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Browse the Shelves for Guitar Music

Some useful call numbers for browsing on the shelf are: 

a. Solo guitar or lute

M 125 Miscellaneous collections of guitar music
M 126 Collections of original compositions
M 127 Single original works
M 128 Collections of arrangements for guitar
M 129 Single arrangements
M 140
Collections of lute music
M 141 Single works for lute

b. Two instruments

M 276 Collections for guitar and keyboard
M 277 Single works for guitar and keyboard
M 282.L88 Collections for lute and keyboard
M 283.L88 Single works for lute and keyboard
M 292-3 Duets for plectral instruments
M 294-5 Duets, one string and plectral instrument
M 296-7 Duets, one wind and plectral instrument

c. Three instruments

M 325-9 Trios, keyboard and plectral instruments
M 330-4 Trios, keyboard, string and plectral
M 335-9 Trios, keyboard, wind and plectral
M 365-9
Plectral trios
M 370-4 String-plectral trios
M 375-4 Wind-plectral trios
M 380-4 String-wind-plectral trios

d. Four instruments

M 425-9 Quartets, keyboard and plectral trio
M 430-4 Quartets, keyboard string-plectral trio
M 435-9 Quartets, keyboard and wind-plectral trio
M 440-4 Quartets, keyboard, string-wind-plectral
M 465-9 Plectral quartets
M 470-4 String-plectral quartets
M 475-9 Wind-plectral quartets
M 480-4 String-wind-plectral quartets

e. Five to nine instruments

M 425-544 Quintets with keyboard 
M 565-584 Quintets 
M 625-644 Sextets with keyboard 
M 665-684 Sextets 
M 725-744 Septets with keyboard 
M 765-784 Septets )subarranged like M 465-484)
M 825-844
Octets with keyboard 
M865-884 Octets
M 925-944
Nonets with keyboard 
M 965-984 Nonets 

f. Guitar with orchestra

M 1037.4.G8 Guitar with orchestra, e.g.concertos (full scores and piano reductions)
M 1137.4.G8
Guitar with string orchestra (full and reduced scores)

g. Voice and guitar or lute

M 1623 Collections of music for voice and guitar
M 1623.5 Collections of music for voice and lute
M 1624 Single works for voice and guitar
M 1624.5 Single works for voice and lute 

h. Method books, etc.

MT 580 Instrumental techniques for guitar--General
MT 582 Systems and methods
MT 585 Studies and exercises
MT 585 Two guitars
MT 588 Self-instructors
MT 640
Instrumental techniques for lute-- General
MT 640.2 Systems and methods

MT 640.3 Studies and exercises
MT 640.4 Orchestral studies
MT 640.5 Teaching pieces
MT 640.6 Instructive editions
MT 640.7 Two instruments
MT 640.8 Self-instructors

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Search by Subject (Library of Congress) for Guitar Music

A SUBJECT search is NOT the same as a KEYWORD search.   Library of Congress Subject Headings are assigned by must use the exact same Subject Headings as they do...ask at the Reference Desk for suggestions! 

SONATAS (guitar and....)

SUITES (guitar and....)

CONCERTOS guitar...

TRIOS (guitar ...) QUARTETS (guitar ...)  

Other useful Subject Headings include:

 GUITAR - instruction...
  GUITAR - studies...

***WARNING*** -- if , for example, you use the Subject "guitar music" you will find miscellaneous solo works only! 

Most music will be found under the subject heading for a specific genre

Words or terms from Subject Headings may be used in KEYWORD searching

For additional information regarding LC classification, please consult this guide:


Suggested Sources for Repertoire Lists

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Guitar Music Found in the Solo Music Reference Collection

Much unusual and twentieth-century music for the guitar may be found in the Solo Music Reference Collection housed in the Choral/Band/Orchestral Music Library. The general classification number for guitar music in the SMRC is MUS 4125 (guitar).

Periodicals for Guitarists

Following is a link from a Subject Heading, to quickly-find all the guitar periodicals owned by the UWO Music Library:

Guitar Periodicals

History of the Guitar and Guitar Music

To find all of the books which deal with the history of the guitar in our library, click on this Subject Heading:

guitar - history

Other important sources regarding the history of the gutar and lute may be found in (be sure to check the bibliography at the end of the article):

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians  Ref ML 100.G8 2001-on the Dictionary Table]  Detailed and scholarly information on the history of the guitar and the guitar repertory.

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians  Updated regularly. UWO-ONLY
provides access to the full text of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd. ed., 29 vols., published in 2001 (25 million words; 29,000 articles), PLUS the complete text of The New Grove Dictionary of Opera (1992), and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2nd. ed. Long considered to be the premier English-language resource for classical or Western art music, GROVEMUSIC>.OM contains information on popular music performers and genres, world music, jazz and 20th-century music. GROVEMUSIC contains cross-references, illustrations, bibliographies, biographies, composers' works lists, and links to some sound-files. 

For additional detailed and scholarly information on the history of the guitar construction, guitar playing and repertory, consult: 

Bacon, Tony and Paul Day. The ultimate guitar book. New York: Knopf, 1991. [Ref ML 1015.G9B22 1991]

         Relates the history of the guitar, using photographs of over 450 instruments. 

Noad, Frederick M. The virtual guitarist: hardware, software, and websites for the guitar. New York: Schirmer Books, 1998. 
[ML 1015.G9N58 1998]

McCutcheon, Meredith Alice. Guitar and Vihuela: an Annotated Bibliography. New York, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1985. RILM Retrospective, no. 3. [Ref ML 128.G8 M45 1985]

A fine scholarly annotated bibliography (1039) items covering the following areas: general histories and dictionaries, national histories, histories of the Renaissance, baroque, eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-centuries, iconography, design and construction. this book serves as an excellent starting point for any scholarly endeavour on any aspect of the guitar or lute. Indexed by author, subject, and title.

Schwarz, Werner. Guitar Bibliography: An International Listing of Theoretical Literature on Classical Guitar from the Beginning to the Present. Munchen: K.G. Saur, 1984. [Ref ML 128.G8S4 1984]

An extensive classified bibliography (4705 items) of matters pertaining to the guitar. Author index and name index.

Lyons, David. Lute, Viheula, Guitar to 1800: A Bibliography. Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1978. Detroit Studies in Music Bibliography, no. 40. [Ref ML 128.S7 L96 1978]

A classified bibliography (1735 items) which concentrates heavily on literature about the lute. Includes author index.

Coelho, Victor Anand, ed. Performance on lute, guitar and vihuela: Historical practice and modern interpretation. Cambridge,U.K. ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1997. [ML1003.P47 1997

Recordings of Guitar Music


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