New Releases from Henry Stewart Talks

Published on March 08, 2016

Henry Stewart Talks: New Releases from the Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection

"This month's releases to The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection include a new series on Evolutionary Physiology, edited by Prof John Torday from the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Prof Neil Blackstone from Northern Illinois University. The series presents a new concept in the field and suggests that the mechanisms of multicellular physiology evolved from unicellular organisms and their interactions. This is in contrast to the way physiology is currently perceived, as an association of loosely related parts without a raison d'etre. The new approach is believed to provide new insight into how and why physiology evolved as an integrated whole, as well as to allow the development of predictive models for stability and change at all levels, from the zygote to the organism."

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