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Point of Care Tools

September 25, 2015

Point Of Care tools are those reference resources that a physician or other health care professional can utilize immediately at the Point-Of-Care (POC) or the bedside. Western Libraries provides access to a suite of tools to ensure that learners are exposed to a range of options.

Western Libraries supports a suite of tools that our learners, faculty and staff can access:

Point of care tools such as DynaMed, e-CPS/RxTx, Micromedex and Natural Medicines provide access to drug information.

All POC tools are available remotely via off campus access and have mobile capabilities, ensuring equitable availability to Western students, residents and affiliated clinical educators, regardless of location including the Schulich Windsor satellite campus.

Western Libraries has created a series of guides that may be helpful:

Changes to UpToDate

For the past year, Western Libraries and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry have been reviewing the point of care options that they support. Based on financial considerations, Western Libraries and Schulich Medicine & Dentistry have mutually agreed to no longer support the UpToDate (UTD) Point of Care Tool. This is effective August 31, 2015. For more information see: Important Notice about Changes to UpToDate