Streaming Video Collections at Western Libraries

Published on January 06, 2017

Are you looking for video content to stream in the classroom, add to a course outline or just to browse and learn more about a topic of interest? Western Libraries provides access to more than 90,000+ high-quality documentaries and films that you can stream - without worrying about screening rights and without a trip to the physical library space.

Along with our affiliate libraries, we subscribe to several platforms including Alexander Street Press, Kanopy and the National Film Board of Canada. We also hold many individual titles from other publishers. These platforms carry multidisciplinary content, much of which has been recently produced, and they allow you to create clips or playlists to embed into online learning platforms and share with colleagues.

Easily access the library's streaming video collection anytime by visiting our Streaming Video Research Guide. Search the catalogue or browse individual platforms for selections of videos on a specific topic or for a specific video title. If you need assistance finding what you want, get in touch with us. We are here to help!

To learn more, please visit the Streaming Video Research Guide that we have put together to help you explore the collection.