Updates on Research Data Management

Published on July 23, 2016

Written by:  Liz Hill / Vince Gray

The Tri-Agency Statement on Digital Data Management was published on the government website in mid-June, 2016. The statement updates the draft policy statement on which feedback was invited in the fall of 2015. The statement includes the recommended use of Data Management Plans, principles surrounding the proper management of data, and the roles of parties involved in research (researchers, research communities, research institutions and research funders) in the management of research outputs.

The Portage Network, an initiative of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, supports and encourages research data management across Canada. DMP Assistant (the first tool provided by Portage) is a nation-wide resource that supports the creation of research data management plans.

Western Libraries has developed a Research Data Management (RDM) research guide, highlighting Portage, available educational materials and resources that can be used to manage research data.

Comments and queries can be forwarded to rdm@uwo.ca