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BROWSE the Shelves for Music

Some useful call numbers for browsing on the shelf are:

a. Solo instruments

M 146 -- (timpani, side drum, and similar insturments))
M 147 -- ( bells, glockenspiel, etc)

M 175 -- (.C35 castanets; .C44 celesta; .X6 xylophone, marimba, vibraphone)

b. Two instruments

M 284-5 -- (piano and other, .B4 bells; .C4 celesta; .C94 cymbals; .D8 drums;.G65 Glockenspiel;
                      .K4 kettledrum; .P4 percussion; .X9 xylophone, marimba, vibraphone))

M 298 -- other combinations of specified instruments

c. Three instruments

M 340-4 -- (piano and two other instruments)
M 385 -- (other combinations of specified instruments)

d. Four to nine instruments

M 445-9 -- (piano and four other instruments)
M 485 -- (other combinations of specified instruments)

M 545-9 -- piano and five other instruments
M 585 -- other combinations of specified instruments


M 945-9 (in the same patterns as noted above)
M 985 -- (as above)

e. Percussion with orchestra or string orchestra

M 1038 -- percussion with orchestra, full score
M 1039 -- percussion with orchestra, piano reduction
M 1039.4 -- (other instruments, A-Z)
M 1138.9 -- (as above with string orchestra)
M 1139.4 -- (other instruments, A-Z with string orchestra)

f. Method books, etc.

MT 655-655.8 -- (general)
MT 660-660.8 -- (timpani)
MT 662-662.8 -- (side drum, small drum, etc.)
MT 719- 719.8 -- (xylophone, marimba, vibraphone)
MT 801 -- (systems and methods by instrument, A-Z) (.D7 drum; .C9 xylophone, marimba)

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SEARCH by Subject (Library of Congress)

A SUBJECT search is NOT the same as a KEYWORD search.

Library of Congress Subject Headings are assigned by cataloguers. Searching by Subject Headings will retrieve very specific (and often highly-desirable) results; KEYWORD searches WILL retrieve words from Subject Headings, plus words from a great many other places in the bibliographic record.










Other useful Subject Headings are:


PERCUSSION - studies

MARIMBA - methods, etc.


-- if , for example, you use the Subject "percussion music" you will find miscellaneous solo works only!

Most music will be found under the Subject Heading for a specific genre

Words or terms from Subject Headings may be used in KEYWORD searching.

 Percussion Music Found in the Solo Music Reference Collection

Much unusual and twentieth-century music for the piano may be found in the Solo Music Reference Collection housed in the Choral/Band/Orchestral Music Library. The general classification number for percussion music in the SMRC is MUS 4655

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Jazz and Percussion

Percussion instruments of various kinds have played an important role in the development of the jazz idiom.

Some important sources for information on percussion instruments in this idiom include:

The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2 vols.(London: Macmillan, 1988). [Ref ML 102.J3N48 2002]

The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments. Refer to the articles on percussion and on specific instruments.

For a broad overview of the development of jazz in the United States, consult the

New Grove Dictionary of American Music, 4 vols. (London: Macmillan, 1986) [Ref ML 101.U6N48 1948].

Also, check The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians [online].

Additional information can be located by using the SUBJECT index for searching. Some useful headings are:



Percussion in "Non-Western" Music

The percussion articles in the New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments generally explore the history of the instruments, and discuss their use in the music of non-Western cultures. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians contains a glossary in volume 20 which includes many non-Western instruments and indicates where to find references to them in the Dictionary. Also, check the percussion articles in The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians [online].

Subject Headings of relevance include:

DRUM (for books about the drum, its history, etc.)
ETHNOMUSICOLOGY (for books about non-western music in general)

Suggested Sources for Repertoire Lists

Click on the text "Repertoire Lists" (above) - to run a search for bibliographies of percussion music - which can be found in the Western Libraries Catalogue.

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Periodicals for Percussionists

The UWO Music Library subscribes to many periodicals of interest to percussionists. Included are:



Other periodicals of interest to percussionists include:

Black Perspectives in Music


History of Percussion Instruments and Percussion Music

Books about percussion instruments can be found in the UWO Music Library, by searching by this Subject Heading:


Reliable and scholarly information about percussion instruments can be found in Western's Music Library, in the following reference sources:

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Ref ML 100.G8 2001-on the Dictionary Table]

The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians [online] London : Macmillan Reference ; New York : Grove's Dictionaries, [2002]-

New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments Ref ML 102.I5 N48 l984]

These encyclopedias contain detailed and scholarly information on the history of percussion, instrument construction, pipercussion playing and percussion repertory. The extensive bibliography lists additional books and articles on the topic -- the Music Library has many of the books and articles cited.

N.B. Be careful to distinguish between books (titles ALWAYS listed in italics) and periodical articles ("titles ALWAYS listed in quotation marks") as they appear in bibliographies. Call numbers for books may be found by searching by Author or by Title in the catalogue while call numbers for articles may be found by searching for thetitle of the periodical (do NOT try and search by the title of the article!!) in the Western Libraries Catalogue.

Recordings of Percussion Music

Finding CDs, LP recordings and videos

Western's Don Wright Faculty of Music Student/Faculty/Guest Artist Recitals

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