collection

Much unusual and twentieth-century music for the flute may be found in the Solo Music Reference Collection housed in the Choral/Band/Orchestral Music Library. The general classification number for flute music in the SMRC is MUS 4060

Suggested Sources for Repertoire Lists

Periodicals for Flutists

The following Subject Headings will take you to the Western Libraries Catalogue, so that you can quickly find our flute-related journal subcriptions:

flute - periodicals
wind instruments - periodicals
brass instruments - periodicals
musical instruments - periodicals

History of the Flute and Flute Music

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians  Ref ML 100.G8 2001-on the Dictionary Table]  Detailed and scholarly information on the history of the saxophone and the saxophone repertory.

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians [online] Updated regularly. Access:  Western-ONLY --  Provides access to the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd. ed. 

Again, a Subject Search will quickly retrieve those books in the UWO Music Library's collection:

Flute -- History 
Flute Players -- Biography

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Recordings of Flute Music

Finding CDs, LP recordings and videos

Western's Don Wright Faculty of Music Student/Faculty/Guest Artist Recitals

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