Finding Repertoire for String Ensembles

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Useful call numbers for browsing on the shelf:
Call Numbers Description
M 349-353 string trios
M 450-454 string quartets
M 551-552 string quintets
M 650-654 string sextets
M 852 string octets
M 952 9 or more string instruments

Additional information regarding call numbers can be found at Music Cataloguing at Yale: Call Numbers from Yale University.

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Subject Headings for strings in standard combination include:

N.B. Much string ensemble music includes piano.

  • Standard string trios always consist of violin, viola, and cello.
  • Standard string quartets always consist of two violins, viola and cello.

Subject Headings for strings in non-standard combinations include:

Non-standard ensembles are usually listed under the number of instruments.

e.g. Duets Unspecified instruments

After each basic Subject Heading the instruments are organized in the following order:

  1. keyboard
  2. winds (alphabetically)
  3. percussion
  4. strings (in score order)

Suggested Sources for Repertoire Lists

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