Call for Proposals to use Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) administrative data files in RDC

Published on September 11, 2015

Written by:  Vince Gray

The Research Data Centre Program is in the process of developing and testing confidentiality vetting rules for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) administrative data files to enable broad access to these data. The first step to accomplishing this goal is the commencement of a pilot project in which academic researchers will be able to access these data in one of the Research Data Centres (RDC) located across the Canada.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada administrative Permanent Resident Landing data files contain information on client origin, client profile, location, education qualifications, immigration category, occupation, age, and years of schooling. The reference period ranges from 2003 to 2013. For more information on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada administrative data files please visit the following website:

Additional information is available for Pat Newcombe-Welch ( Pat can be contacted for a pdf zero count Data Dictionary or for general questions about the data.

One of the primary goals of this pilot project is to develop and test confidentiality vetting rules for these data. To adequately test these rules we are looking for proposals that focus on at least one of the following criteria:

  • Specific sub-populations
  • Province or region of landing and/or intended province or region of destination
  • Specific education and occupation groupings
  • Immigration categories
  • Country of origin and citizenships

In addition to the above criteria, proposals will also be assessed on the viability of the proposed research. The proposals should follow the “project proposal template” available at the following link:

Proposals will be assessed as they are received.

It should be noted that because the purpose of the pilot is to test our confidentiality vetting rules and procedures there may be some delays in the vetting of results. Further, an additional reason for a pilot is to get feedback on the structure of the data and the variables included.

Proposals should be submitted to:
Donna Dosman, Chief
Research Data Centre Program